Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Feb 4, 2015 – Day 189 – How did this all happen?

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I was thinking back about certain things that happened that I can now attribute to lyme. The juvenile arthritis symptom was an instant tip off. If I could think of one thing that screwed me up at school, that would be it. You see, when you get bruised having arthritis, it is multiplied by a factor of ten as your own immune system also attacks the bumped area. That is just the way it is… As for being bit by bugs in Alberta and BC, definitely BC more when younger. Camrose was no picnic that way either though. The water had excess Manganese which was great for crops before glyphosate made it all bio-un available. I remember it stained the toilet porcelain so it looked bad but wasn’t as bad as it looked. Later they grew that stinky canola crap there and I left. I used to call it “The Camrose Disease” that sickened me whenever I was there. They said I was nuts. I knew I wasn’t, and people were dying or getting sicki of what we now know as glyphosate related complications, I left to the mountains after that, so out of the frying pan into the fire but away from the weedkiller poisoning for a little while at least before “civilization” arrived and proceeded to Round themselves, and everybody else, Up.

Note to self: Don’t get sick from the RoundUp in Canada or they will try to kill you with their treatments. Don’t get sick from Lyme Disease either but then we are all doubly screwed. Dr. Ernie Murikami says that they just found 21 out of 108 Known Ioxdes (300 strains of Borrelia transmitting cooties/skeeters/fleas/ticks) around Edmonton. Well, Camrose had 22 at least I bet! We’d skip up to Edmonton or the Fort to escape the bugs. Now it is known that mosquitoes and other biting insects are just as bad as ticks.

I was at Zerohedge.com laughing about the cynicism of the comments on the weekend. They have no idea about the reality of what is happening. It is investor central where they all piss an’ moan about the financial world. They have no idea that maybe hedgers are all on top of at least the RoundUp, and they are looking to escape its maw. Hedgers learn this crap stat if they wanna last long. I don’t know any hedgers there unless they are coy. That is likely why it is called ZeroHedge… an inside tongue in cheek hedger joke.

I don’t know if anthropologists will unearth the internet after it is all done. Medicine is in full CYA mode in its death rattles at present when it is common widespread knowledge that they intentionally ignore the two biggest public health emergencies facing North America. While financial websites feign ignorance, the facts of the market show that the downside hedge trade is presently crowded. That is based on the fact that nothing is being done and that likely nothing will be done. Even addressing one part of this problem has unlimited upside potential. Wild Apple Leaf does that, but they aren’t making any more of it. Moreover, it may already be on the way to being genetically engineered out of existence. Existing trees won’t currently be affected, but any seed stock may get GMO pollen in its constitution.

Both Lyme and GMO Literacy are the keys to turning this around. At present, Everybody from doctors to dimwits score under 5% on a simple test. That explains why all the hedge managers are preparing to take off. They stole the key to the test and saw what is required already. Then there are the futile survivors as pointed out at Zerohedge. I hope you don’t live one tank of gas from a major city, because that is where they are all planning to drive and loot what they need when the turd tangles the turbo. If you do, consider having a welcoming wagon ready to go and baited for City Slicker. I am a little farther than that, and I presume the traffic snarl will use up half their fuel. We’ll still have to man up for the jerry can set. How about an unmanned kiosk selling siphon hoses laced with cyanide? However, why bother? Knowing the constituency of the folk in these parts, let alone the ones halfway there, nobody will make it past halfway. It will be the payback day they have been waiting for.

Then there is always that moron saying Nobody gets out Alive! as if it is some sort of revelation. Nail that typical nonsmoking idiot to a cross made o’ 2×4’s and make him chainsmoke himself half to death. Tell him you’ll pull the nails if he smokes that whole carton. Sure you’re lying but why not have some fun? But lets get back to the point. There was a point? Well, we are brain storming our business plan, remember?

A 1% reduction is worth about a trillion of today’s dollars. I know wild apple leaf pills would eclipse that easily.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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