Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Feb 2, 2015 – Day 187 – So we cured Cancer. What now?

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We have a cure for warts and the common cold too. It was that simple. The phenols, quercitrins, etc. in Wild Apple Leaves do it. It seems to wipe arthritis off the slate. All are biofilm diseases. Nobody believes it but we can be smug in that we will have the Last Laugh as they all die horrible prolonged painful deaths protecting their failed band aids. I passed it on to Dr. Eva Sapi, a lead cancer and biofilm researcher. I did my part. “Hey, Eva… Why does this thing work?” Richard Longland of arthropatient.org was instrumental in hooking us up.

Big Cancer, Big Arthritis, Big Heart Disease, Big Flu, and maybe even Big Warts will be pissed. They want you to die slow and expensively. They will probably run around with bottles of RoundUp spraying all the trees down to protect their turf. Let’s GMO Apples to nip it in the bud, literally! Better yet, why can’t they just poison the whole food supply with it instead? Looks like they beat me to the punch with that. They went even further taking advantage of the regulatory system they broke and paid off to look the other way by putting Agent Orange in food now, as if it wasn’t going fast enough for them. Doctors are allegedly clueless as they all plan for a nice retirement without patients. “Oh, we have no clue what is wrong with you… Smoking?” They finally got theirs.

People frantically try to grow little gardens for a few days of food that isn’t poisoned. What about the other 360 days of the year? They wash down buckets of GMO cereal and bread with GMO sugared water and bGH Milk. Maybe have a few Eggs fried in GMO Canola from GMO fed chickens along with slices of GMO pig on the side. How do you like your steak? Extra weedkiller? Medium well done indeed. Let’s have some GMO spaghetti to stretch it all out. So what if you haven’t had a solid dump in 20 years? You haven’t had a Biome for 25. and you’re doing just fine!

Chances are you are dying already from a “Modern Disease.” So what if it’s caused by Modern Farming? Hey, it’s Modern! MS, ALS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromayalgia, Arthritis, Clogged Arteries, Stroke, etc. and your kids are all retarded. At least it gives us something to talk about at Church other than this crazy weather… So take your new fangled “cures” and kindly fzck off. We’d rather die arguing about whether it works or not. “We’re all going to die!” is the number one answer I get, but in a tone, “Excuse me… I’m too busy dying to fuckin’ worry about cures!” Pass the Rat Poison, please… If I thin my blood enough it can squeeze through my swollen plugged stent riddled arteries to dump the rest of its cholesterol payload and finish the job completely!

The longer you live the more you win. The government is banking on you dying early. So are healthcare insurance companies (for Canada, just scratch the plural), but not too early. Preferably after your last insurance payment, suddenly and cheaply. Perhaps they have a personal motivation; “This place would be a helluva lot better if HE died!” Sorry, Skippy. I’m gettin’ the shoes ready to tap dance on yer grave, AND play Led Zeppelin tunes on a loud guitar, the way you hate it!! lulz I know what will happen… Looks like you aren’t gonna be at the party. I’m thankful you’re paying though. Teehehe! Have a nice Genetically Engineered Death.

So how do we get the cure out? Why bother? They say the cure is worth about $100 Trillion these days. It is the most valuable thing, EVER! I did my part. I found it when my pet Deer showed me the trick and I tested it on a human or two. I have a lot of harvest tricks I have been working on as well. I know how to clone the trees now. One thing for sure is if I put it out there for $6, everybody will ignore it. Put it out for $60, they might get interested. $600 would raise eyebrows. Put it at $6,000, the controversy it generates alone will get free advertising from here to hell and back again. $60,000 with a money back guarantee that it will cure you would get connections and squash the triflers. It would also attract myriad scammers that get cured, and say something else did it. “Oh, I am better from my own thing, walnuts, loon shit, soap nuts, and goat jizz!” Fuck ’em all if that is the case. Let ’em try to jack off goats instead. Who needs the hassle? Nobody will claim they even remember they were dying although memory is surely one of the first things to come back. You’ll remember bug bites from when you were a kid.

I saw a post on Facebook from Dr. David Suzuki’s foundation… the one at 2211 W. 4th in Vancouver. They say make a bucket list sooner than later. I can’t see him not knowing what I also know now about all the poisoned food and aquatic life. He would be one of the first people on Dr. Seneff’s peer reviewer list. She intentionally misspelled Shikimic Acid Pathway to troll experts like him in. You can’t read between the lines of that, you deserve to die faster than your bucket list thinks. You are all going to be murdered intentionally, and nobody believes it. Make that bucket list. Just put a line through that one about getting any better physically because exercising while poisoned will only speed it up.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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