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Sat, Jan 24, 2015 – Day 178 – “Swallowcaust” Blog

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Everybody will blame Harper, even though it was a Liberal Majority in charge at the time they took Monsanto’s word at face value that their weedkiller was safe to eat. We are at the point now where we can replace all the supermarket signs with “The Real Weedkiller Superstore,” “Soberys,” or “Dangerway.” Pour Corn Flakes on your lawn or around your house to keep the weeds down. Do spot touchups with Enfalac. Got a sweet tooth? Sugarbeet Weedkiller. It is fitting that Pierre Elliot Truedolt used to ride a motorcycle around Montreal in full Nazi Regalia. The PET inner circle was behind rubber stamping this mess. Jean Cretin Et. Al.

In related news, Yemen no longer has a government, so they join Canada and the USA in that regard. Canada and the USA have Nazi Bureaucracies; Yemen has Al Qaeda and no bureaucrats whatsoever. Of course, we have orderly bureaucracies in charge of keeping track of their own salaries and pensions, and little else. That will be handy for the clawback. Yemen has bupkiss save for oil and camels. All three have a bunch of crazy mofo’s running shzt.

This leaves all three open to a gaping power vaccuum. That is how Hitler did it from a 28% minority position. His opposition was fractured communists and trade unions. Ring a bell? It should because that is all we have running shzt behind the scenes in Ottawa. Hitler simply made a few speeches about how we should hang all those communists and trade unions, people bought it naturally, and for added impetus, he set the Reichstag on fire and blamed them for it. Sort of like the Colts deflating the football under a tackle in a futile attempt to hang the Patriots as they were handing them their azz on a platter, except it worked. The Media in those days had a triple digit IQ.

Monsanto is our built in Reichstag Fire, except they actually DID make it a slam dunk to set it on fire figuratively. They parked a semi full of accelerant in the back rooms where it still sits today. Hitler also had the race angle to leverage the hate, but he never envisioned that the bloat of bureaucracy would be way more than enough for people to pull together and hate en masse. We don’t have a Judenstrasse to point people at, but we do have “Reserved Parking” close to The Hill in Ottawa, and select federal locations in major cities. Himler would have kept such a useless money sucking vortex in check by establishing an internal backstabbing reward program. Goebbels would have kept Doctors busy “experimenting” on whatever was left over. These days, the RCMP and Health Canada equivalents are either cowed, or they are part of the problem.

It is hard to see an end to this without pitting Nazi on Nazi. Donald Rumsfeld mused, “Couldn’t they ALL lose?” Well, currently that is the Status Quo. We All Lose. Know it like they do in the Fatherland requiring that all GMO’s be labelled, and make far more benign moves to stand back and take the “We” out of the equation. Ze rest Vill take kare of Itzelf! Meanwhile, the Media dumbasses blame the Winners in a rout for deflating the football.

Oh, just relax and watch a movie, alright?



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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