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Wild Apple Leaf Day 75


Well, it has been day 75. These lil’ cooties, Bb’s I call them, Borrelia Burgdorferi, are similar to ones that infected another person I saw… Maybe you know him too. His name is Dr. Neil Armstrong, another Surveyor, Engineer, and occasional Pilot like me. Well, actually a lil’ above my Pay Grade, but you get the drift. Lyme infects nearly every man woman and child on the planet and even those on the moon who get out of a space suit. Crazy? They found these things similar to Bb on the ISS in August. Look below Dr. Armstrong’s lower right lip, and you can see where a space tick, maybe originally from Earth, or like one of John Glenn’s Phosphorscent Fireflies, or some such infected him. Many of these healthy astronauts have since succumbed to Biofilm Like Diseases. Coincidence? Maybe… Maybe Not… but the healthiest people I know and know of are dying young.


Dr. Armstrong with Spider From Mars bite after 1st EVA EVER! Look just to the left under his lip. Source: NASA

It gave me a free email… Don’t have an idea how I will ever read it, but I guess I am now AKA Mike1baker here. As all people with common names will tell you, it is a pain trying to find the equivalent of Joe Smith that is not taken.

LeafsSo what is up with that? Well, I found that Bb’s and The Space Cooties (what a cool Band Name that would be… lol) do not like Wild Apple Leaf. I also noticed the most infamous idjuts to ever grace Pro Sports seemed to have it in their name already. And What is up with that? Are they dumb, or can’t they spell, or a bit of All Of The Above? As the Cooties would tell you if they could, The Leafs Suck. If you eat the ones from the wild trees here in the North Okanagan in British Columbia, I have found that the Bb’s do not like them either and start to vacate your body post haste. The leaves taste a bit like very Tart Wild Apples. They work way better than Olive Leaf Extract eaten on an empty stomach which is the chosen holistic American relief for Lyme Disease, and is apparently banned at WalMart in Canada. I guess they want all Canadians dead. How will they EVER win a Stanley Cup? More likely is that Health Canada in all their Wisdom <cough, cough> put the bug in the ear of some middle man marketer in Etobicoke at WalMart.ca who said, “There is no Lyme Disease in Canada, you Stupid Americans!” Wally World just said, “Well. OK, ya Hoser geeniazzes, DENIED!” I guess in that respect, That led to my tongue in cheeky  logo. Moreover, in Canada, IQ points correlate to West Longitude. lol

So here we are on WordPress now thanks to Jill’s Lyme Blog where it required me to register to post an’ grab a Free Website!, where it will withstand a nuclear war. Written in stone so to speak… Silicon. “Open Sores” they say in the Cloud. “Moonshot?”

DiY I was looking at the Cowden Protocol because I was looking to do something about the Herxing, which is very real and dangerous from Apple Leaf, but has some amazing built in safety factors as well. Then there is the added issue of addressing a way to fight infection from the tunnels they drill to get out. That alone tells me that something unique is happening here and they cannot defend against it, so they have to vacate.  Interesting. As of now though I am only on Apple Leaf. I will have to find this Bur bur stuff, etc. Now I find out is is from the massive Die-Offs these things are undergoing. When I started 76 Days ago, I suspect in retrospect that was the reason for the strong ammonia smell from my urine. I had never smelled anything like it before or since. That has got to be hard on the liver. Good thing I conditioned mine with Jack Daniel’s Calisthenics years before all of this. YMMV. It has also reversed a developing prostate type issue. My conventional doctor could not even notice anything wrong, but something wasn’t right. I thought it could be a Urinary Tract infection, but that has largely cleared up now, but longer than it did for a short time after a short course of tetracycline. I also have some Lyme Cysts that have to be addressed.

If you haven’t got access to an apple tree, I guess I could try to pick some for you. But I suffered from lyme too and was paralysed flat on my back up to a few months ago before trying this at the suggestion of the local wildlife. These Deer like eating my apple trees and don’t seem to have much problem with ticks on the whole, battling them off by wagging their tails vigorously. It’s kinda cute actually. While I am back on my feet and gaining balance, my inner ear, my legs, and arms back, I am going slow on the advice of a lyme literate doctor, Dr. Rebecca Risk who you all may know already from her website. I tried it and it is the first thing that ever worked, even sort of, and the Bb‘s are actually coming out of my skin. Warts too. You’ll see.

Deer Salad


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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