Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Jan 3, 2015… Day 157. Doctors Can’t Test For Lyme

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You read it. There is no test for Lyme Disease that works according to Expert Doctors. Wild Apple Leaf Works every time! So I started looking for Other Diseases that have No Test. Cancer, warts, depression, S.A.D., and most of all, Bug Bites, were all attacked immediately after testing positive to Apple Leaf ingestion.

This brings us to the obligatory FDA Warning label. “Warning! Use caution with Hundreds of Prescriptions that Wild Apple Leaf makes redundant! Danger! Cures hundreds of ailments that Big Pharma can’t even treat the symptoms of, let alone detect, but people buy trillions of dollars worth of prescriptions for.” Well, that’s Fantastic! Isn’t it? No.

You will notice all the doctors won’t touch anything where their Research Grant money dries up. That is a co-epidemic with Lyme Disease, and all the Doctors working on it meaningfully are at or nearing retirement age. It is the Next Level of Biofilm, and Dr. Don Huber identified it; A new mystery Pathogen. Wild Apple Leaf will make your thoughts so clear that it makes Employed Doctors Dangerous! Doctors especially find that frightening; A cure that is so powerful it can put them out of Work! They simply diagnose that patient with one of those subjective diseases they have no diagnosis or cure for, and preferably one with the most expensive drug bill.  So how do we market this? Hmmmm… I think Insurance Companies would be the first to be interested, unless there is a Fox in the Henhouse.

Maybe that is why all the Doctors working on Lyme are nearing retirement age or are in fact retired. Gee, ya think?


Eureka, we have found it again!!! Another one that Wild Apple Leaf rips the lid off of!

If only Dr. Bill Costerton, the De Facto Father of Biofilm Research, knew that someone living in his neck of the woods finally cracked the elusive code to breaking these things up. I was a couple years late and a few dollars short. Many have succumbed to Pancreatic Cancer here. I suspect that the cause is Glyphosate in Beet Sugar, another Monsanto gift that just keeps on robbing. Lyme Disease is another infection that biolfilms to protect itself and hide from medication or detection. Well, at least we know it hates wild Apple Leaf. Watch out though. They spray Commercial Orchards with huge quantities of Glyphosate and other pesticides!


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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