Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun Jan 25, 2015 – Day 179 – Did you know…

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That mattress likely has GMO Cotton in it laced with weedkiller too. At least you aren’t going to eat it; just roll around in it naked for years. They say that we are on the sixth extinction of mankind. The previous times were caused by natural disasters like asteroids and/or floods. This time, they know it is coming from within. Mankind has become it’s own worst enemy.

When your child gets sick, why not take them to the hardware store and complain? You are going to get more help there than from a hospital or any doctor that let this whole thing go on unnoticed on their watch. You may not get any help, but at least the weedkiller section is labelled. The entire health care system is in a failed state at present. They have completely missed the fact that the entire food supply is poisoned, and should any of them raise the alarm, they are stricken from that very failed healthcare system. They are so blind and blissfully/wilfully ignorant that they don’t test for the #1 poison in the world even though every single person going and/or working there almost without fail has ingested it. The no smoking signs throughout these sham FAIL centers are akin to wrapping a turd up with a bow. They should be charged with false advertising and have all their funding withdrawn save for routine boil lancing type procedures. Perhaps all their fired staff can get a job testing food and urine for glyphosate. Trust me… It is either about to become all the rage, or you are going to die from it.

How about that Epicyte Gene? It is the coolest new GMO corn thing. Eat it and become sterile, male or female. It makes you produce antibodies to sperm. There is the end of mankind right there. That preacher wasn’t kidding when he said we are living in the end times! So what’s the point? The doctor says, “Do it for the Children!” Do What?!?! Tell ’em, “Hey, you poor little Mofo’s you are eating a straight diet of weedkiller laced food and there is fzck all we can do about it! Hah!” I reiterate, what’s the point? Do you teach elementary school kids how to get their things in order to die?


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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