Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Saturday Feb 28 – Day 212 – New Word: Anthelmintic

This word describes herbs or pharmaceuticals that expel parasites. Well, ding, ding, ding! I learned it when the local health food store finally got some Black Walnut in. It is made from ground up unripe Black Walnut hulls. I just got the powder capsules, and not the drops/tincture. I ordered it 7 months ago. As you see from the link, it is to expel little worms and big ones. A lot of ink/bits are given to the fact that parasites develop resistance as the various resistant strains survive antihelmintic treatment. Then you try a different one. I get the idea any new ones like our thing are welcome for mop up procedures. Malaria or borreliosis babesia fals into this parasite category I am thinking. Artemisinin is also an anthelmintic, but they didn’t have any.

I tried it. I have a fair herx or other effect in my fetlock area, lateral to the achilles tendons. That would be from bug bites when surveying or otherwise cavorting outdoors. Dr. Sapi says worms are found in bugs too. Black Walnut mops some of the ones up so far that Apple may have missed. This Black Walnut herx is medium compared to Wild Apple which is very strong comparatively. It is in a welcome area that the apple wasn’t fixing that I see now. There was an ND working at the local tire shop, Jeff Leel, that suggested Black Walnut while I had my tires balanced. He said try the drops, but these ground unripe hull capsules are working fine for now.

I got some congestion and mucus. A gram of Vitamin C Chewables (Equate – WalMart) loosened it right up. It seemed to melt that Black Walnut mucus easy. It takes at least twice as much to get the same effect with whatever that Wild Apple mucus is. Maybe even four times as much C. It is comparatively like glue. Tough stuff. Looking back, that is what put me in the hospital. You have to be careful because Lyme is a much tougher parasite than the ones this walnut got. Its biofilm creates a very thick sticky mucus when it goes, and that can make it hard to breath. I have recently started eating raw carrots, Cooking them destroys the beta carotene, so why even eat them cooked, and they also help any respiratory trouble it is said. Everything they do for it in a hospital makes you sicker because they intentionally starve you of high dose Vitamin C. Medical Doctors can be lethally ignorant when it comes to Lyme I am finding. Don’t go anywhere near one. In less than a week they set me back months recovering.

They are too busy getting antiarthritic stuff in at the health food store. They have an entire store full of it. If you have been following here, you know we don’t need that any more. Debilitating lifelong rheumatoid arthritis was the first thing to go. Vamoosed. Got completely cured. Then warts, although they are more stubborn. I had the flu for an hour, but my nose ran for a few days. Bambi had it for three weeks. lol

Moral of story is turning out to be see me before you see a doctor. I could tell you stories about it, but all the people who thought they were smarter are dead now.

Meanwhile,back at the ranch, after a while I notice that these anthemintics are endothermic. They have a cooling and even chilling effect on the apparent affected areas. I haven’t seen any cooties coming out yet with the Black Walnut though. Apple Leaf got them crawling out of me near the start. Perhaps it has something to do with that electrical feeling. Biofilm hates even low dose electricity. Black Walnut just kills their parasite, I guess. Maybe I should take some odourless garlic to get allicin to deal with any infection from the dead things.

Black Walnut has side effects. The most noticeable so far other than the cooling in the lower legs and feet is intestinal with me. Wild Apple has that side effect of cooties exiting through your skin. Perhaps that is what they describe as a dermatitis, and is the desired effect, but other than that and mild herxing compared to chemical antibiotic herxing, the resulting itching as it heals, I would say congestion and mucous production too presumably from whatever is leaving you. You can’t do Black Walnut if you are allergic to tree nuts or should you be an ungulate like a horse or a deer… you could get laminitis and your hoof separate from the coffin bone. Hey, vets have to know that stuff. Ironically, the Black Walnut is addressing a lingering issue in my feet that was unknown. It felt like deep callous was forming, but it softened Day 1 with Black Walnut.

We know wild apple leaf is a safe anthelmintic for deer. I suspect it cures lots of issues for them if our test is any indication. The source of the parents is from our link today. I am guessing it is a William Saunders Malus Applecrab cross bred for colder climates and late ripening apples, although the smaller fruit is much greater than 5 cm in diameter, more like 8 cm, to be a crab apple. The leaves have a high quercitrin content comparatively guessing by taste. They were brought here by the storied Canadian Pacific Railways like shortly after being built in the late 1800’s, and the wild volunteer ones even grow in the woods with other trees. As we also mentioned, deer have advanced digestion system that can digest a poison apple core whole. The seeds they pass contain cyanide. The apple genome is known now, and while almost twice as complex as the human genome as we noted earlier. it could be accurately sourced to solve the mystery.


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Friday Feb 27 – Day 211 – Rare Times

There are two consecutive Friday the 13ths this year. That happens whenever we have a 28 day February with a Friday the 13th in it. February is the shortest month, but for what reason? I think it comes from when they had the meeting to divvy up the months into 30 and 31 days here, they figured they wanted even less of this one. It is usually cold and miserable here. Strangely here it has been warmer than usual. Out east, they are suffering badly though through the most miserable Feb on record.

All triskadecaphobia aside, 13 is actually a lucky number for Baker’s. I am just guessing they would bake 13 of the things, eat one, and sell 12. That’s the vig they might say. They could also keep tabs on the Quality Control. We will have to do that with Wild Apple Leaf as well too. I know from the taste and herx or lack of it now. I have to eat a lot more to get the same effect as when I started because I am getting better as the cooties take a hike, and the herx that I was guaging progress by is a fraction of what it used to be. I can predict eventually I’ll have to hand testing off to some newby to get an effect. They won’t know the relative strength like I do though. Still, I don’t want to lessen the effect it has like antibiotics maybe. We are not sure if it just prompts biofilm to develop resistance.

Of course I could always get reinfected from another bug bite. Trouble is, if the bugs eat the leaves here too, and as they do, they won’t be able to infect me because they too will be cured. I could go back out to some wretched oil patch haunts like Rotten Monkey House ((aka Rocky Mountain House) to get nibbled by a sick tick. Edmonton reportedly has 21 of 108 known Ixodes tick transmitters. Nobody has an idea where the ticks are in Canada because they are officially ignored. Ironically, Willy Burgdorfer started his career working in Montana and Alberta trying to track Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and tracked infected ticks by disecting them.

Until the government finally wakes up, and we aren’t holding our breath for that, they have no idea. Our test is 100% accurate for crud they don’t even know about yet. They are so incurious they aren’t interested; Uncommonly stupid trying to pull a fast one. We can laugh at the stupid fzcks  because we know that no matter how hard they try, they are just going to either get infected and die and/or die from DEET toxicity. We should lock them away from a cure for as long as they have to us. Oh, the hilarious karma watching them die as painfully as we know it can be. Like this February, one man’s misery is another man’s pleasure.

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Thurs Feb 26 – Day 210 – The Ogopogo

I’ve done a lot of medical research on why this stuff works. I guess you could say it is cross disciplinary as I am a Proud Quack veterinarian. I’m not conceited enough to think that humans are not animals first and foremost. Even the little parasites in us are intelligent little animals researchers have discovered. Their communications are not species specific like us. They discovered that biofilm is cross connected electrically and chemically. Ring a bell? It should because our whole system, physical and mental. is electro-chemical. Theses dang things can graft in and alter your thinking, as well as your well being chemically. Got a strange food craving or dislike? That could be your parasites talking, making you buy and consume what they want. Marketers lust leech off of parasites to get data about what they like, not necessarily what you liked before your infestation with the things.

I live beside a large mountain lake in the Canadian Rockies. It is rumoured to have a Loch Ness monster in it. Even natives knew that. They called it The Ogopogo. White man says, “What d’Hell is THAT?!?” Native says, “Just the Naitaka/Ogopogo…” The Okanagan lakes all have them. There is a whole family of the damn things up here and all over apparently.

We also have one of “nature’s” mysteries, the Sockeye Salmon Run, and I live within sight of the mouth of the storied Adams River. These salmon also have parasites that were well known to early researchers. The whole issue there is a salmon is born here, stays a year and swims to the ocean, then 3 years later, turns around and swims BACK! Why? To get laid, then they die. I suspect parasites are making them do this crazy shzt. Moreover, I suspect that they download what they have found out from the ocean to the Ogopogo(s). The fish are desperate to get back to the Ogopogo. If you think humans are smart, Ogopogos are smarter by several orders of magnitude, and smart enough to be elusive. With connections like that, they could rule the world from Loch Ness even. They can put the bug in your ear, and also in yer azz it seems.

Eventually through the food chain, or a pet, you will get one or more of these parasites. Between them and the biofilm communities they set up, they can ride us like a stolen Mule. Deer got smart, or evolved to the point where the ones that ate apple leaves and thus learned to extricate their parasites, lived a long healthy happy life. One goose here had the same thing the fawn and even I had. A Lame leg on one side. A Lyme parasite probably got it, and wrecked its neurons and/or that part of the brain. The Fawn got healed early. The goose and I weren’t so lucky. The goose is gone, but I am still here by the grace of Ogopogo I suppose.

There are other weird things out here. Put up a sodium vapour lamp on a hot summer night by the lake, and watch the show. Strange red flying lights appear to fly in and out of the lake to eat bugs that fly in the light. I suspect they too are connected with this Ogopogo. There are many witnesses, but they soon forget. The ogopogo probably tells them to, knowing what douche bags we are. “Fuggedaboudit!” says the Ogopogo and we do. The Ogopogo knows how to deal with a douche bag.

I have personally watched large unmarked foreign military grade helicopters flying full speed and low along the lake here too, looking like they were headed the way of the red flying lights. That mystery is solved though. It is apparently unrelated. It was the DEA looking to shut down Canadian pot grow ops. Just your basic unmarked matte grey helicopters. Nothing to see here… move along folks. The Ogopogo likely gets a chuckle out of that. If they were here, they would be infected and the Ogopogo owns them. They keep coming back to get laid and report every so often.

So what does it look like? It looks like a large dragon that swims along the lake on or near the surface. Think Loch Ness. I know Jimmy Page owns a big house on the shore of Loch Ness there. Maybe she is where he gets his best Zeppelin Riffs from. Jimmy even had a picture of her embroidered on his stage outfits. She is hardly a monster if she’s like Ogie… That isn’t Nessie here though… That is my niece. She works marketing Led Zeppelin albums these days and knows Jimmy from business. She took a selfie with him back in June 2013 when they started this whole reissue program off. They had just come back from the Royal Albert Hall.

Danielle Jimmy PageWell, suffice to say Jimmy’s Nessie found out about The Ogopogo. My niece grew up out here during the Summers, swimming all around our biofilm infested dock sporting a mysterious “duck itch” parasite, also Over the Hills, and far away. What a coincidence. Musical biological researchers are strangely drawn to Ogopogos, or is it the other way around? Is Nessie sick? Well, I am a quack veterinarian, and mythical mountain lake creatures are fond of me and my ilk. If they weren’t, I would long since be toast from a tentacle when water skiing or otherwise swimming. How can I help? Say, “Ah!”

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Weds, Feb 25 – Day 209 – The best thing about here

It is in the middle of nowhere. These days, that is a plus. Cities are polluted beyond belief these days but not how most people expect. Sure they have noise and exhaust galore. Weed killer is what really pollutes them. Here the grass is healthily browner most of the time.

As the city slickers buy places out here to get away from it all, they bring their horrible habit of trying to kill all the weeds and bugs on their lawns and gardens with toxic chemicals with them. The super bugs and weeds hitch a ride with them. There isn’t that much agriculture here like there is in central Alberta. They are chemically polluted beyond repair with zero tillage and maximum spillage. We do have a large contingent of douche bags here to in turn keep tourists aka terrorists in check locally. It goes with the terror-tory. I’m not about to stride up to a douche bag and thank him for it, but in consideration of why we have a douche bag infestation here, I can connect the dots.

Most of the time the terrorists aren’t here. They mainly come here in the summer months only, June, July, and August. They are packing GMO Pollution as well. It is getting so you can’t get away from that GM pollen spreading like wildfire. It is a big problem in North America, and there is no labelling here either like Antarctica, the two only continents on Planet Earth where it isn’t required to be labelled. Eventually, their supermarket stuff will kill them all off. They’ll blame old age. “Oh, he was 45… He had a pretty good run!” the city slicker terrorists have been known to opine over their stuffed obituaries. They suggested I look at the obituaries more often. I got the hint.

I guess that was in the context of when they were expecting me to die. Nobody knew anything about Lyme Disease until I had to look up all these symptoms and make the logical deduction myself when I realized they all had no clue what happened to me. On the upside, it is confirmation of an expensive, bloated, incompetent health care system. That isn’t exclusive to here though either. I figured baby boomers had better do something about it or just start to make payments on the headstone space.

Elizabeth May is the Leader of the Canadian Green Party. She is the closest thing we have to Ralph Nader. Rumour has it that when Rat’s south of the border said a vote for Nader, was a vote for Bush, in ’08 Bush voted for Nader. lol When I asked our local MP responsible for the North Okanagan douches and douchees, he suggested I contact her with my concerns about Lyme Disease. After all, she sponsored private member Bill C-442 regarding setting an official lyme framework in Canada.

She does a lot of smart things, but is dead wrong on a couple; Anthro global warming and the Alberta Tar Sands. Also not they way you think. Anthro Global Warming has been outed as a fraud twice when hackers caught them fudging their Academy Award winning Evidence… Twice. I am very familiar with the Alberta Tar Sands having worked there a lot. The problem isn’t what they think. The real problem is blowouts on their in-situ operations. You’ll never hear about either of these things on the front page by design. It is like doctors blaming every ill on smoking when the nonsmokers are dropping like flies. All my nonsmoking friends are dead or sick from obviously something else. It is probably what is killing all the Fort Chipewan people too. They are chowing down on buckets of weedkiller laced food, successfully un-labelled by the perps. It has all been obfuscated by design to protect the perps.

Don’t get me wrong. Oil and fossil fuels in general are sequestered solar energy that, out of convenience, we have become complacent about. There is a video about the German experience reducing their fossil fuel use and supplementing renewables with it to smooth out the irregular supply, and it is up on Elizabeth May‘s site. When I became sick 8 years ago, I wanted to form the largest oil, gas, and coal company in the world. It would have no wells or tar pits. It would simply stop wasting energy. I had done the math. I knew electric cars were filthy and just transferred the pollution to somebody else’s back yard in the most inefficient way possible. I see the Germans were able to do something about it; I was too sick.

I also wondered why they did not simply make a garbage processing plant. “Too Expensive,” they said 30 years ago. Not now I bet since the landfills and sea dumps are all polluted and full. I am a mineral processing engineer. While garbage isn’t a mineral because it is organic and not entirely “naturally” occurring, I bet I can still make a plant toprocess it. Again, why not minimize the losses like Germans do? Instead, Canada is on the road to becoming the world’s largest garbage dump.

Anyways, the Green Party of Canada needs Solid Engineering outside of corporate influence, including these alleged green electric car and waste management companies,  to grab and leverage the Balance of Power fat pitch they have been given. Unfortunately, it is based on something entirely new to the world of Politics; Irrefutable Facts. And there is only one person here I know of who has the unfair advantage of Apple Leaf drug enhanced performance going for them, cutting the misdirections down to the quick. Ralph is busy I hear.

Of course the biggest challenge is to make them all realize what douche bags they have ALL been. There has to be that proverbial, “Aha! I’ve been a Douche Bag,” unifying moment all around. There is no real shortage of blame everywhere. That requires education and tact that appeals to douche and douched bags from all corners of this not-so uniquely pentogram purgatory of a Parliament.

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Tues, Feb 24, 2015 – Day 208 – You can lead a horse to water…

… but if you put a couple carrots in it, it’ll drain it drinking. People around here are like that. You can lead them to a billion dollars, but you can’t make them do any work for it. Luckily, there are a whole bunch of Albertan horses looking to work up front for money down the road. The whole oil business kind of died lately. The oil business there was built on a handshake and trust in the old days. BC locals want big money up front, don’t have bank accounts, and want cash every day. Most of your day is spent going back and forth to the bank just to get wads of cash. People like that are worth less than a tenth of what they demand. Worse yet, the insult looms large that they will not accept the concept of a payroll. That is why they are all broke, and will forever be broke.

In their defence, they have been burnt a lot by douche bags. People promised the world and didn’t deliver. Which came first though? Chicken or egg; Scumbag or douchebag? That is the business world in British Columbia as seen by Albertans. BC loves to complain about Alberta. They jelly? Yep. Albertans show them what they have got first. BC shows them what they haven’t got first, and stiff Albertans out of habit. Nobody is willing to take risk, so they broad cast that directly on anybody willing to take risk on them. My experience is that none of them were worth it. No wonder they demand up front money.

This place is a ghost town. Nobody will take risk here. An identical town in 1960 in Alberta, Sylvan Lake, is booming. This place has a lot more going for it, but they scum douched themselves out of the running, orchards and all. Location has a real estate premium in Sylvan due to the proximity to a couple big cities. This place is tucked away over some really rough mountains. The weather is better here, but people are tired of the crap where the richest people all work for the government, doing nothing.

We came here from Alberta 52 years ago. I haven’t been here all that time, but watched it all happen around my father. That was before they cut the orchards down between some trees dying. One douchebag neighbour cut down my brother’s apple trees; Said they were making some tree he planted on his place sick. Same douche got me to assess and drop and dispose a bunch of snag fir and pine trees threatening an adjacent school yard that ironically used to be an orchard. Now it spits out budding little BC douche bags. He and the entire subdivision strata stiffed me. He has since gone to Alberta as a school teacher to train little protoscumbags in the art of being a douche I guess.

More BC douching. I exchanged a propane cylinder here and they gave me an expired cylinder I can’t refill for my “new” cylinder, while they got my old one with eight years left on it. Typical BC, or does any geographic location really have a monopoly on Douche bags?

Anyways, there is a lot of risk to be had trying to do any sort of straight up business here or anywhere for that matter. I will proceed, but definitely sourcing myself alone. Anywhere but delegating here. We just need the leaves they discard anyways, then we will leave too. It is like some sort of divine message to leave. I tried to get a gas furnace installed here last year, but they wanted easily ten times what it was worth. In Alberta, I could dry leaves just putting them outside to freeze dry naturally in 40 below. There aren’t many gas fitters around my slice o’ BC because they have been douched outta business. I can use the furnace money to pay a couple years rent instead. BC owes us a huge apology before we are gonna line their douche nest anymore. Looks like they are going to see shortly just how much Alberta meant to whatever they had going on here.

Looking back to what the apple leaf thing is all about, rolling it out will result in a flurry of new data on how it performs compared to what else is available. There is the Cowden Protocol and the Zhang Protocol on the herbal Lyme front versus our Deer Protocol, or Doe Protocol being more gender specific. This is another case where Mother knew best. Perhaps that is another unknown reason why the Buck stops there and hangs around. He likely is chuffed that she is a know it all, but at least the sex is good. Having antlers, you can tell he is the horny one.

Douches will complain that it is curing other things too. Why? They’re douches; See above. “I was completely happy with my warts until THIS!” Ironically, doctors can refute douches there by explaining where HPV Warts come from. It is a parasite they have no idea how to cure. It may be nice to have some retired doctors on board. Active ones will be afraid of losing their medical licence getting too close to the bottom of the bug bit parasite infested masses. Mind you, the Doe has a way of slicing through all that crap too. She would grab them both by the ears and drag them off snivelling I presume. Like wise there will be a contingent insisting they were fine before that when all sorts of cooties started accessing out. I’ve already met some. “Perhaps you would like to try our Bags instead?” Offering a Douche containment strategy would be prudent if not practical. Wild Apple Leaf will make all sorts of parasites come out of where ever they reside, and lots of times where you don’t expect it.

Today is the day of the Physical Graffiti re-release, 40 years ago being the original. I will have to give them a day to get it out at the local WalMart because they are slow local douches there. Led Zeppelin learned early on to deal with douches that would record bootlegs of their concerts. They were the most ripped off band in history still. These days, by ripping off themselves of something that actually hadn’t been ripped off before, they have become No. 1 all over again. They have a Karmic Douche Aikido strategy whereby the douches beat themselves like a stolen Harley to get at it. When Zepp played in Vancouver prior to Physical Graffiti, some BC douche spiked Robert Plant’s drink. Then they had a riot. When Jimmy Page’s Black Beauty Les Paul Custom was stolen, it eventually showed up in BC. Then CANCON wouldn’t allow their music to be played in Canada to give pathetic Canadian bands a chance on the radio. The result? 40 years later, Canadian douche bags think they are hearing it for the first time. Same here. Some BC douche bag stole our Physical Graffiti tape along with our entire tape collection out of my brother’s car when he visited Vancouver in the mid 70’s.

Douches still tried when they broke into Jimmy Page’s house and stole all sorts of soundboard recordings he had made. Led Zeppelin was the ultimate douche bag magnet. Too bad the reverse doesn’t work to repel them; You can’t put a picture of Tipper Gore on your stuff to repel douche bags, or play your jingle backwards to expose pro religious back masking in it. Could try. Do an “In My Time of Living” cover, indeed, with a free download. At the end, does the echo thing… “Oh, my Douche bag!” etc. “so I can live easy…” That might be too scary unpredictable… lol

Anyways, that is the biggest factor to consider for anyone trying to do legit business in BC that I can see. In short, don’t if you can avoid it. They are not very clear on the concept of mutual beneficiation here, and especially not from the point of view of the benefactor. The doctors here are head douche agents for the overarching douches of Health Canada trying to avoid paying health insurance for the Lyme Disease epidemic here. Rake up those leaves and… leave! They can dry out while you figure out where. If you’re stuck here like me, know it, bet on it, plan for it, and watch for it. Now, what to do about that odd cold feeling effect in front of my right temple? The thermometer says there is nothing cold there. Oh well, my hand warms it up. Lyme is funny that way with reverse fevers when the apple forces it out.

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Feb 23, 2015 – Day 207 – Back to the grind

We still have a grind even if we don’t get paid for it. I have been hanging on here on a small disability pension and savings. The disability isn’t for Lyme because it is not a disease in Canada. It is for several symptoms of that. As my late father used to say though, there is no shortage of work… just a shortage of stuff you get paid for.

Back 8 years ago when it looked like I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to do my old job ever again, being a 2IC and navigation coordinator for large oil and gas exploration projects, I thought I had to do something using my at that time largest muscle, my butt. I thought the Financial industry, which I was suddenly very aware of on a fixed income, might be a wise choice. Unfortunately, nobody in Canada had a clue how, and to this day they really still don’t, to start a fixed income hedge fund. My reasoning that bankers were able to have a better living than their individual clients pointed me to look and reverse engineer what I thought they must be doing. I signed up for some paper money software at TD and went looking. They wouldn’t allow Canadians to trade options then although they repeatedly assured me that they would. 8 years later, Canadians are still shut out.

That was all before the wild apple leaf thing. I will obviously die before Canada allows option trading. I am a world expert in it. Simply by advising Americans with option priviledges I could put them on easy street pretty much risk free. How real is it? The SEC threatens me that I cannot disclose how I do it. That is pretty real for fake munny. This whole pharma startup is only 207 days old. I never thought it would work. I started the plan a few weeks ago, I decided that I have personally tested the stuff enough with amazing results. I went open source with it early on to get world class researchers looking at it, because something really interesting was happening obviously.

Mon Open Post Expiry 2015-02-23 06:30:46StoxThat 7 year hedge experiment is still going. Suffice to say almost NOBODY is doing this. That is where it stood this morning after the New York opening bell. I started with a theoretical $20 thousand dollars. First I made a million with it, and set out to find if it was real, but found I had just discovered a bug in the software. Since then I know what is the difference that makes it real. Recently I found out some new hedging tricks to manage risk through all this Fed fiddling. It still keeps me on my toes as mental physiotherapy, but starting the apple thing from scratch is more what I should focus on.

The trees will be budding soon. This used to be an orchard a century ago until the neighbours cut all the trees down. It had cherries, plums, blackberries, raspberries, and pears too. It still has those trees, a little distressed, but they have proven the test of time against the bugs and weeds, although they have got some companion maple species by some of them, before pesticides were even invented. They are basically reverted to wild malus domestica trees now. I know that is an oxymoron, but it is true. I heard that all apples will eventually revert to crab apple trees given enough time. These still produce a basebase sized very tart crabapple fruit. So they can be cloned.

I started looking to expand. While there are lots of commercial orchards in the Okanagan, some organic, few are organic simply by neglect like this. They are geared more towards producing store grade apples. Now there is genetic modification that threatens the organics from cross pollination. It is to create an apple that doesn’t turn brown. Nobody has a clue as to what that will do to the nutrition of either the leaves or fruit. We want to eat this stuff; not paint it. Going forward, there is an extreme GM threat to our thing.

Nobody knew anything of this until I started, save for perhaps the University of Lithuania, although my study of the deer habits and source of the wild trees since about 2010 predates their timeline, and they concentrate on a specific cultivar of lithuanian apple for production of fruit; My concentration is wild trees specifically for deer proven preferred leaves. The sour fruit may only be good for sour gummie flavouring. The citrate is a powerful laxative; think green apple quickstep. From taste I can guess there is elevated quercitrin in these. There are other remnants of the old railroad’s orchards around town, long since forgotten. I found more of them by scouting Google maps. Some were plowed under for hay fields. I confirmed that leaves harvested in the fall have the same properties when ingested. I have a good idea for a Lyme formulation that is organic now. The only way that can be ensured is to grow it here. I worry a lot about how this will freak people out once they realize that a parasite has been living in them all this time though. You will know when they start exiting and from where they exit. I remember the specific bug bites/stings in some cases. Eva Sapi is the only person I know who mentions what I suspect are the parasites I am seeing them flee the host ie; Me. So THAT is why deer don’t have trouble with all those ticks. The bugs just hitch a ride on them. Any blood they suck there may cure the local tick of the parasites too I suspect. The Deer may get infected again elsewhere though just like people do, likely from a bird, goose, or a duck. Ticks Unlimited ensures that. It became evident that they were doing something sustainable.

I still have to source out some Cat’s Claw and edible wormwood. They say thujone in the wormwood  is a hallucinogen, but there isn’t any in czech absinth. The researched antiparasitic action and ethanol solvent is what we are looking for. Perhaps cat’s claw will grow here. Maybe that can be today or tomorrow’s mission. I have rooting hormone for the tree cloning, but need some starter peat pucks and such. I’ll have to dig up some old flower pots in storage here. Anyways, if you have or know of a defunct orchard, that is a good place to start with a pharmaceutical grade product. Deer are your friends and research crew; You can investigate where their heightened sense of smell and taste led them from looking at their favourite trees, and where they nibbled most. I’ve got a few they have pruned back pretty far, but at least they are proven. The trees in the open aren’t as badly munched likely because the deer are shy, but they are the same species.

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Feb 22, 2015 – Day 206 – WordPress doesn’t like my pictures

When the deer came by, eating apple trees and other stuff, I snapped pictures when I could. When i try to load them here… nuthin’ shows up. What’s up with that?

2 DeerFinally got this one of Momma Deer to load up. She had twins. One is hiding behind a branch in the upper right. They like my trees because I have been slipping on the pruning duties. Low hanging fruit… err… leaves.

If you could see those leaves, they are all bug bit, but only a little bit. The bugs start chewing and give up on it fast it seems. I guess they herx like crazy too from the stuff. After all, Eva found that they have lil’ worms too.

Deer BallsNow cut that out! lol Deer are such hams. They develop a finely honed sense of dark humour. If you were chased and shot at by a bunch of rednecks, morning, noon, and night, you would likely develop the same strategy. I can sense when they come around. Must be those big telepathic antennae, a.k.a. antlers, they sport. They lose them every year, then grow a new set. What’s up widdat? That top deer had twins… one girl, one boy. The young buck’s horns were still fuzzy last spring when they came around to munch. The little girl was lame until I saw her eating those leaves, following her mother’s cue. A few days later she got better. Maybe it was unrelated, but I figured what do I have to lose. No doctor has a clue what is happening there. That makes sense because they have been around for 35 million years… Modern Humans, only 60,000. Cooties were here to meet ’em both. Which came first? The Bug, or the cootie in it?

EdieThere is the first pictorial record, out the computer window here, with the favourite apple tree in the upper left just about a meter or so above the deer’s 1 meter high haunches. She was the little lame one a week earlier or so. It’s out of focus because it was through a window, and she was moving fast again like deer do. She was my lawn mowing pal when I too was still too lame to do much about it. They are picky eaters, and we still aren’t sure what she ate there. Their sense of smell is comparable to a dog’s… likely even better given the size of their nose. They gave my neighbour’s garden a pass… I suspect they smelled all the weedkiller he uses on his lawn. They are smarter than people that way; we can’t smell our whole supermarkets full of weedkiller from GMO’;s.

Back to the topic. I just took a picture of that same apple tree as it sits naked out the window here, all covered with lichen and stuff. Who knows? Maybe that is why it is preferred by the local deer. It is their Macdonalds fast food tree, but the arches aren’t exactly golden. YMMV the deer would say. Well, the problem isn’t wordpress. The SD Card is throwing some sort of IO Buffer error, and Ubuntu won’t read it. Strange.

Anyways, everybody with Lyme is different. My case is the real acid test. From working in the oil and gas fields all over, I was exposed to bugs possibly infected also from co-workers from even more locations, and in turn they infected me. I suspect that is what happens with Surveyor’s Disease; The transmission vector is both ways from bug to human and human to bug giving the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect this because I seem to be exposed to malaria that a co-worker picked up after a stint in Africa, and neurological damage another 2 co-worker’s were suffering from. We stayed in adjacent living quarters and different offices and trucks. In the winter, the bugs would move indoors with us to survive. If I can kick this, it is sort of an all of the above approach to the infections. Lyme disease is only one part of whatever it is that I have, or it has acquired a co-infection. In Canada, they’ll never know. They still say Lyme doesn’t exist here. They only test for one strain of hundreds of infections, and that is the original Lyme Connecticut strain. Forget miyamoto or the euro strains, let alone west nile and bart. That tells you how corrupt our system is. Now, if all that is the case, this thing could get huge when you see the transmission implications. Nobody I know was winning this battle.

I still have to battle some neurological nerve damage with samento, or cat’s claw when I find some. I just stuck to straight apple leaf first to get a baseline. I added a probiotic supplements too, but not due to the apple. It was more due to our poisoned food supply here as Monsanto et. al. have run amok getting GMO’s approved for everything in Canada. The probiotics and the apple together produce a strange electrical feeling effect when I scratch my head. Weird, huh? Dr. Costerton knew that biofilm really hates electricity… even DC. I get a definite neurological buzzing feeling in response to stimulus like scratching around my ears at the former exiting parasite sites. That might also be due to some artemisinin from some Czech Absinth I used to make some apple leaf tinctures to try. It is a powerful anti-parasitic for malaria. They were way too powerful so I cut them back by like 90%. I hear black walnut extract is another strong antiparasitic tincture with a dose of a couple drops, but could not find any locally.

My first tip off was that I started making an increased amount of typos at work, and then a numbness in my left little toe. It has been almost 8 years since then. As I sit here, the typing is a psysiotherapy. I still make typos, but I started winning and getting left side back after that classic lyme stroke. I used to play lead guitar in a band, but gave up 8 years ago. A doctor suggested playing slide or anything to do it but that was too depressing at first. I still remembered how it used to be. After 5 years, I tried playing with a capo as fingers came back to learn some different material I would know. i changed the key and relearned a harmony instead with what fingers I had left. The capo could be like 2 extra fingers if you did enough Math. It was a slow process. But, Hey, physio… Now my hands can do it more the old way. I still know the capo parts. Agggh! Oh well, at least I suck in Doubly now. Learned a bunch o’ cowboy chord Van Halen harmonies Capo’d on F to get an Eb any ways.

Make that triply now. I just practised for the first time in a long while. Some Zeppelin sounded ok; Some more like Led. The ZZ was more cheesey. Bottom of the Basement of the Top. lol  At least the apple clears up your brain fog enough to know the difference. Typing is a lot better exercise getting rid of all the mistakes. You can’t unpluck a string as Jimmy points out. The whole point is there is some recovery going on.