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Day 92: Whaddarewe Gonna do Now, Daaavey?

What the hell am I going to write about? I’m ALIVE! That’s news! Better yet, I am cured. It is all over for the disease… now the rehab phase. It has been 3 months. Let’s Recap! Or maybe not… “In The Beginning…” What a lame lead line! <dodges lightning bolt through window> Shzt! Sorry, Big Guy… Sheesh! Critics already! lulz

I have a really big extended family with 8 siblings. 7 boys, one girl. All Lyme Chronic Positive. And grumpy as hell. I’ll have to have a really good plan to get outta this pickle. Come to think of it, that is what I was thinking on the highway last night. I was coming back from Riversong Guitars in Kamloops, BC, Canada. There are certified Lyme doctors in Canada. Dr. Rebecca Risk is one, practising in Signal Hill in Calgary. Dr. Ernie Murakami is another, practising in Hope British Columbia. There will be an onslaught for this cure, and it definitely should be provided with the care of a physician. I’m just an alleged Inventor. I have more guts than Canada Packers though. In Paramedic training, even simulated gore made some people faint. This will be a tough battle for the “Client” as they call the “patients” in the lingo.

Then we are all gonna have to be Lyme Doctors. Well, I have a plan.

I was born in 1955. I would have about 6 years left to go until retirement. 1955 will be the Health Care Year from Hell because more people were born in that year than any year in history. What the hell happened since I was so rudely interrupted planning a retirement to Hurricane Alley in the off season when it is heaven? That is moot now, or is it? I can pick up the pieces with some of my retiring siblings and go to Freeport, Grand Bahamas with my secretary and open my Quack DVM practice dealing in Lyme Disease. Canada would throw us in Jail, and the US will sue our azz off, but Bahamas? Plus it is an international container ship port. Flee Shipping goes through there because it is a Free Port. Kiss adios to all the bureaucracies wanting a slice of the pie. It has a huge medical school there as well where they train surgeons in the latest techniques in Imaging and Robotics. My kinda people… My kinda place… It is also where all my banks have their investment arms set up. It is a tax thing. Miss Banks will be so happy.

I was looking for a small used car there at an international auto brokerage wholesaler there too. I wanted a little Dodge like mine here, but didn’t find one when I looked. If I go Right Hand Drive, as weird as that is, I can get a late Mercedes CLK 350 Ragtop loaded for less. lulz Hey, it’s a Free Port. I have a mechanical aptitude because it comes with the engineering territory, and already have an ODBC2 cable to mess with its lil’ silicon brane.

I digress. We would have to set up a Lyme clinic there with our fire breathing computer servers from H3ll to run our hedge fund retirement stuff we can’t talk about due to SEC regulations. I guess I will have to buy a Hotel. Maybe I can pay for it with a Jimmy Buffett Margueritaville Franchise… just brainstormin’ here. Wanna Buy Shares in an Offshore Corporation? Long story short, we have to make this cure as fun as possible.

Aren’t you afraid of imitators? No. They will wind up killing all their clients using existing Best Practices. Oh, the Karma. It is like Ubuntu. It’s Free! Where’s the money? Support! How? You can try to figure it out yourself. I have a whole island of empty real estate there thanks to the financial crisis of ’08. Better yet… There are no crops there and no RoundUp! Whew! It is a 90 Day process at least which I can get faster. Maybe I can get Retired Health Care professionals to take blood for our own Lab. I am just getting started on the rehab but I was really far down there. Say another 3 months. That would give you enough time to see if the Snowbird lifestyle was really your cup of Tea. The golf courses there are absolute hell. Designed by Robert T. Jones, father of the Masters. Just sign the disclaimer here… because a round there may kill you outta angst. It IS Links Golf!

What about Patients? The entire Provinces of Alberta and BC are positive. They have miserable winters. Saskatchewan is worse, the Home of all things Monsanto! Can’t afford it? Well then, do you need a job? I will be needing a lot of people for my Crazy Canucks. Need a diagnosis? I can diagnose faster and with 100% accuracy. Start the cure… watch the critters crawl out… You Be Positive! Dad would want a Golf/Karaoke hospital named after him if Lyme didn’t kill him miserably. I can attest. I was there for a lot of it.

The biggest reason is that it is closer to the equator for the physics of my spaceport. And only certified Lyme Proof astronauts need apply. I was always told to Think Big! 😉



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Day 91: You’ve Got FAIL!

Last night, there was a launch failure. Why do we care? That comes a lil’ later, but suffice to say we have a backup plan. The Antares Launch lifted off from Vandenberg AFB last night, but a motor broke loose shortly after clearing the tower. It was spectacular at least. Film at breakfast everywhere.

I am checking biofilm formation on my teeth. Like Richard points out, that is a very important vector for biofilm formation and establishment on a surface. Wild Apple Leaf cleans and dissolves it, explaining what seemed to come out of a tooth the other day. I expect Crest will commercialize it as New! and Unprooved! lulz Beat ’em too the punch. Chew an Apple Leaf a Day to put ’em all outta bizness. The source was a blade steak I had for supper last night I think, because I didn’t have much with it other than some Party Mix snax, also a candidate, and likely grown with the most GMO’s and crud in it as possible. Maybe that steer was raised on the GMO stuff as well, Rounded Up more than once or twice! But we have to make sure this fixes it for everybody.

I am still spitting out Biofilm forming loogies. I was using a porcelain coffee cup to huck it into, and you guessed it, after a quarter year of this, they started attaching to the sides of it tenaciously. It took effort to get them off, plus a bit of soap. I wonder if that is the source of that stuff clinging to the porcelain toilet bowl as well? Ya THINK? Maybe the glyphosate use explosion has something to do with it. It never used to seem so bad. It is getting worse as I ramp up apple leaf consumption. In a way that is good news because it is leaving me, and in quite more volume than it used to.

Let’s imagine if these lil’ critters could communicate? Well, some of the PhD’s on Our Own Team believe they are more communicative than Our Own Team!  How did THEY fly in space? Can WE eavesdrop o n them for a change, or do we have to stick to the quantum physics observational theory? Metaphysicians believe that we can. Metaphysical Engineers don’t have that luxury. It is because we have to test and try the theory, and FAIL! when Mother Nature gives us the mark like this AM at Vandenberg. What could they run on without junk food, steaks, my gluts, etc.? I was a pretty big boy, but now I am a wimp while the Bb’s are lying back with the clicker on their lil’ couches, clickin’ the TV using MY potatoes.

The answer I suppose would be Helium-3. They had to attain 17,600 MPH to catch John Glenn, and they did it no problem. They might have Electricity and Magnetism unified better in what they have so far of a Physics Unified Field Theory. Down here they don’t even have to catch John Deer! They just tell him to Come on Down! You’re the Next Contestant on the Tick is The Right Stuff! Maybe they were already at the natural escape velocity of Earth, but we are going over old turf. Also explains why they would want outta me so badly. I just had to give them the impetus with a lil’ Wild Apple leaf, that’s all. Plus I also postulated a plan to get them back home unlike ET to get them out of our atmosphere again. To this end I suggested Google’s Lo0n.

There is likely a lot of He3 in the top 1% of Earth’s atmosphere where the lighter gases would congregate per Astro 200 at UBC. They must have loved junk food, cigarettes, beer, pizza, and etc. before that to hang around in my boring azz. You could make a Zeppelin that would never explode using He3 and our composite technology. Eva says they love neurons and cartilage in that order. I can attest. A lot have drilled outta my noggin since we started this. The cartilage crowd came later, and they are still coming out. But they like steak, my butt and muscles too, when they inadvertently severed the nerve that makes me hungry somehow. They shot their own cushy deal down because they cannot see; just taste. Maybe they are ditching because they thought I was toast but I doubt it. Dr. Deer didn’t think so, before she was poached, when she pointed out the Wild Apple to me right outside my computer window here. Anyways, who exactly are the Dumb Animals here?

How would you get to orbital velocity from a Google Hydrogen Balloon? I guess that’s for me an’ the Bb’s to know an’ you to find out! You’d have to be Loon-E! 😉 But then we’ve got more trickz!  lulz My brother ironically says, “You’ve got to learn to live with your neighbours!” Difference is, I think I am living more with his Unknown Ones than he is, and so do they!

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Day 90: The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation

Richard Longland gave me the heads up to the Lithuanian University Malus Domestica Leaf Composition paper. He is an Open Sores type of person like me, rubbing salt into same, and a Pro Bonohead. Well, maybe a tinch more serious and Pro, but I digress. The reason that we can come in there and get things done like a cr4ck MIT Tiger Team is because we are literally a Cr4ck MIT Tiger Team if MIT was Worldwide. Why the H3ll am I there? I dunno… It looked like they needed a laff. Either that or some Wild Apple Leaf, BC Homegroan Quality.

OK, I’ll spill the beans. I have been working on two engineering reports, and now that has exploded into a whole university of undergrads lookin’ to backstab each other to get the $ an’ the Bimmer parked closer than the Handicap Spaces. I was looking to get to the bottom of this can of worms, Surveyor’s Disease AKA Lyme <Insert Country and Strain Here>, but it gets deeper with Glyphosates killing biodiversity. Glyphosates were a common thread with my Surveyor Peer Group. We were always on the fields before all the other crew members out of environmental necessity and operational logistics factors.

The Meta case here is that nothing was getting done by the system fast enough to affect our dire personal health situations. Richard got mad, and he got even. As I narrowed in on my personal trainwreck, that website and “Biofilm” Youtube Channel became recurring themes in my research. Dr. Seneff MIT CSAIL dropped Da Bomb for me and my whole extended family situation. Root Cause. Peer Reviewed. Gee, ya think I can get some WCB munny back? It is the best info available, and slashes through the BureauFilm‘s evil defense mechanisms like a hot knife through room temperature butter because it takes $ out of the equation faster than my secretary Miss Robin Banks. She’s a High Maintenance broad, knowhatimsayin? She is also the Ho’ of Choice in the Loop in Chicago. But I digress again…

I am back to gaining weight now. I had lost 100 pounds of muscle and flab since this started; I am now up 10 pounds off a bottom of 145 on a 6’4″ frame, although that shrank a bit from eaten joint and spinal cartilage I suspect. The things had also eaten my gluts. It is slowly coming back, and there is Zero flab with it. I also lost a lot of fluids in the past couple months, and I can only suspect polysacharride breakdown of the Biofilm for that. I don’t even need to brush my teeth as often because there is no more plaque on them. Chewing these Apple Leaves takes it with them. Feeling better ever day, and getting neuron regeneration slowly with Lion’s Mane, albeit at a lower dose than recommended as it is somewhat toxic. This is with zero medical support to protect my doctor friend from being booted out of the FRCPS and Health (sic) Canada for seeing, diagnosing, and treating Lyme. Trust me! I’m not a Doctor! 😉 lulz

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Day 89 – Breaking Down the Analysis

Breakin’ Down? No, this break down took a lot longer than 7 minutes! It was of the Sept 11 Lithuanian Study and provides a lot of clues as to what is happening here. Meanwhile, I have a bad bunch coming out of my right hip, I remember these from child hood, and one came out of my right upper molar. A tooth! That’s the trooth! It is the only painless tooth thing I really had, and at nearly 59 years, they are gettin’ a little on the long side. I notice they don’t plaque anymore come to think of it. That Plaque is Biofilm. I am doing better than my little brother. He is losing his teeth since he quit smoking. Biofilms love that; When you quit smoking it seems. None of my family believe any of this, so I haven’t had a non smoker other than Ray try any yet. Well, for them it has to be better than what I have seen happen to all the non smokers. My guitar playing buddy Smokin’ Ray was visiting, and seemed OK with it, but he left after a week here or so… I was getting really busy only a few weeks into it around then and wasn’t so fun to be around, herxing and waning all the time. It is worst to start I have since found.

I smoked because it kept the bugs away. Natives that don’t smoke had less problems, and a medicine man explained why to me about 4 or 5 months ago when I asked him if he had ever head about Apple Leaf Medicine. He said they eat Sapinda, or Soapberries. Bugs hate that apparently. Apple Leaf was unknown to them. I looked in the Chinese Traditional Medicine Quijong  about apple leaf, and there was only Apple Seed Oil mentioned as a liver detox agent I think, but again no luck. I finally gave up looking and just ate it. The Deer wouldn’t be that wrong I thought, and they have been here longer than all of us. Wild Apple had also been closer to the Pacific Coast.

But what is the deal with the hip? I was hit by a car when young, in Cub Scouts, about 9 or 10 years old. It had nothing to do with Cub Scouts; I tried to hurry across 17th Avenue S around 11th St. W in Calgary southbound to beat the overly long “Don’t Walk!” light. It was a good bump enough to knock me off my feet. PM Stephen Harper was also in Cub Scouts around then I remember. They had the three top Cubs with all our badges there at some deal for Lord Baden Powell or something when he came to Calgary. I eventually got kicked out of Cub scouts though. My Crime? Eatin’ a Brownie! Thx… I’ll be here all week… Try the Wild Apple Leaf… But I digress.

It has always been a little bit numb since then. The Hip that is! But now it burns for some strange reason. It has throughout the past 49 years or so too occasionally, closer to the skin, but never like this. We have really hit the motherload. I remember when we were children here on the ranch/orchard so to speak, in August little bugs would sting us while we slept on that spot where it is burning now. Always wondered what they were; Now I know.

“Biologically active compounds could lead to production of dietary supplements and cosmetic preparations enriched in phenolic compounds found in apple leaves.” Well, kinda beat ’em to the chase there… My innards are definitely feeling cosmetically enhanced. I wonder what that next scope will look like? I am going to escape to somewhere they will let me watch with no general anesthesia. That is Verboten here. Trust me though; I was a paramedic, auditing their courses for work. I want to know what this looks like for science here.

“Herbal extracts are multicomponent matrices with antioxidant activity determined by the set of different mechanism reactions, so antioxidant effect cannot be adequately tested using only one method” This is intuitive. The Whole Natural Leaf, bugs, and stems is what I have been consuming, and they have different shapes and tastes that still baffle me. I just know it works better than anything has. Also, nothing has exposed the source of these infections yet, and I find that even more fascinating that this does. It will jog your memory as your thoughts become clearer too. Everybody will be different maybe but I doubt it. Sure I was an exceptional case with Scouts Canada, but kinda unrelated. My marks at school were also off the charts in those days but later developments “cured” that too. If you need a dose of humility, go into Engineering at a Major University and survey all the summers out in the chemical laced crops to get consumed by bugs! There is a reason why we all know several permutations of “IHTFP” lol

“The results reported in this study prompt further research on the chemical composition and biological effect of apple leaves by evaluating the antioxidant activity of individual phenolic compounds in vitro and in vivo and confirm a potential of these plants as a raw material in medical practice as well as the development and production of dietary supplements and cosmetic preparations rich in biologically active compounds.” Well, there alone is another bunch of Ph D’s kids… Go for it.

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Day 87 – You’ve Got Mail!

I have been kind of busy during the week as the staff can attest. But I had an extremely interesting email this morning from Richard Longland. It was to this link. Well that saves me a lot of work now because I suspect Malus domestica is similar in composition to my particular Malus Bearshztica strain. The latter is definitely a bit different, and with a Heinz ’57 ®™ assortment of leaves, but sort of the same animal. That is what I have been ingesting for 87 days now, and it explains why I think I am getting addicted. There are caffeine compounds amongst the various phenols in Wild Apple Leaf, and I anticipate each dose with more positive thought now. The downside is that if it is addictive, you know what comes next: Taxes! Bastzrds will tax anything they can steal now to get out of their nested bureaucratic bad management “Moronus Nightmarica” Freak BureauFilm. Don’t worry. That is the next pill I’m gonna float down the sewer/input pipe to their insatiable maw.

But I digress. I have neglected my LinkedIn, so I updated it a tinch last night. Hopefully the heat, controversy, and protests it will inevitably draw will expediate matters. Kudos, Miss Banks. You rarely do, hunny. 😉 Add another Bull’s Eye to the collection. lulz

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Day 86 – Moving Forward

It occurs to me there are a few ways to look at this. Way 1 is to use it for as much money as possible. So many people would die, but we’ll get ours! Another way is to Maintain some semblance of the Hippocratic Oath, and just open source it. I wouldn’t want to lose my Hard Won Quack Veterinary Credentials! lulz Then there is the Health Canada way, feign ignorance, ignore the fact that migratory birds and thus Arbo/Tibo Virus’s ignore borders, thus maintaining their Hypocritic* Oath, and murdering, by “error of omission” borne of criminal negligence, those nasty people who do not fit their Utopian world views at the Administrative Level. That’s why “Open Sores” is such a terrible swift sword to a system that cannot stand the light of day. It would be like telling the Bb’s to Kill ‘Em All, but I haven’t lifted a finger. If I could ask a Bb one thing, it would be that, not that they are listening. I assume they answer to a Higher Power than the next moron up the chain to Hitler or Stalin, the chosen messiahs of all “things” government control. I could be wrong… They, the Bb Biofilm Communities, could be in cahoots with the Gubmint Hell Care but they simply aren’t that stupid. That would take a special Human Hubris. They know what is comin’ if they try that with me.

Could a Bb survive in a sewer if we flushed ’em out? Probably. It would be an upgrade from this Jack Daniel Pickled Paradise here… lol. They don’t like light. They do not like Wormwood. They like food, preferably predigested. They can fluoresce. They sure liked my innards I’m thinkin’. Well, there ya go. I visualize them all having a wonderful party in my septic system. Doing Bb Cannonballs off lil’ diving boards, having water fights, splashin’ around, and, and generally having a comparatively good time, Free as a Turd.  Lots of food and room to grow down there without all that maintenance it takes to survive a human. They’re havin’ a party even though the beer has been through the horse once already. Then there is the cajoling we humans require to fuel our meat/bone muscle computer structures. I thought I could get rid of them by employing the finest grade 3 engineering techniques: Make a Stinkbomb for Ticks! I found it, but it is a lil’ too good. They cried for mercy if the herxing was any indication.

I steeped Wild Apple Leaves in Absinth for shzts an’ giggles. The result was a Biblical Revelation of sorts for Bb’s/Ticks. I think it was the Wormwood. WhatEVAH! They hi-balled it for the exits. Now how are you gonna commercialize THAT? They will literally leave you like hamburger. I was itching and scratchin’ for half a week while that healed. And it was somewhat painful as Dr. Risk cautions; Go Slow! The Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction can kill you. Besides Apple Leaf steeped in Sambuca is a little gentler, and tastier I might add. What worries me is that if they navigate by taste, will they stick to the tasty cartilage and neuron tissue? Again go slow. My neurons probably taste bitter from smoking. I take it Ticks don’t like that… They made all the morons they populate eliminate it. I was simply lucky enough to be in the smoking group still alive from the tick onslaught to surveyors.

All the researchers keep saying one thing: The Bb’s are smarter than humans. They infest one and take over its brain. That is one reason why. Foggy? Thank your millions of Resident Bb’s driving you like they stole you, which they did. I wonder how many biofilm research facilities they have taken over this way as well? After all wouldn’t they be their sworn enemies? Well, enter the Metaphysical. Let’s cut a deal with the Bb’s: We won’t kill you all, and we will give you an upgrade to your living conditions. After all, they live on the ISS. They do not need the trappings of an atmosphere or a planetary gravity well. They likely have a lot more friends in the sewer than out there or in you and me! You will still always be around for them, bored to tears as they must be with you by now. Can you say Peer Reviewed Ad Nauseum? lulz Wouldn’t this be like being Born Again to a Bb? I guess that is what I can promise my former Bb Biofilm Communities. It’s prolly better than the Junk Food pickings in here. Kinda like Zen and a win-win for both of us.

Dr. Breese says it is all that way. Our conscious thought is on loan from a central intelligence that simply must somehow infuse us with spirit that makes a meat computer function. Some other people? Yours and Their mileage may vary. They are simply too conceited to see it that way. Makes sense though. Nothing else does. Bb’s, Whales, Dolphin’s, and Chimps get it though. Maybe they even know what you are thinking. Explains why so many animals fear man so much, and likely over and above the gene pool culling that led to their healthy respect by default.  It is like the native saying to a Deer, “Come on over here… I won’t hurt you!” but that Deer is fixated on that New Pair of Mocassins! Is that BuckSkin? Bb’s of course Don’t need any Steenkin’ Respect for ANYONE!… well, until they met the likes o’ me anyways, I reckon. lulz

Long story short, Wild Apple Leaf… It’s a Stinkbomb for your Bb’s. I can really clear out the room! And NUTHIN’ travels faster than Stink! Stink > c! Most people, including ticks and Bb’s, smell it before they See The Light! lol That being said, that moves us to a dark new area of Meta-Biophysics, Government Biofilm Imitation. Now mortally wounded, it occurs to me that this horrific huge non-functional money sucking bureaucracy bloat-fest Self Admiration Society has attempted to set itself up to protect itself futiley from the incoming imminent Coup De Grace in a freakish BureauFilm. It is not elected officials that run this. The BureauFilm wants you to think that so it can hide, and you are stupid enough to buy that because?… No matter who is elected, these pinheads remain. “It” is emulating the natural formerly impregnable defence mechanism of a Biofilm Community in a parallel BureauFilm Medical Self Preservation Community. We caught you Red Handed Doing the Crime. We trump all your Stinking Doctors by unanimous acclamation of everybody but you and your blackmailed shills, yet you will double down on stupid, straight into a well laid trap.

The Karmic justice of all this is Gubmint laid the trap for themselves! In an incredible stroke of Bad Risk Management they have several hundred thousand sufferers all itching to skin them alive. Yeah I know. Pick a number… but this is a bit different than the average Dogma fight. Worse yet, I just laid it out in bits and pixels and you will still do it. BureauFilms forgot some things. Biofilms succeeded because they remained invisible for so long. They also succeeded because they apparently use/d officially non-existent Psi Effect to mask all inter-film communications, and they still exist in even you AND Them. They are the parasites that won’t let go.

Armed with Bill C-442, We Will Know Where The BureauFilms Live and we can seize all Their archaic Paper, including Pay Checks. Replace them for pennies on the dollar by throwing darts at a phone book. Can you say Claw Back? Yeah I’m a tinch bitter, but who wouldn’t be after this, basically funding this failure all your life and when it comes time to get insured by it, it disavows that there is even Lyme Disease in Lyme Disease central, the Rocky Mountains. “Oh, you have to Protect yourself from ticks!” Impossible out here. Even Neil Armstrong had to take off his helmet at some point. What is his lil’ buddy Neil Angstrom up to now? Looking for Government T Bone, that’s what! Better to make yourself immune from them.

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Day 85 – Funding

I tried to phone my MP’s office to see if there was any funding for research on a disease they recently “discovered,” and it is an epidemic. Aw, gee. Go figure. Welcome to the 60’s!  In Canada, it is criminal how they have hidden lyme disease over the past 4 decades even. That is the downfall of a public Health Care system… It heals itself first, then turns outwards to cast the dregs to the masses that fund them. Most Lyme Symptom presenters are simply thrown into mental homes where they either die, or play the game to get out, none the wiser. Gotta look after that Health Behemoth, above the Law as it is. Any lawyer will tell you, “No, it is probably better to stay in the nut farm.” Hmmmm…. What a Cozy arrangement. 50% of Doctors may graduate in the bottom of their class, but once they’re into such an evil, corrupt grease machine dripping in slime, things are Smooth Sailin’! Just try to sue them for Malpractice!

I could tell the person fielding the phone was mocking me, “What, you are asking for Money?” Well, yeah, ya think? I have an improved detection system along with a cure. These boneheads are walkin’ around infected anyways and all they can do is tell you to stuff your pants in your boots an’ sox so you look like a total dork! lulz I’ll tell the Deer next time I see them… if they can stop pizzin’ themselves laughing. The fact that Natives used their skin for boots will sober them up. I imagine they have a healthy respect for Natives by now…

Anyways, my Autistic brother visited, and I hired him to pick a bunch of Apple Leaf from the Wild Trees. It also was a way to get him to stay and talk awhile. I notice relatives are quite critical of Lyme patients, until they present the symptoms themselves, and they are still hypercritical. Isn’t that Karmic Justice? All my relatives would be positive. That includes this poor fellow. My Father was also fascinated with the new herbicide miracle chemicals. Kill the weeds… Leave the food standing! Then people could eat it and be miserable FOREVAH! Without all those poison weeds and assorted biodiversity, the Ticks could also now explode, with nuthin’ but food all around! An’ from the people who brought you GMO Marijuana! Perfect! Lyme had made me allergic to marijuana a couple decades ago. All the weird allergies are also disappearing I notice… Like a strange allergy to potatoes and other nightshade vegetables.

I knew it was fruitless to try and explain Dr. Stephanie Seneff‘s findings correlating the rise in autism to glyphosates, which were “discovered” 8 years before his birth in Laurel, Mississippi, USA  in 1946 where my father was working as a geophysical engineer for the Geotechnical Corporation of America in the post war years. Mother guarded the fort in the Airstream. They were bush type people out of working in geophysics, and thus our whole family is Congenital Lyme I suspect. Later adopted family members got it the same way my Parents did… Working in the bush. The CDC discovered that Lyme is an STD. Trump that by going to Canada where it is an intentionally hidden STD. Oh the Irony. I mean, Health Canada is irrefutably a whore house hidin’ the dose from everybody. Perfect again! Just fzckin’ Perfect!

Meanwhile another local person died suddenly, mysteriously ill, day before yesterday. It is always that “Mystery Illness” when you leave it up to the Ho’ House to provide an answer. Perhaps it is time to Go Critical as they say in the no0k world! 😉

And yeah… I know I cuss like a lumberjack, but I used to manage teams of 200+ lumberjacks… Ya gotta play the room. lulz