Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Feb 21, 2015 – Discovery plus Day 205 – What do we do for an encore?


We’re not sure, but we keep connecting the dots and finding out more as we forge ahead. The apple leaf thing was just the tip of the iceberg. Now we have added all manner of things to it to give the cooties the boot harder than Bambi boots a flying squirrel across the farm. They’ll rue the day they thought this was going to be an easy ride. lol

Yesterday we found out that malaria has morphed to become resistant to artemesinin or sweet annie wormwood. It was adopted about 12 years ago to replace ineffective malaria therapies, but by evolution, new strains of malaria are resisting it. Malaria is but one co-infection with lyme disease as they know it. It becomes cozy with the biofilm house that either borrelia or it sets up. By using a multi faceted attack strategy intermittently, we keep our cooties guessing. It seems mine have had enough or I can’t get rid of the remaining unknown ones. Time will tell. No matter what, I am light years ahead of where I had dropped to a year ago. Meanwhile, Dr. David Suzuki’s website is making up bucket lists. That is so last year for me.

The key is to recognise this for what it all is: Parasite based infection. Bugs are a common vector but food and drinking water is another. Sushi is bad. This whole move to un-pasteurized things like raw milk is bad too. Your parasites will tell you to ignore me because that is where they are building up their sneaky defences. Uncooked pork has trichinosis but that Sushi has it too. God only knows what is in raw milk products. Like they say, you are what you eat, but if you don’t want to become what happens to it in a short time, ie: rotten, don’t fall for the ruse. Your immunity may get a short term boost but watch out for the unknowns lurking there. That tells me it is a chemical that pasteurization destroys. Why not just identify that chemical first?

The leaf works on flu and the common cold too. That is viral, but apparently unprotected by the apple leaves, your immune system can handle it. So is a lot of that crap hiding under biofilm. It is a protective matrix for illness causing stuff. Worse yet, it makes your illness fighting systems ill. It can make you suffer Alzheimer like dementia and set up shop in your brain to be the ultimate fly on your wall. It has a huge allied force with the whole sneaky GMO Poison movement that has infected/poisoned all the supermarket food you buy. It uses that as a chemical weapon. I suspect the chemical companies know that, but know nothing about how the biofilms will get them when they kill everybody they don’t like. Biofilms are simply smarter than people; Dr. Bill Costerton knew that and yet they still killed him. It’s a low bar hurdle for a biofilm against average Joe’s.

Dr. Eva Sapi found that ticks have parasite worms, their larvae, AND mycoplasma infections. That alone takes 8-9 months treatment. Hopefully we are on the fast track. Trouble is I keep coming up with engineering solutions that are too good. Once, I found a way to make surveyors obsolete. The surveyors ganged up to destroy me out of self preservation. If the cooties are doing the same thing, perhaps they will too.

Vaccinations themselves are in the news. When you really look at them, they are at best a kludge workaround. They introduce your immune system to the virus. It is your immune system that does the work after that. How can we cut to the chase? You know my answer. I arm your system with an assault rifle figuratively, and from time to time I reload it by giving it the proper wild apple leaf plus other chemical ammo. You just have to reload every so often, but not all the time. I try a bit at a time and look for signs of blood on the carpet  myself. I use tumeric curcumin and milk thistle to mop it up. It was hard to get the perps out where we could plug ’em, but hopefully their defences are permanently disabled. We torched the kevlar curtain they were hiding behind figuratively, but in another dimension they never saw it coming from.

We have to remain vigilant and be ready to switch hit on those dimensions too. Always lie in wait for the morph as the biofilm gang works around the attack. We have more tricks up our sleeves. We’ll roll them out should that day ever come. After all, we could get re-infected given the prevalence of chemicals and consequently maybe even new parasites in the environment and food these days. Knowing it is a key to waging the sustainable battle. For sure, we know it is like antibiotics, but a lot less hard on the pipes, and biofilm can’t figure out why… yet. Maybe that is how the California fence lizard avoids getting infected by borreliosis of all kinds. It likely eats those wild weed leaves hiding in the fences.

Anyways, I don’t think they like my ragtag slimy “ingenirofilm” Apple Leaf gang very much. Si, Señor; we know they are a tough bunch too. I remain cautiously optimistic that we are making more than a little progress here though.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

3 thoughts on “Feb 21, 2015 – Discovery plus Day 205 – What do we do for an encore?

  1. Are you using wild apple leaf that youve harvested or are you buying a brand? Id love to know as im just starting antibiotics, which have helped my heart. 34 and heart issues kicked up recently, but nothing drs can find. I found a top lyme dr in the country and she thinks pulsing with about 4 diff antibiotics that hit biofilms, parasites, babesia and bartonella is the best way. Shes done this over 15 yrs, but she also recommends herbs and enzymes, etc to help. I dont want to be on antibiotics forever and i fear when they stop, ill backslide. I really love your blog. If you keep up with claritin and it works, let us know. Unfortunately ive talked to 1 guy with lyme who says hes taken claritin for years and it didn’t help. Maybe the dose has to be higher. Much thanks for your blog 🙂



    • I’m just glad someone is even looking at it. I get the wild apple leaves up here in Sorrento, British Columbia from the wild trees in my yard. They grow on the edge of the forest. I suspect that all apple trees are the same, but I worry about chemi8cal spray risk should other people try it with their own apple trees. I assume that all apple leaves will have these properties. These trees are only different in that they were bred for a cooler climate originally, the original ones were populated here a century ago, and are very hardy growing in the shade of the forest. I am not aware that anyone even had a brand… yet. It has apparently never been tried. I am the first. Lithuania did a study last year, but after I started eating them. They freeze dried them (sublimated). I am just munching dried ones until the trees wake up again I guess. http://www.hindawi.com/journals/tswj/2014/306217/

      You have probably read all about why antibiotics invariably fail. They cannot penetrate a biofilm. I suspect this is breaking down the biofilm.
      The leaves taste a bit like apples from the trees here. They are no joke… You will herx like crazy at the start, so go slow until you find a safe level. Here is a lot of good information which is basically my knowledge of what is happening. https://www.youtube.com/user/ADRSupport

      Richard Longland himself pointed me to the apple leaf study paper. He got me in touch with Dr. Sapi by email. She grew very interested in my progress because she must be able to see what is happening. I hope she went to Chile (the world’s No. 1 apple producer) at my suggestion last fall. She also has lyme. I am staying here looking at the discovery tree the local deer eat like crazy as we type. It is still dormant. After all, this is Canada.


  2. Also on the Claratin, you would have to take 40 times the reccomended dose of 10 mg a day. It was interesting that combined with the wild apple, I could feel a slight herx from just 10 mg. The apple thing makes you very sensitive and aware to even that. Be really careful with those powerful antibiotics starting out a just couple leaves at a time. The deer liked the new shoots/leaves. They are tastier I found. People that tried it noticed when either the mycoplasms or “something” drilled their way out. I ate like about a cup to start but that was way too much. I felt like live hamburger for several days while it all healed up. lol


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