Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Day 86 – Moving Forward

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It occurs to me there are a few ways to look at this. Way 1 is to use it for as much money as possible. So many people would die, but we’ll get ours! Another way is to Maintain some semblance of the Hippocratic Oath, and just open source it. I wouldn’t want to lose my Hard Won Quack Veterinary Credentials! lulz Then there is the Health Canada way, feign ignorance, ignore the fact that migratory birds and thus Arbo/Tibo Virus’s ignore borders, thus maintaining their Hypocritic* Oath, and murdering, by “error of omission” borne of criminal negligence, those nasty people who do not fit their Utopian world views at the Administrative Level. That’s why “Open Sores” is such a terrible swift sword to a system that cannot stand the light of day. It would be like telling the Bb’s to Kill ‘Em All, but I haven’t lifted a finger. If I could ask a Bb one thing, it would be that, not that they are listening. I assume they answer to a Higher Power than the next moron up the chain to Hitler or Stalin, the chosen messiahs of all “things” government control. I could be wrong… They, the Bb Biofilm Communities, could be in cahoots with the Gubmint Hell Care but they simply aren’t that stupid. That would take a special Human Hubris. They know what is comin’ if they try that with me.

Could a Bb survive in a sewer if we flushed ’em out? Probably. It would be an upgrade from this Jack Daniel Pickled Paradise here… lol. They don’t like light. They do not like Wormwood. They like food, preferably predigested. They can fluoresce. They sure liked my innards I’m thinkin’. Well, there ya go. I visualize them all having a wonderful party in my septic system. Doing Bb Cannonballs off lil’ diving boards, having water fights, splashin’ around, and, and generally having a comparatively good time, Free as a Turd.  Lots of food and room to grow down there without all that maintenance it takes to survive a human. They’re havin’ a party even though the beer has been through the horse once already. Then there is the cajoling we humans require to fuel our meat/bone muscle computer structures. I thought I could get rid of them by employing the finest grade 3 engineering techniques: Make a Stinkbomb for Ticks! I found it, but it is a lil’ too good. They cried for mercy if the herxing was any indication.

I steeped Wild Apple Leaves in Absinth for shzts an’ giggles. The result was a Biblical Revelation of sorts for Bb’s/Ticks. I think it was the Wormwood. WhatEVAH! They hi-balled it for the exits. Now how are you gonna commercialize THAT? They will literally leave you like hamburger. I was itching and scratchin’ for half a week while that healed. And it was somewhat painful as Dr. Risk cautions; Go Slow! The Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction can kill you. Besides Apple Leaf steeped in Sambuca is a little gentler, and tastier I might add. What worries me is that if they navigate by taste, will they stick to the tasty cartilage and neuron tissue? Again go slow. My neurons probably taste bitter from smoking. I take it Ticks don’t like that… They made all the morons they populate eliminate it. I was simply lucky enough to be in the smoking group still alive from the tick onslaught to surveyors.

All the researchers keep saying one thing: The Bb’s are smarter than humans. They infest one and take over its brain. That is one reason why. Foggy? Thank your millions of Resident Bb’s driving you like they stole you, which they did. I wonder how many biofilm research facilities they have taken over this way as well? After all wouldn’t they be their sworn enemies? Well, enter the Metaphysical. Let’s cut a deal with the Bb’s: We won’t kill you all, and we will give you an upgrade to your living conditions. After all, they live on the ISS. They do not need the trappings of an atmosphere or a planetary gravity well. They likely have a lot more friends in the sewer than out there or in you and me! You will still always be around for them, bored to tears as they must be with you by now. Can you say Peer Reviewed Ad Nauseum? lulz Wouldn’t this be like being Born Again to a Bb? I guess that is what I can promise my former Bb Biofilm Communities. It’s prolly better than the Junk Food pickings in here. Kinda like Zen and a win-win for both of us.

Dr. Breese says it is all that way. Our conscious thought is on loan from a central intelligence that simply must somehow infuse us with spirit that makes a meat computer function. Some other people? Yours and Their mileage may vary. They are simply too conceited to see it that way. Makes sense though. Nothing else does. Bb’s, Whales, Dolphin’s, and Chimps get it though. Maybe they even know what you are thinking. Explains why so many animals fear man so much, and likely over and above the gene pool culling that led to their healthy respect by default.  It is like the native saying to a Deer, “Come on over here… I won’t hurt you!” but that Deer is fixated on that New Pair of Mocassins! Is that BuckSkin? Bb’s of course Don’t need any Steenkin’ Respect for ANYONE!… well, until they met the likes o’ me anyways, I reckon. lulz

Long story short, Wild Apple Leaf… It’s a Stinkbomb for your Bb’s. I can really clear out the room! And NUTHIN’ travels faster than Stink! Stink > c! Most people, including ticks and Bb’s, smell it before they See The Light! lol That being said, that moves us to a dark new area of Meta-Biophysics, Government Biofilm Imitation. Now mortally wounded, it occurs to me that this horrific huge non-functional money sucking bureaucracy bloat-fest Self Admiration Society has attempted to set itself up to protect itself futiley from the incoming imminent Coup De Grace in a freakish BureauFilm. It is not elected officials that run this. The BureauFilm wants you to think that so it can hide, and you are stupid enough to buy that because?… No matter who is elected, these pinheads remain. “It” is emulating the natural formerly impregnable defence mechanism of a Biofilm Community in a parallel BureauFilm Medical Self Preservation Community. We caught you Red Handed Doing the Crime. We trump all your Stinking Doctors by unanimous acclamation of everybody but you and your blackmailed shills, yet you will double down on stupid, straight into a well laid trap.

The Karmic justice of all this is Gubmint laid the trap for themselves! In an incredible stroke of Bad Risk Management they have several hundred thousand sufferers all itching to skin them alive. Yeah I know. Pick a number… but this is a bit different than the average Dogma fight. Worse yet, I just laid it out in bits and pixels and you will still do it. BureauFilms forgot some things. Biofilms succeeded because they remained invisible for so long. They also succeeded because they apparently use/d officially non-existent Psi Effect to mask all inter-film communications, and they still exist in even you AND Them. They are the parasites that won’t let go.

Armed with Bill C-442, We Will Know Where The BureauFilms Live and we can seize all Their archaic Paper, including Pay Checks. Replace them for pennies on the dollar by throwing darts at a phone book. Can you say Claw Back? Yeah I’m a tinch bitter, but who wouldn’t be after this, basically funding this failure all your life and when it comes time to get insured by it, it disavows that there is even Lyme Disease in Lyme Disease central, the Rocky Mountains. “Oh, you have to Protect yourself from ticks!” Impossible out here. Even Neil Armstrong had to take off his helmet at some point. What is his lil’ buddy Neil Angstrom up to now? Looking for Government T Bone, that’s what! Better to make yourself immune from them.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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