Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Day 81: Dealing with Massive Polysaccharide Breakdown

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I love this clip. “Biological Research!” although I used to be, and am now again, primarily a Metaphysical Engineering Physicist. *Somebody* has to teach the Doctor’s teacher’s teacher’s teachers. lol This Biological Engineering thing is just a temporary sideline to teach Doctors, researching for an Engineering Report I am doing  about this fatal, “Surveyor’s Disease.” It led me to Lyme. Ironically, I have my left hand back. I had quit for 7 and a half years since Lyme gave me a stroke affecting my whole left out side, crucial to my style, so it was too depressing to practice any more. But boy, have I ever got a lot of muscular atrophy to make up for, not to mention relearning everything again, after I relearned it again Django Reinhardt style cheating with a capo and using what fingers I had left. My doctor thought It would be good physio but FAIL! It just led to more depression. These days, Wild Apple Leaf fights the depression better than any drug they ever put me on that had a bazillion side effects.

I used to play lead guitar and fill in bass for bands all around here all the time. Here is Jimmy Page with my niece before going to the Royal Albert Hall for a function about a year and a half ago. She was not only his date, but markets the new Led Zeppelin Reissues through her division at AKQA.com in London England. It must be Kismet.

Danielle Jimmy PageShe joked that her and Jimmy were Married. That would make him My Nephew In Law! OMG! as the kids txt… Perhaps “I am a Traveller of Both Time and Space!” the first line of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. Could happen I suppose. Nothing is Too Good not to actually be True once in a while…

Rarely any ways… One thing I notice is a lot of phlegm from this. The local Deer also produced a lot of phlegm and I think we have found the reason. They always had runny noses in a reaction akin to Pavlov’s Dog when they came to nibble here before all the poachers and hunters scared them away. I was wondering why I was losing weight. It appears to be the massive amount of fluids one produces while on Wild Apple Leaf. Now this may be TMI, but I have produced literally gallons of it in 81 days. Since I have started ramping it up for herx limit testing, that has increased twofold at least. I am trying to spit it out and estimate volume overall, but that increase has wrecked my back estimate. It is now two cups a day. I wonder how much more there is? It seems to have levelled off a bit now after this spike for 3 days. Aside from expectorating it from coughing, I imagine it is in the urine as well. The urine odour restarted as well with a strong ammonia smell. I haven’t got that much more weight to lose. People said I started to look gaunt and they probably expected me to die.

The source may be the Polysaccharide Biofilms themselves. By cutting carbohydrates, it helps lessening it. This occurs to me that it would leave the various micro organisms naked to attack from antibiotic treatment, so beware if you are already on antibiotics. It will be like giving them a shot of steroids. I am on Apple and some Plum and Cherry Leaf alone, like a Deer diet. That is probably why my intestines work so well. I noticed that their scat (droppings) arond this time of year are a clear Amber Colour as they raid the massive unpicked apple crop. I hope they come back. That poacher was a jerk that scared them away. They are like my Pals Forever and Pets now. Plus, they are my research group. Lookup Chronic Wasting Disease of Deer in Eastern Alberta. Those poor things could use all this excess apple. The glyphosates probably killed all theirs, not to mention them too.

Another thing I notice is a little constipation since I am eating ten times as much Apple Leaf. I have to be careful because Intestinal Blockage leading to Sepsis one but one way High Herx can kill you. For that, I suggest fibre supplement like psyllium fibre capsules, or my new thing, borrowed from the Deer again, Plum Leaf. I am not sure of the variety but my grandfather planted it back in the 60’s around 50 years ago. I planted another one here that the Deer always nibble a couple leaves off of along with their Apple. I will have to ramp that up as well, but it could take sometime to get the concentration right. I am guessing about 5 to one if the Deer are right. They haven’t failed me yet.

Some more caution for wannabe quack veterinarians. Deer have 4 stomachs, a complex liver defying study by the Veterinary Academia, and can even digest poison mushrooms with no ill effect. So don’t try to rip them off TOO much or you will be Karma’s Bitch. I haven’t got anything to lose being in Canada where the criminal medical system is frantically looking for ways to hide their cover ups. I know I will be coming with the most massive class action lawsuit in history, motherfzckers. Better get your rigged Bill C-442 going stat, Skippy. Maybe my friend’s son lawyer can help, as his father was killed by the treatment for the brain cancer. He was in one of my first human study groups I could identify obvious lyme symptomatically. I know another Law Professor or two. Can you imagine how much trouble the Defendants of a massive lawsuit would be in intentionally psycho-actively spiking their sworn Complainants? Gotcha where you want me! Muwaahhahahahaha! /evil maniacal laugh

I mean, how was it the last time you found a magic bullet for cancer, warts, depression, fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, the common cold, prostatitis, and ailments too numerous to list by THEIR own diagnoses?? How hard did they machinate and plot to hide it? What would YOU do to the evil fzckerz? Did you forgive and forget after they put you in a psych unit “for your own good” claiming that you were insane because there was Nothing wrong with you in their “opinion”? Given the time lost and my status when working before all this, how about we just settle mine out of court for 9 digits? DENIED! Law 101: If they offer anything, DOUBLE it for starters! If they low ball, start adding zeroes. If they fight for dismissal, you have them by the balls and up the ante claiming EVERYTHING THEY’VE GOT! Let’s see how they squirm now that the tables are turned. Let’s lean into it so they double down on their own stupid.

But I digress. That is where all the phlegm is coming from. Spit it out. Just out of interest, catch it in your measuring cup. I would be interested in how much; drop me a line at mvbeng@gmail.com or comment here. See if you can beat my record of two cups, 24 hour day. NO CHEATING by intentionally trying to catch a cold and failing like I did a couple weeks ago. lulz Vitamin C is OK because I take that to dissolve it more too, like about 4 grams chewable a day. I also take Vitamin K2 Mk 4 and 9 to put the calcium back in my bones and out of my heart and cartilage, and chemically fight the Other Health Care Scam where the Offishul Scientz Treatment is Rat Poison! Trust me… I am an Engineer. We know this shzt better than these doctor/d0pe salesmen obviously because there are No Easy Pre-Med/Med School A’s in Engineering. And if you think this is simply a pissing match between doctors and engineer/lawyers, you just quadrupled down on Sto0pid as the cops like to say with a smile, pulling out the cuffs and the charges. You know who you are somewhere in the BCMA. You can run. You can hide. You can die and Meet Me.  We don’t need steenkin’ badges. Sigh. I digress again. They don’t need any more building blocks for their fortresses that Kill, both Biofilms and Hospitals.

Worse yet is Their Government Pals taxing alcohol and cigarettes by blaming them for Lyme Biofilm Diseases. I guess they have a point. Smoking killed my Professor Emeritus Jake E. Turnbull. He was 103. Second hand smoke and drinking killed Mary Gillespie too. We thought she was 103 too, but it turns out she lied about her age and was only 108! The last conversation I had with her I noticed what I now know as obvious Lyme related complications on her shins. We talked about how the evil doctors wanted to cut it out. True story. Sucks to be you trying to hide from the metaphysicians peekin’ on The Other Side! 😉  lulz


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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