Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Feb 19, 2015 – Day 204 – One of those things

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It was on Facebook, posted by somebody. It applies to this Lyme thing. You are pretty much all alone, and people you would think could help actually start attacking you instead. Doctors make you sick in blind ignorance, wink wink. I suspect many turn to religion or some sort of spirituality to simply get even; Deliver Karma so to speak. I don’t feel that strong, but even cheesy FB graphics can help sometimes when you are a bit overwhelmed, and at least kick you in the ass to stop snivelling and do something about it. The pity party is so gauche.


Maybe a lot think there must be No God. “Why did my parents bring me into this? To have someone it was easy to beat up on to plump themselves up?” Well, we know it is nothing like that. It is simply ignorance. People just have no idea what it would be like having this piano tied to your ass squashing all your hopes, dreams, savings, and plans. The fact that government, or more specifically the medical insurance bureaucracy, tries to keep it hidden for money just adds more insult to the injury.

Who knew it was little bug bites from a flea or skeeter could give you a parasite that could ruin you?  Moreover, who knew that the health care was so evil after we have been brainwashed that they were all seeing, all knowing, and all conciliatory? Bit of a Psionic Black Eye there, for sure. People like the Bay Area Lyme foundation are fighting the good fight, but the process is slow and may take decades. At least I found out about Camadian lyme against all odds and attempts to keep it hidden. I even did the whole wild apple leaf thing from scratch in part desperation after watching the much maligned deer in essentially the same boat as me. Maybe there is a God right there, steering little deer around to us to show us the way. It wouldn’t sell in Hollywood though, even though there are 100 Shades of Lyme if not 50. I digress. Canadian Griper won’t sell either. lol But it gets results they say; Squeaky Wheel.

I never would have known that they were intentionally hiding several weedkiller chemicals in all the food in a supermarket, but they are. You start looking around to see what else is hiding, flipping over rocks, and a whole new thing comes slithering out. It would be unthinkable, but that is exactly what they have done. It had to get in Mothers’ Breast Milk and urine somehow. What is the government answer? Bill C-51. The cops told them they needed it. The opposition will steal it to do exactly what they warn everybody about, like in the US, foolishly believing that they will be the blackmailers until they themselves get blackmailed like in the US by their CSIS, the NSA. You can be sure they have the goods on anybody still there in any power desk. That includes the Monsanto’s, Syngenta’s, Pioneer’s, Bayer’s, and Dow’s lured into the trap to take the fall for the whole mess. Don’t get me wrong; They are still guilty, but as soon as they get what they want, and as a naive baby Truedolt will point out, “ZAP! I’m Blackmailed!” Why change a sure FAIL! formula when you are on the other end of the deal? Harper walkin’ into the C-51 Haymaker is just the beginning. That’s how the BureaucRATs do it; run governments through CopKissability, Blackmailability, and not electabilility. Been that way since Klansman Supreme Eduard Mandell Huis Administrated a century of worldwide death like the world has never seen without being elected to anything. He never saw the second destruction of Europe he launched for the banksters, but he saw Hitler lap up his fake Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion he penned at Princeton while warming a seat between cross burnings. He died and they found the rough draft still in his desk there.

You just know when Ralph Nader tosses a stinkbomb into the backroom fulla good old boys that it is all screwy for a reason. Since, “Can’t they all lose?” isn’t an option except for Administrating BureaucRATs, and Change is what creates these messes, it will change whether we like it or not. The ‘RATs have grown impatient already with the Harper Goody Two Shoes shzt, but at least they can squeeze that C-51 loaf outta their Das politikal kapital. They pulled Quebecor’s Sun News when their laughable Union wolf in Conservative Clothing puppet show didn’t fool the grizzled conservatives for a second. The Kops can instead. I don’t see a Bill C-442 Lyme Framework or a Monsanto Ban reiterating the 2,4-D Ban we have to chow down on now in our supermarkets, all newly approved. Agent Orange AND RoundUp is New! and safe to eat they say. They bought the diversion. It’s all about ‘RAT C-51 Private BureaucRAT Bill now. After all, you don’t want to actually go out and fight a throat cuttin’ loopy camel puncher, do ya, even if we have no idea what to call ’em? There’s gotta be an App for that!!! Progressive! So what if it also ties your own situation up tighter than a bull’s ass at fly time? Bugs? Schmugs!!! You have Nothing to Fear!

The real issues of Lyme and GMOrange are on the Back Burner now indefinitely. PRISM Lite Kanuck is all the rage. Better yet, let’s get them to lace up the idiot mitts to shut off their own tap in a glut. Then let’s bust ’em, well, except for the Union Administrating Poisoning Blakkmailing Klass that is… They can chose the Gallows or the Luger as usual. The rest have already Enlisted all Duo’d up. The Fourth Reich is so much more Equal than Others that way. Just add Purge, Kamrades.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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