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Day 91: You’ve Got FAIL!

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Last night, there was a launch failure. Why do we care? That comes a lil’ later, but suffice to say we have a backup plan. The Antares Launch lifted off from Vandenberg AFB last night, but a motor broke loose shortly after clearing the tower. It was spectacular at least. Film at breakfast everywhere.

I am checking biofilm formation on my teeth. Like Richard points out, that is a very important vector for biofilm formation and establishment on a surface. Wild Apple Leaf cleans and dissolves it, explaining what seemed to come out of a tooth the other day. I expect Crest will commercialize it as New! and Unprooved! lulz Beat ’em too the punch. Chew an Apple Leaf a Day to put ’em all outta bizness. The source was a blade steak I had for supper last night I think, because I didn’t have much with it other than some Party Mix snax, also a candidate, and likely grown with the most GMO’s and crud in it as possible. Maybe that steer was raised on the GMO stuff as well, Rounded Up more than once or twice! But we have to make sure this fixes it for everybody.

I am still spitting out Biofilm forming loogies. I was using a porcelain coffee cup to huck it into, and you guessed it, after a quarter year of this, they started attaching to the sides of it tenaciously. It took effort to get them off, plus a bit of soap. I wonder if that is the source of that stuff clinging to the porcelain toilet bowl as well? Ya THINK? Maybe the glyphosate use explosion has something to do with it. It never used to seem so bad. It is getting worse as I ramp up apple leaf consumption. In a way that is good news because it is leaving me, and in quite more volume than it used to.

Let’s imagine if these lil’ critters could communicate? Well, some of the PhD’s on Our Own Team believe they are more communicative than Our Own Team!  How did THEY fly in space? Can WE eavesdrop o n them for a change, or do we have to stick to the quantum physics observational theory? Metaphysicians believe that we can. Metaphysical Engineers don’t have that luxury. It is because we have to test and try the theory, and FAIL! when Mother Nature gives us the mark like this AM at Vandenberg. What could they run on without junk food, steaks, my gluts, etc.? I was a pretty big boy, but now I am a wimp while the Bb’s are lying back with the clicker on their lil’ couches, clickin’ the TV using MY potatoes.

The answer I suppose would be Helium-3. They had to attain 17,600 MPH to catch John Glenn, and they did it no problem. They might have Electricity and Magnetism unified better in what they have so far of a Physics Unified Field Theory. Down here they don’t even have to catch John Deer! They just tell him to Come on Down! You’re the Next Contestant on the Tick is The Right Stuff! Maybe they were already at the natural escape velocity of Earth, but we are going over old turf. Also explains why they would want outta me so badly. I just had to give them the impetus with a lil’ Wild Apple leaf, that’s all. Plus I also postulated a plan to get them back home unlike ET to get them out of our atmosphere again. To this end I suggested Google’s Lo0n.

There is likely a lot of He3 in the top 1% of Earth’s atmosphere where the lighter gases would congregate per Astro 200 at UBC. They must have loved junk food, cigarettes, beer, pizza, and etc. before that to hang around in my boring azz. You could make a Zeppelin that would never explode using He3 and our composite technology. Eva says they love neurons and cartilage in that order. I can attest. A lot have drilled outta my noggin since we started this. The cartilage crowd came later, and they are still coming out. But they like steak, my butt and muscles too, when they inadvertently severed the nerve that makes me hungry somehow. They shot their own cushy deal down because they cannot see; just taste. Maybe they are ditching because they thought I was toast but I doubt it. Dr. Deer didn’t think so, before she was poached, when she pointed out the Wild Apple to me right outside my computer window here. Anyways, who exactly are the Dumb Animals here?

How would you get to orbital velocity from a Google Hydrogen Balloon? I guess that’s for me an’ the Bb’s to know an’ you to find out! You’d have to be Loon-E! 😉 But then we’ve got more trickz!  lulz My brother ironically says, “You’ve got to learn to live with your neighbours!” Difference is, I think I am living more with his Unknown Ones than he is, and so do they!


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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