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Tues Jan 20, 2015 – How do we link Glyphosate to Lyme Disease?

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Lyme Disease is transmitted by sick bugs. They have an infection of Borrelia too. It used to be rare. They have little bug immune systems that fought it tooth and nail. Glyphosate makes sure it is screwed up so they ALL get sick by chelating all the essential bug minerals no doubt.

David Suzuki has a different concern. He found that GMO Trees modified so that the whole tree is a pesticide actually serve to make the bug populations explode as they adapt, and fortify their assault on non GMO trees. Put ’em together and we have a lot more sick bugs out there to pass on the gift that keeps on taking.

If you think GMO Effect makes us sick, just imagine all the animals it is making sick.

This is typical selfishness that has spawned the Electric Car. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the things are environmentally filthy. They just pass the problem on down the line from the tailpipe to the smokestack, and thermodynamic reality makes any battery inefficient so it is the last place you want to put an electron. “Oh, we didn’t know!” means they intentionally ignored all the engineers working for over 40 years on the well known filthy electric car problem. Marketing still sells them as they blame everybody else for the mess they sweep under the rug when there is no more room between the rug and the roof. It is another justification for the government to intentionally kill us all, typically thinking a more horrific wrong will make it all right.

Similarly, a moron thinks melting a floating ice cube in a glass makes the water level go up. It is a simple experiment that takes less than an hour. The water goes down. Then they stick their finger in the glass and say, “Hah! It went UP!” They get hired by Monsanto.

These are also the brain surgeons that never thought to check that water vapour is the greenhouse gas responsible for 99.9% of greenhouse effect. They never thought to check that the IPCC was caught twice trying to frantically fudge the data when it would not fit the theory they proposed. They say 2014 is the hottest year on record according to their fudged data. I wonder how it sits according to real data? We may never know because they get hired by Monsanto. They need Global Warm Mongering experts to hide the Truth and sell more Pesticides.

The Cognitive Thought of God made Darwin find out that this will not end well for the shifty and unfit. Better smarten up quick. It is obvious they didn’t and wont.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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