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Feb 3, 2015 – Day 188 – What is the most valuable thing EVER?

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There are all sorts of people saying that happiness is. A wife, two kids, a dog, a cat, hamsters, and that sort of thing. A good job would be nice. A Patek Phillipe watch with lots of complications. A yacht.

Not for this oil patch hardened lad. Think Big. Go big or go home they say. Coincidentally, these days they are all going home after having thought a little too big. I think they were just looking at the wrong target. Oil is pretty big, but it isn’t the biggest thing.

They say a cure for cancer is the most valuable thing ever. You can look it up: “Source: University of Chicago Press Journals Summary: A (2006) study calculates the prospective gains that could be obtained from further progress against major diseases. Kevin M. Murphy and Robert H. Topel, two University of Chicago researchers, estimate that even modest advancements against major diseases would have a significant impact — a 1 percent reduction in mortality from cancer has a value to Americans of nearly $500 billion. A cure for cancer would be worth about $50 trillion. ”

Let’s say we have it. I bet the first thing they will do is renege. They will claim it was something else they did, and it was their thing. I’ve been ripped off enough after all these wild claims of the worth of solving various – until then – impossible problems. It goes with the territory of being the alpha engineer on the block. “Oh, we were just kidding! We MEANT we would save that if it was no longer a problem, and you would get NOTHING all along, especially if we could just rip it off!” That all of a sudden no problem “problem” pre-dated me… My father was ripped off lots too doing exactly that. Solve impossible problem. Get ripped off. Of course that was all before open source could be used as the ultimate moron bitch slapping tool. Shotgun pieces of it all over the internet where nobody can find them, and they are time stamped to death.

Patent you say and license it? Well, given the patent squatting propensity of licensees, the most eager ones sign a long term exclusive deal to keep it off the market and protect their own thing. They’ll drag on the performance guarantee.They likely factored that into the deal, legal fees and all. Existing cancer dope is such a thing. It is a huge money business just preventing some progression of the disease, or even treating it unsuccessfully. The basic theory goes this way: Cut what you can out, then kill everything in that area, forcing the human to fight back from death’s door, and hopefully yjis time without cancer. Repeat. Totally barbaric. Nobody will think big enough or desperate enough to outsize that, and consequently they will get squashed. Then there is the Cancer Charities. They aren’t so keen as you may think they should be about ending their entire world.

Who would you go to if you were on to such a thing? Even One Trillion is over the head of an AAPL or a GOOG, let alone 100 Trillion 2015 Dollars. Bayer, Dow, Monsanto, and DuPont put together aren’t in that league, and besides, it goes against everything they are trying to accomplish population wise. They’re all in for the giga kill. The US Gubmint is hugely big but equally really dumb… even little Monsanto Rounded them Up and owns them for their upcoming downsizing World Reich rolling out this summer. They would renege on a cancer cure anyways just because they can. More likely they’ll just mollycoddle you and then have you snuffed by a three letter agency.

Perhaps some things are too big. So big in fact that they are both worthless and invaluable. Like Steven Wright says, “If you had everything, where would you put it?” Well, somewhere else I guess where nobody can get their mitts on it, like The Cloud. You pretty much could not trust anybody with something that big, and definitely nothing or anyone to do with the status quo. Sow the seeds of doubt in an aikido move designed to escape all attempts to eradicate it short of Mutually Assured Destruction. Einstein found out the hard way when he saw the atomic bomb actually get used. After Al’s buddy, FDR, who was all for a demonstration to show them we meant business, kicked the bucket, the MIC cozied up to Truman, and voila! Flied Hiroshima Flee Parking! They also wanted to send a message to Stalin that after they used him to spank Hitler’s Eastern Front, Wall Street still owned him even if he had spies embedded in the White House and the entire Manhattan and Enormous projects.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, maybe pick a sad sack sister to Big Pharma. Big Warts ain’t doing so hot. I give you the Cure for Warts and Other Parasites you never knew or forgot you had! (Disclaimer: May experience loss of symptoms of Arthritis, Cancer, Common Colds, ALS, MS, and Prostatitis, as well as relief from Lyme Disease, malaria, West Nile, encephalitis, and myriad biofilm diseases. Parasites may produce permanent scarring on exit / escape. May experience huge seratonin boost and memory restoration possibly up to and predating birth, which may be somewhat disturbing to some. Use caution simultaneously eating regular supermarket staples laced with Enlist Duo and RoundUp, [virtually everything] which will have a contrary effect. It is recommended that you abstain from these Non Organic GMO foods indefinitely, or until somebody wakes up and they are banned.) They want Boilerplate? Give ’em a Tank!

Big Arthritis could clobber that for a monthly income per patient. I have struggled with juvenile arthritis over 45 years until 4 or 5 months ago. Nothing worked, but instantly the first thing I noticed could be described as a thawing sensation where I knew the arthritis was bad. It took over a month to get it back to the initial lower back trouble of anklosing spondylitis which then cleared up. A year ago the quacks/sadists proposed a biologic solution with more side effects than you could shake a stick at, let alone the cost would be extremely prohibitive. The mode of that was they destroy your entire immune system. That shouldn’t surprise you… This is the brain trust that proposes to cure a cancer patient by killing/removing the entire part of the body where it starts. I suspect that their biologic arthritis approach would be lethal to somebody with Lyme Disease which they are horrifically ignorant about. This helps both. I can see them protesting about how can it work without killing half of them? Celebrex sells a Billion a quarter worth of the stuff, and they cover up and/or misdirect blame for the fatalities well. We’re talkin’ yacht here, not that I would want the hassle. Beach dwelling Jimmy Buffett land lubber is more my style with the odd scoot in a friend’s cuddy. That would be enough to man up for an assault on Big Cancer using lawyers, big assed clinical trials, fighting their defamation lawsuits, counter-suing ten times harder to show ’em who they’re fzckin’ with, golf vacations for doctors, pharmacists, wives, mistresses, grease, refusing to go public to fuel the IPO speculative fires, etc. Keep it in the proprietary herbal realm to start, but do keep the Big Iron Pharma Version on tap in the back room.

At that point, outbid and outweasel Monsanto to buy/blackmail the government and university research. Then we do whatever we want. Hey, they wanted a well thought out “typical” relevant ‘industry’ business plan.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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