Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Feb 7 – Day 192 – On our own here

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That is regarding Lyme Disease or Borreliosis. It is by design. Nobody knows what to do with us. I guess you can’t really say falling through the cracks when it is a hole in HealthCare the size of a barn door that you can drive a bus through. We have poison food, a plague of less than locusts but far more effective against humans bringing up the rear, and there is nothing we can do about it. We can always wonder where this is all leading? You know that Canada must be looking at the US experience with this New Cancer, borreliosis. Some people haven’t got the memo and they think the US and money can cure it. If that was the case, wouldn’t Yolanda Foster and Darryl Hall be well? As we surmised previously, somebody is thinking how to be the Omega Man out of all this. What if there is no way out, and we all become zombies, basically all borrellia patients in various stages of defeat?

BloggerOne has to look at the Diabetes story. You got it and it was a death sentence. Then Banting came along with the radical idea that something produced by the pancreas was the problem and we now know that was insulin. He was a Doctor at the University of Western Ontario, and working on his own on the problem when he had spare time after the First World War. Doctors had known about Diabetes for 3,000 years but there was nothing that could be done up until that point. Banting wound up getting the Nobel prize along with Best, MacLeod, and Collip. As pointed out, it was the selfless attitude of the team that got the word out fast about the insulin discovery. These days, nobody will work on anything if there is no money in it. They could care less about the patients even though they will protest that in absence of any evidence to that fact. That is the story with wild apple leaf so far. I know it was doing something, far more than the most expensive specialized medicine I had been prescribed for arthritis, and tried to pass that along. In BC, you can lead a man to a trillion dollars, but you can’t get him to work for it. The whole Province suffers from a fatal depression that way, and likely it is linked to that very ignored Lyme Disease epidemic. We however view it as we are just between zero and our first Nobel Prize at the moment. BC continues to work on their script for “The Power of Negative Thinking.” The NDP Mindset formula to start a small business in BC is of course to start a large business, and wait.

Lyme borreliosis was discovered in Ochi, the Tyrolean Ice Man, and he had it almost twice as long ago as the discovery of Diabetes. These days when nothing can be done, they keep it hidden. Ironically, this addresses most of what causes death in the human populace these days. The disease also just stays well hidden by its own design, and its biofilm structure. Thank another Canadian, Dr. Bill Costerton, for the discovery of biofilms to give us a hint how antibiotic resistant diseases can do just that. Dr Eva Sapi confirmed that Borreliosis did in fact form biofilm. People don’t die as dramatically from borreliosis. It takes a while but is the sure silent killer, underlying all sorts of chronic illness from heart diseases to arthritis. It could trigger cancer, but just ignore that. They are apparently doing just fine with that; they are managing the life cycle just fine and if they could kill more faster they would. For that they have enlisted Monsanto to RoundUp the stragglers.

Banting had a tough time bucking the status quo. They said it was hopeless. His target disease was very fatal. So is borreliosis per Dr. Alan MacDonald, but until they actually link borelliosis to chronic disease in the mainstream, like in the next 100 years or never at the rate they desperately hide progress, they won’t give possible cures any attention. Instead they will spend all their time protecting their bandaids, and why they failed so miserably addressing just that. Instead of just becoming bitter, why not trot this out as a bandaid solution then?BandaidWell, I guess it is down to a simple matter of package, boilerplate disclaimers, and process then. When you think about it, none of the stuff at WalMart in the Vitamin aisle is guaranteed to do shzt. We perceive that chewable Vitamin C, D3, probiotics, or Omega 3 help us so we buy it and eat it. We read it on the Internet! We eat it and it does what we expected sometimes. The only glitch will be when things start actually crawling out of people. What the hell was that? Well, I dunno, but I kinda don’t want it in me hitchin’ a ride and leaching off me since before I learned to write in all lower case letters. “You didn’t tell me they would be coming outta my Head!” How do I know where you got co0ties? “For relief of Arthritis.” Well, ya, except it flat out cures it. The Celebrexer’s will know when they feel what it is doing instantly. The Celebrex effect of the stuff is at least ten times as powerful. It feels like it is warming the affected regions, but externally they feel unusually cold to the touch. It could be other leaves I included in the batch as well. I suspect it will give fibromyalgia the boot too. Hell, I thought that was just normal fare for my case. It looks like they are as screwed as the arthritis set when it comes to treatment… Expensive and doesn’t work. Great. There is an easy bunch for a clinical trial. It seems everybody here complains of that.

So where do all the prescription drugs come from anyways? Many are simply extracts of plants leached with ethanol. That is how they experimentally determine the contents of apple leaves, bark, twigs, roots and such, and that is from the ethanol leached extract they analyse. That is what I have done, but to also make the stuff go down easier. Booze helps that way, and particularly Italian Whiskey like Clear Sambuca, or Absinth (not sold in BC) to amplify the anti-parasitic activity. Just be careful of that herxing! Of course to prescribe that, I would need a credential upgrade, and may alienate the more devout Christian mindset… I know if it works though, they’ll probably excommunicate. That’s OK… Witch Doctor is loosely a Doctor of Divinity.

WitchDon’t you just love the Internet that way? I should probably also say you don’t have to be a Witch to play Doctor with me. Hey, at least it is something that isn’t medical marijuana centric in BC! That is where innovation has made it to in medical science here, and then gave up.


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