Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Day 82 – Still Going Strong

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Looking at the Day, we have come a long ways from a strange paralysis to actually droving to a town about 100 km. away to go shopping all afternoon and Jam a jam in the evening. I still didn’t play, but some of the regulars knew me even though I literally haven’t seen them for at least a few years. They knew nothing of my troubles really. I guess I had fallen off the radar. One girl even joked around and punched me in the arm about a typically bad joke, where I almost fell over! “OMG! I’m Sorry!” I guess I don’t look bad as I thought, but I am still a little weak, having lost a hundred pounds. Point taken. Lookin’ Good, but don’t get too cocky.

I have really been leaning into it, being cautious of herxing reactions with Wild Apple Leaf, eating at least 10 leaves or more a day, and strictly the ones that have changed colour in the Fall here that basically pick themselves. It is still the same effect as normal leaves, albeit much stronger by increasing the consumption. This causes you to expel a lot of phlegm and fluids like runny nose. I surmise it is the polysacchraide biofilm sheaths breaking down. The Herxing is not or does not seem to be as bad a result as when using antibiotics, but feels the same nonetheless. The results are accelerating as I get stronger every day a little bit. I can only hope it keeps going after day 82.

It was obviously a little harder on the GI Tract today after ramping up the leaf consumption for 3 days. If that many Bb’s are exiting outside, one wonders how many of these things are exiting inside? It appears to be lots, not from actual scientific analysis, but there is increased *Something*  coming outta there, and through the GI Channels. I did buy some probiotic yesterday along with a couple other things the pharmacist suggested. There was also a helpful girl in the vitamin aisle of Superstore/Wholesale where I shopped as well. I just took one now though in the afternoon today. I haven’t been taking antibiotics which kill the GI Flora, but the Apple Leaf reaction is so similar to antibiotics I thought it may be a safe bet to take a little more probiotics to restore normal gut activity post Lyme. Most Lyme sites recommend that along with Dr. Lee Cowden. reknowned lyme nutrition expert. I have also been taking Celebrex by prescription, but wild apple is much stronger. It definitely was clamping down on the intestinal activity.

Since I have been chronic Lyme since birth, these are all new feelings to me, “healing.” If you are normal, it probably does not mean anything, but It sure motivates me to keep writing about it. I never knew what normal was for 58 years now, and even the repairing state of all these conditions is a revelation it is nearly impossible to describe. I actually had Stockholm Syndrome a couple months ago from all the parting Bb’s. Since my life and career have been destroyed by this up until now, where do I go?,  I notice all the top researchers at biofilm youtube are engineers, I think I know the way forward. This concludes my current self funded engineering report. It took about 100 days.Too bad I was so busy I missed Diwali. Oh well Maybe a fast spinning hard drive “Om Mani Padme Hum” will make up for it. 🙂 Namaste!

Finally it's Over! Next!

Thanks, Lymer’s. Next!!!! 🙂


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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