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Mon Jan 19, 2015 – Day 173 – Martin Luther King Day

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Ask a simple question, get a frighteningly stupid answer…

“Let’s first talk about what we know about glyphosate.  Glyphosate inhibits the growth of plants by blocking an enzyme found in plants. This enzyme is not found in humans, fish, birds, insects or any other type of wildlife.” Donna Farmer, Ph. D. Monzanto I.G. Farben Divizion, demonstrating criminal ignorance of 91% of the cells in a human being, fish, birds, insects or most other types of wildlife, that the product she shills as Safe, Glyophosate, kills deader than a doornail on contact.

She has to be kidding! We need to hit them back on their own level: Unconventionally Asymmetrically  Stupid Warfare. Dr. Martin Luther King knew that Melanin assays played a major role in their idiocy possibly by a directly proportional relationship to their IQ, but knew that statistically unrelated generalizations had to be avoided as a metric. There was the strong Ginger Paradox where it was so dumb it could be genius, and in fact is the foundation of Modern Moron Bomb Warfare. MLK wasn’t a medical doctor. Neither was I, so I went to the Top S3kr3+ Med School 101 by ripping it off from the internet. I found that you not only judge a man by the content of his character, but by the content of his guts. Dr. Farmer’s Unintentional stupidity was so funny I shzt myself laughing, but almost died as a consequence. That “Shzt across the Bowels” was too close for Comfort!  It’s Payback Time.

How would YOU take out these out-of-Kontrol Nazi’s with a one liner that could permeate even the thickest Bunker fortifikazionz like a surfactant enhanced Glyphosate molecule with a Bullshzt Delivery System? They have deklared war on your Biome comprising 90.91% of yer Azz with their Patented Anti-Biotic Agent RrrroundUp! in all food at slightly less than lethal levels. “Give it Time… Muwahahaha! Ve have our ZauerKraut Antidote!!!”

Well, it’s Time to deploy the Countermeasures.I can’t takes no more! I AM making this shzt up, an’ it’s gonna be just as LETHAL: The LMFAO Bomb! <R E D A C T E D Lethal Joke! Bwahahaha…> Nah, just passed out. It WILL Overkome! Give it time… wait for it… No, wait a second. They told 6 million “You need a Zhower!!!”  of their other Hit produkt, “Zyklon B.” This time it is 6 BILLION and we need a RrrrrondUp! There is the Joke antidote. Plausible Stupidity is no defence. It is Mass Murdering Criminal Wilful Ignorance they are trying again. “Oh, ve are just zat ZHTUPID! Ve forgot about ze Sheizen!” Yeah right.

Simply just walk into every Federal Civil Service office, arrest, and hang them all. If they are that stupid I am sure there are plenty of remedial retraining classes in Hell. We have some nice FEMA camps to keep them warm until they climb the gallows.

The question is How does a Doctor show plausible ignorance of Medficine 101, let alone Toxicology and Testing 101? We can show they are Federal Civil Servants in any Public Healthkare System, slam dunk case. If they don’t start fighting this aggressively and STAT, they’re going to have lots of fitting Healthkare down there too.

Let the blue eyed backstabbing begin. A rerun of 1945 Germany. “Oh, Ve didn’t Know!!!” Difference is, this time they did it again, they Have been told repeatedly that we know what they are up to, and they tried the same out. Looks like premeditated murder. Book ’em, Danno.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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