Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Day 143 : How many days?

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I started on July 31, 2014. That’s 1 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 20… or 143! It is Dec 20, 2014. I stopped eating the apple leaves about a week ago though after nearly a 3 week layoff. The trouble is that they taste kind of bland… and that is an understatement. These fall leaves we harvested, while easy to pick up and dry out, really suck. They are better fresh off the tree, and like our deer link pointed out, the deer prefer the young tender shoots too. Deer Candy. They do still work scaring Lyme cooties out of you though when resumed. The ones steeped in Sambuca remain really tasty. They have that double added benefit <hic!> but may not be as potent medicinally unless you drink the leach liquor as well. Their potency is apparently affected somewhat maybe. I suspect they may be more powerful just before tick season, which starts latter May to early June here.

Meanwhile I have a plan for an encapsulated formula determined by my experiences to make a one shot remedy that really works well. Sort of a co-homeopathic liver cleanse-detox digestive-probiotic neural-regen respiratory-anti-biotic-cootie thang… I have great high hopes for it, but it is unfortunately a continuous thing… It isn’t a one shot cure as far as I can tell now. That could change once I become more lyme literate  in Chinese Traditional Medicine plus get further into this. That is no picnic either and since there was no history on the leaves, I had to start testing from scratch. The Lithuanian Study came later but also does help immeasurably. It was 4 years ago before anybody even looked at the skin of the leaf. The upside is I am 143 Days closer than anyone else to cracking this horrible thing. Well, OK, I’ll munch some more leaves but Blecchh! I guess they aren’t that bad given the alternative, and I can already feel the effect in my fetlocks/tendons… See what I go through for you guys? Hey… Bet it’ll be good for Tendonitis!!! <trying to look at the sunny side> lol

Later, found this link. It looks like North America has been wiped out by a successful clandestine foreign orchestrated inside job  chemical weapon attack. I don’t know if the continuous apple leaf intake can even keep up. Good luck. You’ll need it as you argue about if it even exists.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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