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Sat, Jan 31, 2015 – Day 185 – This year’s Harvest from Hell

Enlist duo

2,4 D is Agent Orange. This will be on grocery shelves this year if it isn’t stopped. Perhaps they will skip testing it through your cattle and pigs this time. Hold your healthcare providers accountable having served notice in No Uncertain Terms. This was presented 9 days ago in Hawaii at the Seeds of Truth conference. Imagine doubling down on stupid at this level.

“The synergistic effects can only be imagined at this time.” Let’s try, given their propensity for giving the answer in the cute product title. They want you to Enlist to their quasi military organization. Enlist with us and kill everybody. ‘Keep ze friends klose and ze enemies even kloser! Zis time Ve vill be zuccezzful!” They have all you poor bastards RoundedUp! and now it is time to cherry pick the breeding stock. Odds are, you aren’t it whether you Enlist or Not, Paired as a Duo or Not! If you aren’t working at Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Etc. and don’t have access to their all organic corporate cafeterias, you are going to die from products they sell. Quantum Criminology 101. The perps’ actions speak louder than words, and their words hang them, or YOU if you don’t get on it stat. I know you won’t. You’re done like the 99.9%.

I had to laugh at a Facebook post regarding the War on Terror, basically telling us to Man Up, show some spine, etc. For what? You have already lost to an entirely different psychotic enemy, your imagination is so failed, and your attention is so misdirected, that you don’t even know what happened, and there is no way you can even reclaim your own food supply. Shouldn’t that be an overriding priority? Tell the terrorists “Hold that thought… We’re a tinch busy… Here… Have a cheeseburger! Or a GMO Date… Take a number an’ we’ll no0k ya in due time…”

If you can’t read a label between the lines, avoiding any mention of soy, corn, HFCS, sugar, canola anything, cotton oil, or wheat, you’re done because all those are weedkiller residue hiding inside now. I went to a supermarket for an hour and a half yesterday, and left with a near empty basket. It was all polluted directly or through animals raised on glyphosate poison. By the way, North America and Antarctica are the only continents without GMO Labelling. Now you know the trivia answer to, “Name the only two continents on earth that may legally hide weedkiller in their food.”

In the proactive column, digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotic diet (leeks, onions, raw garlic, banana) small amounts of organic fresh fruit (let it rot in the store,) they can’t make a GMO tomato, etc. Use Olive oil, rice (GMO source unclear…) and start an indoor garden in a vault or upstairs. Start listening to engineers; they seem to be the only ones aware of this for some reason. I suspect it boils down to chemical literacy, and they rightly identify the body as a chemical process plant comprised of animal, vegetable, and mineral. There is also a drive to look up cross disciplenary data that is in conflict with their expertise while researchers tend to seek reaffirmations and ignore contradictory evidence.

Dr. Weston A. Price had us all beat though by seeking out and knowing the correct answer before even starting to figure out why. He solved the French Paradox regarding low heart disease with a rich diet with his Factor “X” 50 years before it was rediscovered as Vitamin K2 Mk. 4, Menatetranone, to confirm his findings. The sizeable French Wine lobby tried to reassign it to red wine. Saying the French like red wine is like saying fish like water, but they washed down goose liver pate with it which basically converted arterial plaque to usable cholesterol and put it back in the brain and bones. Before that, wine sales were flat in America. Now they are up like the American heart disease they were supposed to prevent with it. Engineers knew that process, because they are used to observing the results in the real world, and proceeding accordingly to identify why. Cynically, they also know the process of lobbying overriding the correct answer. Dr. Price knew from the get go that there was something different happening here. North American doctors still prescribe rat poison for heart disease to finish the born again tannin soaked drunks off quicker. Once you start rat poison, you are advised to stop using K2 as it might still have saved you.

I notice Dr. Seneff models herself along the lines of a modern day Dr. Price. Consequently she is leaps and bounds ahead of the nattering nabobs of confusing negativity born of big money science. That is where the answer is whatever you want it to be, provided you pay enough in research money. That brought us the Global Warming Fraud and Edible Weedkiller GMO’s.

stickerOf course, that was all before Monsanto decided to save us all… by intentionally premeditating our murders. Engineers are also good at the forensics of why something broke, and strive to find workable solutions to prevent it. In the context of the Monsanto Murder, you are going to also need sulfates to defend yourself from the MO of the murder weapon as well… through Epsom Salt absorption through your skin in at least in baths, or simply wash with it at even half the recommended solution, since the plants you eat will have serious sulfate deficiency. As if Lyme Disease wasn’t enough, but the murderers are giving the bugs a leg up too. Lyme just makes it all more critical with an AWOL healthcare system, MurderOneCare Canada, in on the murdering, sidelining anyone close to thwarting their obvious world domination plans. Looks like they forgot an army to protect what is left from everybody testing for their poison internally and unwittingly in a classic boneheaded move that has sidelined every Liberal Master Race Scheme before them. Hitler put them third in line to die after unions and Stalinists. Stalin started by lining mass graves with them, providing a soft landing for the later purges. Monsanto just ensures them that their lethal poison is safe to eat, and in fact they should have another helping. I take it that they miss out on the internal Hunger Games for sport in the end.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is when good men do nothing. I’ll add that when when bad men lean into it, doing everything,  intentionally beating down the good ones, we get this result.


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Thurs Jan 29, 2015 – I Pity my Doctor

Look at what the poor bastard has to deal with. An administration that thinks they are smart because they ignore the internet. A list of what he can’t diagnose even though it is obvious to a moron. A system shunning all peer, or especially, superior review (because they think they are beyond peerage,) and where any jackass can’t point out these fatal flaws that are so blindingly obvious they should all be arrested and beaten stat. I suppose he wanted to help, but obviously nothing like that. Any chemical engineer knows or suspects they couldn’t touch any of his peers in a second course in basic biochemistry. Obvious flunk so bad they should be fined.  That’s OK… They’ll just declare all those nerds insane.

If he is part of all that then I guess he deserves no pity, but you still “Pity da Foo'” as Mr. T would say. The fact they take half the GDP or tax revenues is a testament only to how corrupt and criminal it all is. They need to be institutionalized indefinitely on the charge of being criminally insane until they can recite how. “Well, let’s see… The entire commercial; food supply is poisoned with herbicides and insecticides, and we haven’t lifted a finger on purpose to stop it.” Confessing to the first of 100 crimes is a start; it will be a while until you are civilized enough to let out on a supervised day pass. “What’s wrong with poison? We feed it to all our patients no problem!” Poor fucker will be in the Rubber Hotel for a year to unwind that fuckup and crime or even realize what it was.

Of course I have a solution but no budget. One memo. 1 million doctors. Fix a huge chunk of it overnight by starting suplementing the destroyed microbiome. Eat crow; Stage tours of European Doctors in full HAZMAT suits through supermarkets with glyphosate detectors seizing pallets of poison shzt. They have all the budget taking care of all the bodies when they turn themselves into their slaughterhouses to piss expensive chemicals until they die. Instead we start our detox so they start pissing out the poison instead. Stop feeding the poisoned shzt to all the patients. Tell them the small handfuls of food that don’t have it, or have less. They simply cannot be or don’t have to be genetically modified to withstand chemical assault. They may not need any stinkin’ chemicals but that doesn’t stop them. Want Labels? Sue a big one for 9 or 10 figures, and they will be on everything from soup to nuts overnight.

Moving to the lyme parasite epidemic, these “modern medicine” fraud artists are worse. Here are just a handful of common misdiagnoses;

“Many Lyme patients were firstly diagnosed with other illnesses such as Juvenile Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, Infectious Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Interstitial Cystis, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Fifth Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus, early ALS, early Alzheimers Disease, crohn’s disease, ménières syndrome, reynaud’s syndrome, sjogren’s syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, prostatitis, psychiatric disorders (bipolar, depression, etc.), encephalitis, sleep disorders, thyroid disease and various other illnesses.”

Pretty much a description of a Canadian Lyme sufferer’s life right there all with wrong diagnoses and ineffective expensive treatments. They truly cannot see the forest for the trees. “Here have a meal of weedkiller they snuck into the food supply on our watch while we pat ourselves on the back.” Now you should know why every Lyme sufferer thinks they are all idiots and/or corrupt insurance corporation shills trying to shirk their obligation. The whole undeniable glyphosate fuckup is just a kicker to what that bred in their grottos of money wasting quasi-professional filth. It is just another example where removing competition in medicine removed all accountability.

No wonder they don’t like the internet. Any three year old let alone a teenager can find that out about them in under a second. And they can’t refute it with their standard canned answers like “Oh you can’t believe everything you read on the internet!” Duh! The Internet says you are a doctor in charge of looking out for our well being and on top of everything. In short, given that pre frosh mindset, we’re screwed. Have a nice death.

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Weds, Jan 28, 2015 – Day 182 – What a half a year!

We never thought that medicine and the government were so corrupt and completely broken. They told us they weren’t and we naively trusted them. Now their word is understandably worthless and they are completely untrustworthy. They have a solid track record of failure to show for exponential budget demand increases. I had 3 months of solid medical gains wiped out in less than a month by such a horrifically blind and irrelevant medical system that they gave themselves a pat on the back for it. They don’t know anything about chronic lyme disease let alone any chronic disease, they haven’t even got a definitive diagnosis, and they never knew what glyphosate even was or that it was a poison present at dangerous levels in all food in Canada. The diet in their hospitals consists of solid glyphosate laced crap and they don’t even have an idea how much. To call it criminal incompetence would be a gross understatement of both descriptors. Press them on anything and they blame it on smoking. Why are non smokers dying faster than smokers? “Smoking.” What idiots, save that calling them idiots gives bona fide all star idiots a bad name.

They say you can’t believe everything on the internet as if they have a revelation about it. The same internet says you are competent. Like a broken clock, you’re right twice a day. We call that “critical thinking.” You might want to learn about it. Both words. Perhaps you are still too busy mailing all your information and passwords to Bill and Melinda for that check in the email. Which part of “dumb” or “fucks” are you having trouble with? One thing is for sure. When it comes to accountability, modern Canadian medicine is bankrupt. The absence of a second opinion raises the red flag caught in the blinding glare of the klieg lights. Making such blisteringly idiotic generalizations about a volume of data larger than the entire library of congress by several magnitudes puts you back in mental kindergarden square one by default. It screams, “Hello… I am the dumbest fuck ever, and now you have to do exactly what I say…” Forget about respect. That is kind of out the window onto the crowded freeway now.

Oh well. Water off a duck’s back. The combined forces of Monsanto, Heath Canada, Darwin, and God Almighty will purge them from the record soon enough. Finally something I can agree with Monsanto on; Poison every single last one of the dumb fucks, and be so self righteously ignorant that you even wipe out yourselves. So we have to work a bit harder fighting the “non existent” poison. At least we know what and where it is, and how to avoid/minimize/repair the damage. Tell ’em, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet!” The hilarious part is it kills non smokers faster. They are the weakest link. Good Bye.

Looking forward, what sort of world will we have? Will it be all Monsanto employees that got the memo and the odd straggler? Or are they actually conceited and stupid enough to eat their own stuff they lied about for so long? Or will it be all that type, you know, the gang that has been preparing for doomsday all along when they dig up their guns and swords to become warlords per a medieval reset? There will be a lot of cops. They saw it all coming all along, and were *strangely* silent the whole time. Zey kan learn from Ze Mistakes of Herr Himmler lazt time, and zey have ze guns! There may be the odd doctor that doesn’t kill himself with his or her blind faith in their own medicine. I can see the bureaucrats fancying themselves to be the Master Race. Trouble is they all have that signature obesity of RrrroundUP! poisoning; The Typical Fat ‘Crat. They’re going down quicker than a greased turd. They must be on the top of the list of putz’s to get rid of.

As for healthcare, nothing will change, except they’ll all be dead from “smoking.” Their skulls will make nifty ashtrays. Until then, just imagine how miserable they will make the lives of all those poisoned bureaucrats, health experts, and non smokers? Payback Cubed. Have a cigar! Party on their grave, amongst other things, with their Smokin’ women! A McMaster study analyzing outcomes for patients starts by formally reiterating that the system is expensive, out of date, and irrelevant to the new reality:

“Key Messages

Problems arise when circumstances in the world change and conventional wisdom does not.
The present federally funded Canadian healthcare system has been driven principally by insured
physicians and hospitals providing acute and episodic care that is a poor match to the changing
demographics of persons with chronic disease living longer. The current health system consumes
nearly one-half of provincial budgets.”
Just sayin’; Your No. 1 problem is that it took a 155 page report to completely miss the fact that we are eating weedkiller, then you get ahold of us and feed us more. Worse yet, their diagnosticians force fit the patient to any expensive solution they have for one symptom, not the root cause. They have become drug dealers, and the cops are all addicts too. People walk in poisoned from illegal chemical waste dumping, and you treat them for COPD and depression 30 times longer than necessary when they had neither, ya dumb fucks.

There is a precedent. Brian Hunter and Amaranth Securities. It was the largest hedge fund disaster in history. They went all in on Global Warming when the Science was Decided. Turns out it was all a fraud… not Amaranth… Global Warming. It was so spectacularly successful for the other side of the trade they are trying it again. Only people in the loop knew who Amaranth even was. This time only 6 million dead Germans know what really happened in the Holocaust analogy. They haven’t said much.

One thing is for certain. The “Normalcy Bias” ensures it is generally the last bunch you would expect. “Oh, That will NEVER happen!” Imagine a world where only smokers live because the parasites carried by the Monsanto amped-up bug infestations don’t like the taste of them. Start there and extrapolate. Add the one in a million who ate wild apple leaves before the rest found out too late. The early evidence is already pointing that way. Then again, you are reading this on the Internet! 😉

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Tues Jan 27 2015 – Day 181 – Saw a Riff

bannedSo why not? They own all the politicians, and for that, they have control of the food supply which they poisoned. It is premeditated murder, no question, so they own the police too. Government Healthcare is so morally and ethically bankrupt they can’t decide if they should even test food for the poison “hidden” in all the food. There is no treatment for the poison because Monsanto said it isn’t poison, mimicking the I.G. Farben alibi for the 6 million their product murdered in Nazi Germany.

How long would it take to reclaim the farm land poisoned by glyphosate? Can it even be done? Well, you could crop and burn it to consume the remaining chemicals, allowing the weeds to suck it all up. Then you would have to bale and burn that to dispose of the contaminated weed “crop.” Then till it and test for glyphosate if they will even allow you to. Good thing fuel is lower these days, because all that fuel saved in zero tillage will have to be spent back to try and unring this bell.

We are still dealing with DDT pollution. The glyphosate elimination timeframe is unknown, but they do know that agriculture will be finished in 15 years doing it that way. That assumes you last that long to see it, a doubtful proposition. It really doesn’t help that they have soaked most arable land with it for 22 years or more. It is probably on your own lawn or your neighbour’s. Your pets likely are soaked in it. So what if they lose 5 years of life? Think of all the money you saved in poisoned pet food, treats, an’ litter an’ shzt!

Dr. Mercola interviewed Dr. Yu, a proponent of official medical science looking at detoxifying poisons. What struck me was a 911 firefighter, suffering from tremors, showing a white towel stained by his sweat from a sauna detox session. The purple colour signified manganese. Was it chelated manganese from glyphosate poisoning, far more common than the Mystery 911 Syndrome? Tremors are just one of the things that elemental, not necessarily bio-available, manganese causes. Dr. Yu likely would know nothing of that since it has been intentionally hidden from medical doctors by Monsanto. Glyphosate turns blood chemistry upside down by killing 91% of your cells. The upside is that it is only 91% murder Monsanto will point out. Enjoy your 9% life.

How could this be? Easy. If an alien species like a parasite wanted to destroy mankind, they would just have to infect and control key employees at one chemical company to get their favourite delicacy on tap; Brain meat. From that position they could take out all safety checks, government, and medical. They could destroy all opposition to their zombie infected army by psi effect with their considerable DNA/RNA and medical knowledge. They would take out the USA to take the obvious most powerful company they met over there…

Apollo_17_Cernan_on_moonCrazy? Time and again researchers marvel at the resourcefulness of parasites and their biofilm forming behaviour. Without question, all researchers assert they are smarter than humans. Parasites have been found living on the ISS, outside with no oxygen, 5 months ago. Dr. Eva Sapi points out they like brain and cartilage to eat. Literally naturally, they would mimick nature to dominate and take over complete control. They own you, and your doctors are so confused they can’t decide if they even exist. Eat some wild apple leaf to give them the boot, and find out what it is like without them. Deer and chimpanzees must know too, but nobody listens to them. Their largely herbivore diet must be the space cooties’ worst enemy. But here is the catch: Given the timelines involved, WE must be the alien species, or perhaps a product of THEIR genetic engineering gone bad for THEIR convenience. They have been around longer. It is a plausible explanation for a Missing Link, intelligent designer, religion, renaissance, the whole enchilada. Anyways, shut up and pass the Brain… They are what they eat.

How would you fight that? Well, I know they sure don’t like Wild Apple Leaf. You’ll see if you should ever try it. Just be careful. They drill out so fast they will leave you like runny hamburger. I still have several scars where the big ones skidaddled finding a safe level. You can always ramp up later for the stragglers. I have also found several equally evil ways to scare the absolute hell out of them should they try to hang around. How? I’m not telling you/them! lol

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Mon. Jan 26, 2015 – Day 180 – The Problem is Parasites

We ALL have them. Our immune systems are in a historical constant battle against them. The strongest action of Wild Apple Leaf seems to be as an anti-parasite agent.

You catch them from pets and drinking water, handshakes and other contact.  Some are food borne from raw foods like sushi. Some you get from swimming. The existing treatment is herbs. I had tried that, such as olive leaf extract, but wild apple leaf  is way more effective. We have our new herb we have been trying for 180 days, and it still works. After stopping and restarting, it shocked another wave of parasites out. Borrelia Burgdorferi is just one of these, but has the added ability to form a biofilm. It is of course most commonly associated with lyme disease.

Parasites must have thought they were in heaven when Monsanto came along. This out of control bureau film powered by greed and in absence of all morality and distant thinking of the effects of their products and actions gave up instant satisfaction for a plethora of fatal flaws. The biggest flaw is that it takes out, or chelates, all essential minerals for intestinal biotics that used to fight these things tooth and nail. It is the opposite of chelation therapy; chelation poisoning. That is how it kills weeds. Monsanto says, “No, we take out the ENZYME,” being so incredibly ignorant that they took out the customer along with all the building blocks of it. If the customer doesn’t stoop to their level to fight that battle, they have no hope. Monsanto declared war against their own Mothers: Nature. Nature’s been around a couple billion years. Mankind, only 11,000. Monsanto: 110 give or take. It shot to the top spot being the number 1 Parasite big brother. It kills their worst enemies, herbs, or as Monsanto knows them, “Weeds.”

Parasites hate the spotlight AND competition. Dr. Seneff knows they also do not like the sunlight, and thus Vitamin D3. Neither like the combination of a multivitamin and a probiotic… Monsanto makes an Antibiotic but a really dumb one that kills the essential human intestinal biotics, and every other type of flora absent of their Patented Gene Insertion. Now there are obviously good and bad antibiotics/biotics. So we must manage our vitamin intake for the new reality of this added hostile invader. Biochem Wars. A hedge fund to hedge against their alleged progress killing you, all to make the golf course and crops look nicer. Who cares what minerals they have or don’t have in them anyways? The Monsanto Approach would be to nuke Baghdad, soldiers on all sides, kiddies and all.

Now I am sorry if this takes the tone of being written for an idiot. Aldous Huxley says that when you take up technical writing, you must write for the credulous man. I write for a target of an average health care worker, so basically somebody about 130 plus years out of date technically, given the 7 to 1 advantage to those, such as this writer, taking advantage of the plethora of publicly available peer reviewed internet research available. Being parasites, those in the healthcare system fear the spotlight most, and have absolutely no defence against it, other than declaring their detractors insane. They also hate anybody who has a better way and can clearly demonstrate how bad they are smashing diseases they have spent 11,000 years FAILing at. You tell me who is more a danger to themselves AND others?

To drill down to their level you have to write for a simpleton. Worse yet, it doesn’t even occur to them just how blindingly ignorant they appear to anybody who peels back the veneer of their poor game of catch up, and one knowing basic biomed and chemistry they forgot. Doctors are smart, “Just Because.” Dr. Alan Macdonald points out the solid track record of complete FAIL that they have with chronic disease, let alone a cold or warts. That puts them in the camp of failures, but not idiots. They work exceedingly hard working on resting on their laurels for that. There is just too much new stuff, boo hoo. Most engineers I know can bztch slap them at school they steer away from because there are no easy “A’s.” Engineers are far better equipped to deal in a world with an 18 month obsolescence cycle. Alleged Modern Medicine has trouble trying to force their 18 year obsolescence cycle on that reality, and it has created an unprecedented disaster.

A horrifically failed Healthcare System hiding the awful truth. Not me. I’m winning, and that is the biggest threat to what should be scrapped, and built over from scratch. Imagine what I could do with their budget. Anyways, my parasites are on the run, albeit still leaving damage in their wake  Giving Monsanto, and their failed health care system “Partners” that they make new “mystery” diseases for, the boot or the old heave ho, is the next huge step for mankind. If they don’t, they are repeating the same FAILed formula expecting a different result.

Q.E.D. Get rid of those parasites, in you and in healthcare, and put them out of business. They all claim they wan’t that. Now that we can deliver and witnessing their reaction, they aren’t so sure.

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Sun Jan 25, 2015 – Day 179 – Did you know…


That mattress likely has GMO Cotton in it laced with weedkiller too. At least you aren’t going to eat it; just roll around in it naked for years. They say that we are on the sixth extinction of mankind. The previous times were caused by natural disasters like asteroids and/or floods. This time, they know it is coming from within. Mankind has become it’s own worst enemy.

When your child gets sick, why not take them to the hardware store and complain? You are going to get more help there than from a hospital or any doctor that let this whole thing go on unnoticed on their watch. You may not get any help, but at least the weedkiller section is labelled. The entire health care system is in a failed state at present. They have completely missed the fact that the entire food supply is poisoned, and should any of them raise the alarm, they are stricken from that very failed healthcare system. They are so blind and blissfully/wilfully ignorant that they don’t test for the #1 poison in the world even though every single person going and/or working there almost without fail has ingested it. The no smoking signs throughout these sham FAIL centers are akin to wrapping a turd up with a bow. They should be charged with false advertising and have all their funding withdrawn save for routine boil lancing type procedures. Perhaps all their fired staff can get a job testing food and urine for glyphosate. Trust me… It is either about to become all the rage, or you are going to die from it.

How about that Epicyte Gene? It is the coolest new GMO corn thing. Eat it and become sterile, male or female. It makes you produce antibodies to sperm. There is the end of mankind right there. That preacher wasn’t kidding when he said we are living in the end times! So what’s the point? The doctor says, “Do it for the Children!” Do What?!?! Tell ’em, “Hey, you poor little Mofo’s you are eating a straight diet of weedkiller laced food and there is fzck all we can do about it! Hah!” I reiterate, what’s the point? Do you teach elementary school kids how to get their things in order to die?

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Sat, Jan 24, 2015 – Day 178 – “Swallowcaust” Blog

Everybody will blame Harper, even though it was a Liberal Majority in charge at the time they took Monsanto’s word at face value that their weedkiller was safe to eat. We are at the point now where we can replace all the supermarket signs with “The Real Weedkiller Superstore,” “Soberys,” or “Dangerway.” Pour Corn Flakes on your lawn or around your house to keep the weeds down. Do spot touchups with Enfalac. Got a sweet tooth? Sugarbeet Weedkiller. It is fitting that Pierre Elliot Truedolt used to ride a motorcycle around Montreal in full Nazi Regalia. The PET inner circle was behind rubber stamping this mess. Jean Cretin Et. Al.

In related news, Yemen no longer has a government, so they join Canada and the USA in that regard. Canada and the USA have Nazi Bureaucracies; Yemen has Al Qaeda and no bureaucrats whatsoever. Of course, we have orderly bureaucracies in charge of keeping track of their own salaries and pensions, and little else. That will be handy for the clawback. Yemen has bupkiss save for oil and camels. All three have a bunch of crazy mofo’s running shzt.

This leaves all three open to a gaping power vaccuum. That is how Hitler did it from a 28% minority position. His opposition was fractured communists and trade unions. Ring a bell? It should because that is all we have running shzt behind the scenes in Ottawa. Hitler simply made a few speeches about how we should hang all those communists and trade unions, people bought it naturally, and for added impetus, he set the Reichstag on fire and blamed them for it. Sort of like the Colts deflating the football under a tackle in a futile attempt to hang the Patriots as they were handing them their azz on a platter, except it worked. The Media in those days had a triple digit IQ.

Monsanto is our built in Reichstag Fire, except they actually DID make it a slam dunk to set it on fire figuratively. They parked a semi full of accelerant in the back rooms where it still sits today. Hitler also had the race angle to leverage the hate, but he never envisioned that the bloat of bureaucracy would be way more than enough for people to pull together and hate en masse. We don’t have a Judenstrasse to point people at, but we do have “Reserved Parking” close to The Hill in Ottawa, and select federal locations in major cities. Himler would have kept such a useless money sucking vortex in check by establishing an internal backstabbing reward program. Goebbels would have kept Doctors busy “experimenting” on whatever was left over. These days, the RCMP and Health Canada equivalents are either cowed, or they are part of the problem.

It is hard to see an end to this without pitting Nazi on Nazi. Donald Rumsfeld mused, “Couldn’t they ALL lose?” Well, currently that is the Status Quo. We All Lose. Know it like they do in the Fatherland requiring that all GMO’s be labelled, and make far more benign moves to stand back and take the “We” out of the equation. Ze rest Vill take kare of Itzelf! Meanwhile, the Media dumbasses blame the Winners in a rout for deflating the football.

Oh, just relax and watch a movie, alright?