Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Day 78

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Today, I am harvesting the Apple Leaves. They are changing colour, but for the past couple days, I have been trying all hues as they go through Fall. The Yellow and Green leaves get more bitter, but the smaller slightly green ones still have a nice taste when dried. However, I have been exclusively tasting the changed leaves to determine their relative potency. I am also ramping up the consumption so that I maintain a level of herxing that I can handle. The Jarrrisch-Herxheimer Reaction is indicative of the Lyme Biofilms breaking down, so that the body’s natural immune qualities an combat the individual underlying components of the community as I understand it. Apple Leaf must provide the chemicals necessary to enable and cause this to happen. And as always, spirochetes continue to access out of my body. The latest bunch are coming out of the left lobe of my head and neck, as well as various locations on my torso. I can’t remember the bites initially, but they must have really had a hold on me to last this long. Also note that I really didn’t push it as they were exiting, going slow as Dr. Risk suggested. I will have to try these various herx relief remedies yet. The only one I really have is the basic, built in surveyor, “Suck it up, Princess!” plan. lulz

I haven’t seen my pet Flying Squirrel lately. “Rocky” as I call him vacated when the neighbour must have inadvertently cut his house down maintaining and pruning the woodlot. He could still be here but I understand they are nocturnal, so kind hard to see. Plus you wouldn’t believe how fast he scurries. One evening he shot by in my yard, and ran up to about 50 feet up a tree in less than a few seconds. Then he launched and glided out of sight. That was the day the logged his tree I believe. We also have Bats… a lind of cousin to them I guess in that they are little mammals. Probably has tick trouble too but you sure would not know it. Must munch Apple Leaf Salad too. I know those little bats do. That is why they hang here… for the Apples and other fruit trees.

That brings me to Plum Leaf. I tried some and let me tell you, it sure cleans out the plumbing! But not in an aggressive way. Someone really has to look into all this Fruit Tree Leaf stuff more. I guess that someone is me. I was so bored and thought it would be irresponsible to own a pet because I was dying, or so I thought. So how did I determine that? When you are going down, You’ll Know, Trust Me. Then when it looked like all hope was lost, I tried this. Maybe it still is, but I am not dead yet, and a lot further away from it. Again, You’ll Just Know!


That brings me to Cancer. I had a spot on my nose… possibly a Melanoma, or Herpes like thing from a scratch I got from a pine cone in 2002. It was sore to the touch and never seemed to heal up from that point on, and it was getting bigger and worse with a darker discolouration. The doctor told me, “Keep an eye on it!” Typical heath care system. Doesn’t even know my eye was up an’ to the left about 2.5 inches! 😉 lulz. It never healed and was always sore to the touch. That has healed up to a normal scar now since I started this 78 days ago. Some of the discolouration has left, I will have to let you know next time I look at it in a mirror closely under a bright light though. I am not very vain I guess. Maybe look into that whole thing too for shzts and giggles; Why did it heal?

Another thing is Dry Pimples and hair folicles. I thought it was like alopecia. Now they raise up and scratch off with something coming out of them like a dry zit. Again, Wild Apple Leaf. Just trying to document it a little better.  think they say everybody is different, but It sure surprised me, and got to an explanation for several minor nagging health issues. Then there is Hair. I still have hair but it was thinning. Well, you guessed it. Not only is it starting to grow again, but it is coming back DARKER! I was kinda getting used to the grey though. So if you like grey hair, you aren’t going to like the bill for dye/bleach jobs to get it back. YMMV lol

Anyways, I bellieve after going looking for the cause is general Biofilm wear and tear on human mammaliam health and wellness and one has to look at other mammalian specials to see how mother nature provided coping methods to deal with it. In a related vein, Mental Health is also affected by Wild Apple Leaf I have found after plagiarizing it from my pet Deer here. I did look into Deer diet, and they are herbivores with 4 stomachs that can handle toxins much better than our lowly human gutz.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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