Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Day 151 – Oh, just F’n Perfect! So What Do We Do?

Well, the short answers…

1. Eat Wild Apple Leaf – I started with at least 3 leaves a day. Too much caused a strong herxing reaction so I went slow to be safe. I have http://Dr-Risk.com to thank for that. Cooties actually started drilling their way out of me. I tried some extracts but they were a little too concentrated and left me like hamburger from the things vamoosing all at once. Even the fact there was something that alive and parasitic in me for up to 50 years freaked me out. To deal with the liver toxicity (herxing is a result of that) I take Milk Thistle from Wal Mart. Get it while you can before RoundUp kills ALL the Canada Thistle (Gee, an Essential Weed?). I eventually increased it a lot after Day 90 or so, and conveniently during the Fall Leaf Change and Fall Off. I found those fallen leaves still have the same effect, but the darker brownish ones are tastier. They won’t be making candy out of it, but better is better. lol As you chew them they will clean all the plaque off your teeth. Hey, I told you they dissolve biofilms!

When the biofilms break up, they produce a lot of phlegm and mucous. Vitamin C chewables liquify that, and should it get too bad, they can give you an antibiotic course for their wrong diagnosis of pneumonia, so it is a win win. It really helped my prostate after they gave me the antibiotics when they said there was nothing wrong. I knew better for worse, but antibiotics fixed it as before, and this time it is holding on a lot better than before I discovered Wild Apple Leaf. Why Wild? I am guessing it doesn’t have any Roundup on it.

You will find this is also a powerful… and even the MOST powerful… antiviral EVER! I’ll let that one surprise you… but remember how to spell my name under “Man Who Cured The Common Cold AND Arthritis!” 😉

2. Cut down on Sugar and especially Beet Sugar from GMO Roundup Ready Beets – I heard Xylitol or Stevia make excellent sweeteners that the cooties don’t like. Other sugar substitutes are lethal. Who got approval and made that stuff? (You’ve Got It! The same People who brought you RoundUp / Lasso Light / Agent Orange Fluffy… The Sequel… Monsanto-Searle Division! The Very Same LasshoLE’s!)

3. GMO’s are in everything we eat as food like chicken to hogs to  cattle fed GMO’s, Eggs and Milk, all cereal grains, corn,  and beans, and the Glyphosate levels in even Mother’s breast milk are Lethal according to European Standards. Do I starve? Well, I found that No Name stuff is cheap so they can’t afford fancy GMO ingredients, but YMMV. NoName Party Mix (I know… Junk food) sets off my personal increasing glyphosate sensitivity as I employ increasing countermeasures. We have been all so cowed into this that a Minimum Safe Glyphosate Level / Glyphosate Ban could cause a widespread famine after an initial weed explosion, but we had better start now.

4. All the lawns in my neighborhood are soaked with this crap, not to mention the golf courses, and all the crops in the fields around here are too. Well, get out there and educate. We’ve been hit by an inside job chemical biological weapon attack. Point them to Dr Seneff. If a top researcher from MIT can’t break through their thick skulls, Darwin can deal with them. Or the Law. This will get the Enviro Cops and Deputy Lynch Mobs out in force before their Glyphosate Laced Donuts kill ’em, with increasing heavyweight researchers all converging on the Glyphosate / GMO bulls eye. We caught them red handed with Dioxin Contaminated Agent Orange, 2-4-D, others, and now this. Time to imprison them all and shut them down to pay restitution by Seizing all of their assets for their next Superfund. Move Over Johns Mannville and Union Carbide… we have a new Hall of Infamy Winner: Monsanto!

5. Hey, the deal is Lyme Disease! Why all this GMO Glyphosate bafflegab? And who the heck is this “Quack” Dr. Don Huber anyways? That is why the infection is winning. Take away its manganese, cobalt, and magnesium robber chemical weapon helpers and Monsanto Led defenses as best as you can. Trust me, nobody else is doing much better at this but I am all ears when they finally crack biofilm open or confirm that I may just have actually done it. Then they would solve 14 million largely fatal diseases every year in the US alone. Then again, all of them want to see Monsanto Hang if they don’t die first. Monsanto’s position is to discredit Dr. Huber, and all those whiners will die anyways. But how do we fight this horrific New Pathogen Bureaufilm / Biofilm infection? We know that ingesting Wild Insecticide Free Apple Leaf cleans off biofilm on your teeth, cures warts, and common colds, and that is a start. Wait until you see what it does to lifelong arthritis! POOF! Gone! Doctors are too busy trying not to even start, writing Monsanto Celebrex (Sales: $1B per quarter) prescriptions, DDM Dentists can’t solve biofilm they can see, and the common cold still outwits them all. Time to call Dr. Kevin Folta. Eureka! I have found it! Clone away!


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Day 150 – The need for a Lyme Disease and Surveyor’s Disease Executive Summary

It is day 150, Dec 27, 2014. I have read tens of thousands of pages, and watched literally days of videos. There is no executive summary. Let’s try.

Lyme is a Biofilm Disease. It hides from any diagnosis until I found My Own Way, Eating Wild Apple Leaf, which gets an immediate undeniable reaction where there should be none. Dr. Eva Sapi found definitive evidence that it formed biofilms to go chronic. Conventional medicine doesn’t even have a test for it yet. The Biofilm Channel on Youtube chronicles all the good stuff fast.

The more you travel, the more co-infections you can get from foreign arthropods, not just Ticks. Dr. Alan MacDonald, Pathologist and Lyme Disease Expert explains it well. Cat Scratch Disease, Malaria, West Nile Virus, and now Japanese Lyme lives here too! They join the Biofilm Community to Hide.

Lyme Disease is a Sexually Transmitted Disease, and that would include your offspring if you, or your parents, were positive before conception.

Glyphosate is the culprit! See Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s ground breaking connection work to find out why “Safe” weed killer causes the autism epidemic, exploding arthropod populations (infected spiders, fleas, mosquitoes, mites, ticks), Increasing Lyme, and dead starfish by enabling densovirus they have been immune to for ages. GMO’s are made specifically to withstand higher levels of Glyphosate Assault by the manufacturer of both, a cozy arrangement if there ever was one. They also actually own the United States Government now; United States of Monsanto. The addition of surfactants makes Glyphosate even more disruptive. Monsanto has been caught numerous times threatening the very existence of mankind doing this with PCB’s, Dioxins, early toxic electronic chemicals, Agent Orange WITH Dioxins (AKA Monsanto Lasso, now evolved to RoundUp), creation of myriad environmental disaster “Superfund” sites, and now GMO food vegetables for Human Consumption laced with Glyphosates. This is just the times they have been caught trying to cover up what they knew and when as they continued to press for more sales of lethal chemicals. 1934: “I recognized my two selves: a crusading idealist and a cold, granitic believer in the law of the jungle” – Edgar Monsanto Queeny, Monsanto chairman, 1943-63, “The Spirit of Enterprise'” A prescient quote, Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group says that based on the Monsanto documents made public, Monsanto “knew the truth from the very beginning. They lied about it. They hid the truth from their neighbors.” One Monsanto memo explains their justification: “We can’t afford to lose one dollar of business.” Eventually Monsanto was found guilty of conduct “so outrageous in character and extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency so as to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in civilized society”. Looks like this leopard hasn’t changed its spots.

Lyme Disease causes most Arthritis. The spirochetes actually eat your joint cartilage as well as brain tissue. It also explains why smokers fare better while non-smokers die. Their joint and brain meat, a spirochete delicacy, doesn’t taste very good I suppose. Glyphosate (RoundUp AKA Lasso Light AKA Agent Orange Fuzzy) also robs joints of the essential minerals necessary for the mandatory ongoing synthesis of Chondroitin Sulfate. It is more than a little too convenient that Monsanto invented Celebrex for arthritis, a disease they caused to go epidemic. You get Glyphosate by eating GMO Foods laced with glyphosate, a lethal or crippling autism birth defect causing chemical which is “Generally Regarded as Safe” according to Monsanto Product Literature.

Go over the Doctors’ Heads or you are a Dead Man/Woman in Canada!!! They are not even allowed to read this in Canada, let alone act on it which they so desperately need to do before all parking spots are Disabled. Forget the Bioweapon conspiracy; Their testing is just that flawed that it only tracks one strain out of hundreds. Worse they will unwittingly prescribe lethal medicines to obvious lyme patients for a single symptom. A Lyme Literate TCMD or ND is your only recourse, and Health Canada (AKA Monsanto Celebrex Sales Force) should pay for it, but they won’t. They will pay to have you wrongly committed though. Again, isn’t that just a little too convenient?

Hey, don’t shoot me! I’m just the Canary in your Coal Mine that you just about killed several times already. And I made a cheap Universal test for it in the best place possible… Anywhere corrupted Doctors aren’t!

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Day 147 – Christmas Eve Day 2014

My hair started growing again munching that Apple leaf, and it comes back dark instead of grey. I look like a mongrel cat… in short, like hell. lol It would make a killer toothpaste additive. It got rid of the biofilm plaque straight away. I had forgotten it did that and more. I have that strange cooling where my lower leg tendons had become stiff. No wonder those deer got so healthy so fast. They look to be all tendon on their lower legs. My right foot that had become problematic again became worse then got better in like a day, and the warts on my right hand are all crawling out again. Wow.

Yeah it definitely is not  placebo effect. Here we go herxing again off the Halloween Plateau after I stopped around November 11th, then resumed slowly in December here. If you ever stop it, you can start it up again to recover where you were with some definite backsliding. But it all happens a lot faster second time around and even with the dried fall leaves that taste pretty bland. Again, it may also have been the power of my “secret” extract I took last night that woke them all up so suddenly. I had forgotten about it and was cleaning it up and mixing it with the others I was trying instead of throwing it out. It had me laid up in bed on Tuesday (yesterday) with a swollen right foot. I am typing this Tuesday Night but that had me turned around. I am saying it is Wednesday Morning. Just Humour me lol. Early Christmas Present too.

Well, time to round up all the old liver detox vitamins too. It looks like I will need them. The little buggers were still hiding there until I shocked them back to life, and now they can’t get out fast enough! Merry Xmas, co0tie Lyme muthafzckahs! lol.

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Day 146 – Canada and Lyme Disease

Unbelievably, and after months of the same question from the same person, I was asked again by a Canadian medical professional to explain the trouble with Canada Health Care and Lyme Disease. Need a new analogy? Imagine the Titanic has hit the iceberg, and everybody knows. Now imagine that instead of the crew manning the lifeboats, instead they tasked the entire crew to ensure that the decks be mopped. Silence, then a repeat of the question again. If you can’t get it yet, why do you think everybody went for the lifeboats except the idiots looking for the crew to do something, and running around grabbing mops? Have I told the crew? Look where that got Ex-Dr. Ernie Murakami, the former head of the entire BC Healthcare System, and later their Official Lyme Disease Center Principal person. These days he just says might as well smoke a fatty instead of going anywhere near his own former students. I was told to tell the crew again. They have no clue how dumb and disbelievably stupid they all look to the entire world.

They do not look on the Internet because they have declared the entire internet crap. They not only threw out the baby with the bathwater, but they have called in the highest price bidder to put in a new tub too. I remember when 20 years ago, it was explained in no uncertain terms that to be internet information saavy in research gave you a seven to one time advantage. Every year researching with internet was equivalent to 7 without. I made it to 140 and they made it to 20. I could give them a link to catch up, but they have all sorts of excuses why they are so dangerously ignorant, including no email, and no time. Where it is a requirement to maintain current understanding, by their own decree they have put themselves as much as 120 research years out of date. I’d be reluctant to let someone that stupid to clean my gutters let alone give me healthcare advice; They might burn the house down with a garden hose! Welcome to Canada’s Lyme Disease strategy.

They may say to see a TCMD like http://Dr-Risk.com Chinese Medicine has been around 2,500 years, and likely simply cures some ailments western medicine can’t touch because they couldn’t patent a drug. These Canadians are good at looking back, but the future scares the absolute sh*t outta ’em. Big Red Flag. Banting and Best give way to Butthead and Worst! Canada’s New Strategy with an Epidemic Fatal Disease. Professor, you just failed the entire class of them. Aren’t you a little too harsh and difficult to understand? “No… They can’t parse a one hour video! They’re just that fzckin’ stupid!!!” It is sad. One seminar and they would be awesome but they are not allowed to even diagnose Lyme, if there even was a definitive diagnosis. The bean counters are scared it will break the system. Thousands more will die mopping the decks while a few escape the 8’11” horror they ignore. They will spend months explaining why they can’t spend a day on it. There’s a helluva crew for ya.

Have I told my doctor? No. I’m keeping an eye on him with that garden hose though; Far too dangerously out of date and ignorant to get anywhere near a Lyme sufferer except to talk about weather. Then the health care person asked me if I knew the weather forecast in Calgary. I looked it up for her with the gas prices too. Somehow it is OK if the evil internet is looked at by somebody else first; they must be scared what they may find out, or too gullible to know when being phished by a fake theweathernetwork.com? I dunno… Suffice to say that here with this bunch, Lyme is a death sentence. It explains why half a dozen people I knew died this year in their 50s that went to them with obvious to the co-inflicted person Lyme related complaints. Their test results may make it back this year though if it can show second hand smoke killed them! Else they’ll throw ’em out. The brain cancer killed them before they reached retirement, but you can bet modern medicine gave them a fresh band aid to cover the bullet hole. They’re too busy mopping to look at  silly time wasting Lifeboat Usage Strategies. And gawdam it… Stop smoking like all your dead friends so your meat will taste better for those Friendly alleged spirochetes! Hell, I’ve got so many of the awful parasites that my blood oxygen went UP every time I smoked! True fact, so they bought a new diagnosis machine that said it went Up even HIGHER, setting a new low bar for the word FAIL as they probably spent weeks in hasty meetings about how they can throw out all the blood oxygen monitors nationwide to fit The Party Line!

Oh well, I digress spend too much time on this trying to find a ludacris enough analogy, and not working on getting my super duper homeopathic quick an’ sure diagnosis / relief for Lyme Disease out there where they can just go get it at Wal Mart. It may all be lost. I think that health care lady wants to commit me now lol. That is the Approved way of dealing with non-existent Lyme patients like Sarah Bowder, P.Eng. here. To Hammer and Sickle Healthcare, they are the weakest link! Goodbye! SLAM!! And they get back to the mop…

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Day 143 : How many days?

I started on July 31, 2014. That’s 1 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 20… or 143! It is Dec 20, 2014. I stopped eating the apple leaves about a week ago though after nearly a 3 week layoff. The trouble is that they taste kind of bland… and that is an understatement. These fall leaves we harvested, while easy to pick up and dry out, really suck. They are better fresh off the tree, and like our deer link pointed out, the deer prefer the young tender shoots too. Deer Candy. They do still work scaring Lyme cooties out of you though when resumed. The ones steeped in Sambuca remain really tasty. They have that double added benefit <hic!> but may not be as potent medicinally unless you drink the leach liquor as well. Their potency is apparently affected somewhat maybe. I suspect they may be more powerful just before tick season, which starts latter May to early June here.

Meanwhile I have a plan for an encapsulated formula determined by my experiences to make a one shot remedy that really works well. Sort of a co-homeopathic liver cleanse-detox digestive-probiotic neural-regen respiratory-anti-biotic-cootie thang… I have great high hopes for it, but it is unfortunately a continuous thing… It isn’t a one shot cure as far as I can tell now. That could change once I become more lyme literate  in Chinese Traditional Medicine plus get further into this. That is no picnic either and since there was no history on the leaves, I had to start testing from scratch. The Lithuanian Study came later but also does help immeasurably. It was 4 years ago before anybody even looked at the skin of the leaf. The upside is I am 143 Days closer than anyone else to cracking this horrible thing. Well, OK, I’ll munch some more leaves but Blecchh! I guess they aren’t that bad given the alternative, and I can already feel the effect in my fetlocks/tendons… See what I go through for you guys? Hey… Bet it’ll be good for Tendonitis!!! <trying to look at the sunny side> lol

Later, found this link. It looks like North America has been wiped out by a successful clandestine foreign orchestrated inside job  chemical weapon attack. I don’t know if the continuous apple leaf intake can even keep up. Good luck. You’ll need it as you argue about if it even exists.

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Day 139 – Wow, that was depressing

Looking back at yesterday, bleak doesn’t even touch where it seems to be heading. I was not really the picture of a Monsanto corporate hatin’ hippie, and was up to my elbows immersed in the industrial juggernaut. Anthropologically, we can see the trainwreck coming. 60,000 years doesn’t seem like much of anything to build on historically. That is the ENTIRE history of Homo Sapiens, and if just my peer group is counted, I have seen half a dozen die this year alone, and all from brain cancer, pointing to Lyme. But they can’t even decide if it exists here in Canknuckleheadland; See Bill-C-442. In short, we’re screwed.

Now you could go waving your arms to the official medical establishment, and they will throw you into psych for observation, and write thousands of dollars of scripts for dope you never needed in the first place. But Hey, they CAN lance that boil on yer azz or cut out that annoying cyst! Aren’t you glad we have Public Health Kare now? If you are sick enough to need it, rest assured they have no idea how to fix it. Meanwhile, some people advocate killing all the Deer as if they are the trouble when in fact they seem to have the solution. I’m not sure which is sadder… That or the fact we are stupid enough to point at them as the problem. Then some advocate killing all the ticks. Technically, they are tiny little Lyme victims too. Such a Superior Canadian solution… Kill The Victims! Or stuff them into little tick psych wards! If we can just figure out how to make them pay for prescriptions… Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Jayssus, are we dumb fzcks or what? While it is doubtful we will make it many more centuries, imagine a doctor visiting this from 1000 years in the future? He would say, “Well, your Root Cause Analysis is faulty to start with… and you’re barbarians, charletans, quacks, greedy snake oil and dope salesmen, and dumbazzes!” They would stuff him in psych for 3 hots an’ a cot. Then they would sing the praises of what a success his treatment was providing they didn’t talk about the other two suicides they had to keep quiet about while he was there “adjusting his meds.” Fortunately solving time travel, the future doctor would then throw them back ten centuries into a wonderful Roman or French hospital nut ward to return the favour, and proclaim what a success their treatment was. But I digress… even if only slightly…

This system is within 6 years of being hit by the Wave of ’55 when the baby boom peaked. It will fold like a toilet paper shzt house in a hurricane. Every doctor or nurse I ask says, “Not my problem… I’m retiring!!!” We engineers will be left picking up the pieces as usual after we paid for this travesty all our lives. But hey, it has Full Cancer (biofilm) Wards! We pump ’em fulla the finest poison an’ we can nuke a frozen burger rack faster than McDonalds! Sure it kills most of ’em, but it got the cancer too! Healthkare Progress!

The state of the Canadian Healthcare (sic) System is currently similar when they ignore an epidemic affecting 750,000 people a year (Biofilm.) Lyme is just one Biofilm disease. I told a Healthcare (sic) Professional and they said, “What?” They had no clue of the existence of biofilm forming diseases. That is who we turn to when seriously ill because most serious stuff is biofilm. To be fair, WordPress has no idea what biofilm is as it red-lines the spelling like it does with even WordPress. The Quackery did however offer me a prescription. I took it, and put it on my dash with all the other unfilled prescriptions. It’s a New! and un-Proved! thing to help me breath.

At least I am still breathin’. I wonder when they will fix “that?”

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Day 138 – Deer Migration in the BC Okanagan

The title kind of says it all. National Geographic explains what is happening. I don’t know how I knew but I could “feel” that they had left, so I followed my nose to Penticton, BC and Oliver near the US Border where they continued. Maybe they can telepath their intentions through their antlers… There has to be some reason they have the things. I never knew that but it all makes sense now. They really get around. There were so many that the highway speeds were reduced to accommodate them crossing as they migrated hopefully away from the hunters. That may be dashed though because all the stores there were selling hunting hats.

Other ungulates, such as elk and moose, behave like that too, or so they told us in Oil Exploration when I surveyed before stricken with Surveyor’s Disease. With oil dropping, maybe they will get a rest from all the crazy activity that got us going last decade. Of course airlines will hedge as much of that cheap fuel as they dare… or can even get. The bigger news is new development have been recently shelved and the caribou will get a rest along with the moose. Likewise surveyors will die off to the cheers of a million drillers. Next the drillers’ll realize they have no more locations to dig. In spite, they might just drill in circles until they run outta cheap fuel. It hasn’t been a picnic being a digger either.

In Lac La Biche, literally translated as “Lake of the Doe,” these animals have their own variant of Surveyor’s Disease, called “CWD: Chronic Wasting Disease.” Perhaps the glyphosate from ever increasing quantities of RoundUp has killed biodiversity along with all the weeds, and they have no apple leaves or equivalent to eat to fight that. The biologists showed us that they like “antler grass,” a lichen shaped like little antlers. Well, fancy that! Maybe that is the stuff they lack. The problem increases in intensity as one moves further east towards agricultural areas in the “harmless” toxic autism causing agri-chemical strafing test case we also called “Saskatchewan.” Maybe some big capsules of Apple Leaf could help them out too like it helped that little lame fawn doe here. Since Monsanto has so much George Soros money invested, maybe we’ll all die instead. That is probably more likely. He never batted an eye turning all his neighbours over to the Nazis in Hungary. You think he’ll care about you because his chemicals “maybe” cause your kids to have an awful disability?

Anyways, Deer have been around as much as ten times longer than people. The genus Homo has only been around 2.3 million years and Homo Sapiens is a mere 60,000 year blip, while Deer have been around 15-30 million. Somehow they survived ticks, and even persist after we messed it all up with chemicals in 77 years. They probably have a better chance than us, bleak at it may seem. We had better really pay attention, or it will all be moot.