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Feb 6 – Day 191 – US Lyme treatment can make you worse

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I see the results of long term antibiotics on the likes of Yolanda Foster, and other sufferers in the US. None of them get anywhere close to better for long, and it appears to make the disease more chronic even if they start shortly after what they perceive is the initial infection. They still think it is a deer tick only disease which is so wrong. Any 8 legged bug can transmit it. That covers fleas, mites, lice, spiders, and mosquitoes. Dr. Alan MacDonald explains what happens when they try to treat a biofilm illness this way, and it only serves to make the resulting disease stronger and enables it to be even more disabling. He starts by pointing out that the Herxing can kill from that sort of approach too. It is related to Ileus Sepsis from the instant destruction of the microbiome. Apple Leaf promotes a strong herx like reaction for sure, but doesn’t seem to affect the biotics of your intestines. If anything, it seems to help that. Something entirely different is happening.

While their ability to diagnose it has come quite far, it still isn’t even close to a positive apple leaf reaction which happens hours after you eat even sterilized wild apple leaves. If you get parasites on the run, it may be likely lyme borrelia related coming out of you. Deer eat these things and have minimized problems with ticks. I wonder how monkeys fare? They would also eat wild apple leaves like candy. The testing alone is a multimillion dollar business. With no real treatment for chronic lyme that works with the possible exception of this, they have simply stopped looking for it. Nobody wants to lift the carpet to see what has been swept under there all these years.

Your faithful hunt and pecker scribe here is Canadian so we are on our own. All the doctors ran for the exits, by default voiding their right to practice. There is nothing they can officially do anyways. Actually, the issuing body itself voided their own credibility instead. They can still point to that degree on the wall like an Internet Diploma. There are still Canuckleheads that say it, Lyme Disease, or borreliosis, doesn’t exist in Canada, when the fact of the matter is that they are so technologically backwards and out of date, they have a full blown epidemic on their hands and on their blinded watch.In 2003, there were over 300 strains spanning 6 genotypes, making classical clinical diagnosis tough, let alone working on a specific treatment.

The United States is light years ahead, but still not winning either because they are not listening to their own best researchers like Alan MacDonald. They actually fought Alan Macdonald but Alan bitch slapped them, and rightly so, in the end. The CDC has a conflict of interest because their board members sell their own Lyme tests only. It checks for like 8 of 108 known identifiable strains. There are still 200+ strains to go as well. Of course that explains why they have an even more widespread epidemic on their hands. Canada tests for one, so 8 times worse than a less than 8% grade… or a mark of 1/108%.

nodiplomaWell, that leaves the door wide open for a complete takeover of the healthcare system by an enterprising individual who at least tries something. Add the whole corrupted glyphosate poisoned food supply thing on top of it and they lost the entire shadow government too. Now you understand why they REALLY need a horrifically flawed Bill C-51… To triple down on NSA stupid and snuff out the spotlight on their own horrific mismanagement. I can imagine their solution to unring that bell is to simply kill or disable everyone who heard it. That would be everybody with two brain cells and a computer. That understandably doesn’t include them, and the shortfall isn’t silicon. They are certifiable No Bell Prize Winners there. More blackmail tools is just what they need… Gangsters all over can’t get enough of those, they agree knowingly.

Well, if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em they say…


It would be easy enough to run that gong show. Just think as cynical as one-celled possible. Party with the pack at Monsanto, dreaming up new ways to put weedkiller in candy. And vice versa. Give the little urchin’s teachers assurances that they too will be part of the Master Plan. Just don’t tell them that they will be the Main Course for your aquarium full of sharks with laser beams. You could also let them loose in a sealed room full of lurking carnivores with the video cameras running. Kids today need the eye candy to get the message straight into their Id-Phones and convert into your own personal hit squad of little Rats. Of course they’ll turn on their parents faster than you can drop a hat to try to get out of the official Government Death machine. It would sure teach them to Time Out little Skippy and Muffy. The young Id-ridden mind is a cool tool for the trendy world domination set.

Pretty soon that pesky government will be gone along with them when there are less voters left than you and your gang. The brats can tie up any remaining cops in phony sexual assault charges. Then your Fuhrer youth can turn on each other for a tidy mop job. You can strangle the remaining Most Evil Brat with your bare hands as a bonus. Pick a supermodel and give all the other hussies the run around. Your biggest quandry will be finding a woman worthy enough to be your mistress behind your supermodel’s back. I know that is a little over the one neuron bar, but bear with me here. You can always take “dumbing it down” lessons from the supermodel. DO be silly! Duh!

Organize a fake trip to Mars for those pesky cynical survivors. Let’s just say there may be a Major Malfunction during the Launch. What about Fukushima? You mean you actually believed that? You can’t believe everything you hear on the news or read on the internet, silly! For a yacht, go simple. Fill up a supertanker with supertanker fuel. It will also be big enough that the supermodel and supermistress will never meet. Have one for each ocean as the canals will be severely understaffed. Besides, you will be too big to fit through them, silly! Staff them with gay pool boys that won’t be hittin’ on your supermodels. Use blimps to ferry the various entourage members, supermodel luggage, boxcars of toilet paper, etc., back and forth over canal zones, ship hopping.

But we digress. Nothing can screw up your world domination scheme like a competing world domination scheme. Both Monsanto and Lyme Disease are competitors for your blimp linked supertankers of fawning supermodels. They even compete with each other, although it could be faster for your liking. There are pesky terror organizations that they can’t decide on names for. Perhaps there is nothing you can do or something you can ignore regarding them. When they cease to pay taxes you can get tough by stopping your services. In short, stay the course. You’ll be “blinking” in no time. The Big Roam wasn’t built in a Day, silly!


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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