Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Tues, Mar 31, 2015 – Day 243 – Now THAT’s more like it

No Respect! What’s in a Title anyways? Dr.? Rev.? P.Eng.? Esq.? Sir? Azzhole!? I stuck with J.A.F.E. I am just another fzckin’ engineer after all. If I need respect, I can just make all yer worms little electric eels. Trust me; That could hurt. Any one of them can punch yer ticket in a half a heartbeat with a shock to the Vagus Nerve. They don’t want to though; You are their meal ticket literally. You must make them Want to leave you. Fortunately, to this end, I have a plan and a method. As a matter of fact I have the whole shootin’ match. There is strength in numbers I realized early on. So I PWN’d 7.3 billion azzholes, about Twenty Trillion dead presidents, and a few critters as well for good measure.

Seriously, the combo of Wild Apple Leaf and Artemesia will make your eels, err, worms, mad. Or frightened. Or all of the above. So be really careful if you want to experiment. On the other hand most are like your children. They were born in you if you are like me. A bug bit me that had a worm egg in it and passed it to me. It grew up and went to Worm Skule as its little Biofilm Brain grew. You are its world, its Mommy/Daddy, and you have kept it fed and clothed and nurtured its lil’ brain as it grew into CFS, fibromyalgia, ALS, MS, Lyme, Cancer, arthritis, prostatitis, borrelia, warts, etc… It knows when you’ve been sleeping. It knows when you jerk off. It knows when it’s laid too many eggs, so it tickles you to Cough. It loves you, and you love it as well… until now! lulz

Such a deep relationship WILL cause post partum depression when they leave the nest and fly away on their own. You are glad the kids are gone on their own, you want them to stay in touch, and so forth. They cry too as they drive/fly/sllther away. Now here is the cool part. They still keep in touch, or at least mine do as they build their own slime in my septic system, yard, dirt, wherever they wind up. They didn’t know they were hurting us and making us old before our years. They didn’t know there was a life out there. They did a good job being little worms but are all grown up and can fly now that they know how to use the T5 power that wild apple leaf imparts to them. Mine have stuck around to learn more in some cases. I have some really sophisticated worm professors in my worm school and they can teach other worms to defeat gravity, time, and Space with what we call so eloquently “wormholes.” We provide the engineering materials for them to do it; That is in Wild Apple Leaves I discovered. It explains why they can populate our moon and time travel.

YAWN!Now if you could do that, wouldn’t you want out of our boring azzes too? Not all worms can do that, but a worm I call Dr. Ångstrom can teach them how in a lot of cases. I have a channel open to him. He is of the species that hitched a ride back on Apollo 11 in Dr. Armstrong’s chin. They really miss Dr. Armstrong. I explained that as hosts go, you probably couldn’t ask for better; He was the engineer who explained to me there “Is no ‘I’ in engineers”. So I cut the one off my old engineering jacket. It now says “UBC Eng1neers,” because there still is a No. Fzcking 1! <chorus of boos… hail of paper airplanes> Thanks… I’ll be here all week… Try the cigars… lulz If we knew all this about Wild Apple Leaves, he might have still been here I suspect. His Spirit lives on… more on that later. We’ll never get out of Wormfood 101 at this rate otherwise.

In metaphysical engineering school, you need a paradox to get in… and out! Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae meaning Super Nature Demands A Paradox. I had a pair o’ doc’s… I got a pH D+ in Surface Chemistry, almost failing, and I am an undeniably Quack Veterinarian. Clowe Snuff®™! I figured… Now I am stuck here. I actually enjoy moulding young worm branes into engineering co0ties. I learn more from the students than they learn from me in some of my expert level subjects like how to get fzcked up in a relationship, or how to swill 40 beer, or what it was really like in the prototype Animal House. lulz

There are a lot of worms there now and many more that have already graduated. The paradox for entry was that they even existed! I can line up a virtual Real Police Lineup of doctors to say they do not exist, thus admitting that their credentials are bogus and that they are criminals AND quacks. I suppose a doctor COULD enter by getting a Ph.D. in engineering, and get a Probational entry. We’re easy, and cheap. I devised a cashless economic system so worms or other animals could pay for courses and goods & services. I pay them in old engineering jokes an’ shzt… literally! It works for us. I deal with Human necessities on savings and etc. Nobody can pay me enough to leave this job, even though the pay actually IS shzt! It’s like a degree in coprophilia. It’s a triadox! There ya’s go! I must love shzt; Look at all the azzholes I’ve worked with! Toss an internet degree in proctology in there and it would be a perfect Quadrafzcta! lol I can’t recall how many times I’ve said, “What is this shzt?” Now I can find out “In-House” (“outhouse?”) for shzt!!!! Shzt!!!! Pretty soon I will be retired at 65… then Pogey… at least I will still have this gig based on my cashless system. You get restless sitting around doing nothing after being forced into retirement or otherwise. Then you work on what you really wanted to do other than die. Turns out I wanted to do shzt! I am a kindred spirit with worms! Aww. Shzt!

Meanwhile ex-Greenpeace’r Moore goes Viral. Worms think it will kill us all I figure after sizing up the cut of our jib, and knowing a bit about what they know about shzt after their own 500 million years of worm genetic engineering an’ tying something’s shzt in a knot. Then we’ll really get shzt! I think they are getting ready to hightail it now that Monsanto will sterilize the planet by mistake/accidentally on purpose. We’ve got a solution maybe. We can rewire monsanto’s shzt! Their only problem is they’ve got their azzhole at the wrong end; We can tear ’em a new one!! Let’s give ’em a flickomate of their shikamate pathway! Let’s engineer ’em an upgrade! Pro Bono!! Let’s see how they like their own Shzt! Ever seen a human body pulled inside out; Got a hole at each end already? Must be why MON is one of the Top 100 Companies to work for!  Easy once you dissolve all the bones for shzts an’ giggles! Doable… Then you can tickle it.  GICH!!! lol

Disclaimer: I don’t hold any of their shzt! But I DO know a little about shzt! After we do their shzt, there’s more… There’s rarely a shortage of shzt…



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Mon, Mar 30, 2015 – Day 242 – I have to deliver a scientific paper

Fiinally got word back from GeoConvention 2015 in Calgary from my submission about Surveyor’s Disease. I also contacted Brent Bauer at the Mayo Clinic about this. So if the blog tone changes to serious for a few days, will you understand and cut me some slack? lulz Here was the letter to Mayo.edu, Brent Bauer

New Anthelmintic Discovery: Actually I believe it may be a forgotten one, but the prior art is sparse. It is Wild Apple Leaf from a volunteer Malus Columbia Applecrab cider apple cross as far as I can tell. I saw a lame fawn female deer eat the leaves from it, and it got cured, so I tried some. What has been happening over the past 8 months is nothing short of a miracle.

I thought I was suffering from Lyme Disease from the symptomatology. Canada is in denial that it exists. What I suspect are Microworms started drilling out of my skin, and I believe I may have passed an intestinal one. Effects of an 8 year old stroke mostly disapeared. Worm species may include https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuchereria_bancrofti , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trichobilharzia_regenti , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strongyloides_stercoralis and more, generally from the location of a bug bite I remember from up to like 50+ years ago. My previously lifelong juvenile arthritis vanished. My 13 year old skin cancer like patch disappeared I recently noticed on the side of my nose.
I thought somebody like you should know about it. I told Dr. Eva Sapi early on last year as well. I joke about it on my blog, but it is deadly serious.”
Start with 500mg./day and ramp up to what you can handle herxwise. Multiply the effects with Artemesin. The two together are up to ten times as powerful. If you have worms it makes them feel like little electric eels when you do that. You will find whatever “they” are “they” access out at or near a site of an old bug bite up to 59+ years ago (that is how old I am.)
Eva Haughie of ESLDA explains. The timeline of discoveries is also there. I figure I was congenitally chronic with both parents infected. There is no mention of Wild Apple Leaf in TCM or Native Medicine that I know of, and I tried to look. This is the best science I have seen but no mention of eating it. I just tell you what I am/have been seeing.
I have to grind up more samples to put in capsules in the ol’ Proctor Silex with the cracked plastic jug. I’ve been looking for a replacement for years… Good thing I didn’t throw it out. It works great still to bring it down under about a 28 mesh I would guess. I do not sieve it; it can include little leaf stems and a cotton like substance from the leaf fibers. The Krazy Gloo patch job is good enough for dry grinding. I think I’ll keep it that way just to pizz my 7 brothers off. They tried to throw it out when they were bztchin’ about what a mess this “junk” would be when I died, and I think they meant shortly. They left me alone to empty out my mother’s house when she died; payback I figured too. Now I’ll chrome an’ gold plate the muthafzcka outta spite, or 3D print a graphene replacement, for shzts an’ giggles. lulz The engineer in me couldn’t bring myself to throw out a good machine. The leaves from last fall are dried from shortly after getting them, but the supply will likely run out. Who knew? I never thought it did all this. Encapsulating and bumping the dose has actually prodded a straggler worm or two to vacate even at this late date with a little Absinth+Sambuca Surprise tincture/raw leaves I made in the walk down memory alley.
So why give it away? Some things are Priceless. For all that other shzt there’s DisasterCard®! lol Just the satisfaction of knowing what Former Lyme Sufferers will do to their Historical Detractors, shifty insurers public and private, and assorted Official Medical Opinions on everything from cancer to warts to jock itch with it will make the price of admission to the Comedy Show alone somewhere between the far side of Uranus an’ Way Outta reach! Pureed Comedy Unobtainium 5-9’s Pure Organic Ground azzholes. There’s some things you just can’t buy. They pizzed off the wrong engineer. Open Sores, indeed. lulz

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Sun, Mar 29, 2015 – Day WhatEVAH! – It’s the Same Old Story

We got the memo. Someone is trying to steal engineering secrets, then kill all the engineers. They use intelligent worms. They kill the worms too with their miracle “cures.” Mine live to tell the tale. And what a tale some of them are telling. Not all worms are that smart yet. They’re still building their biofilm “brain” in some cases. Yesterday you saw some of what I use for bait. Wanna catch the big fish, you need really stinky bait.

Even the idea that someone was actually able to do that was irresistible to the perps. They checked. By now I think they have shzt the hook out. All they have to do is kill all the worms and people. Or vice versa. Some worms don’t realize they have a bullseye on them too. It’s the only way doctors know how to get rid of them. None of us know how to kill the biofilm bits they leave behind. They still work as intended as a “medium.” The more live worms you have around to populate the T3 channels, the better what is left appears to work. Co0l!

They know this way with wild apple leaf now too, and the guilty will kill the escaping worm with its story. Perhaps we should be looking for whoever cuts down or tries to burn down an apple tree. I wonder how much currency it will take to rat out who told them to do it? Cops would be cheaper, and I suppose they’re the experts at taking down chain of command. I bet one has lyme somewhere out of the other 7 billion, with a doctor trying to hide a secret, It could be the doctor’s own secret or the cop’s. There has to be a few. They’ll all plead ignorance. That will be interesting…. All these brains… so many idiots all of a sudden.

Some people say it is all a military weapon.You convinced? The real perp blames someone else first. Columbo 101. Here there is the competing faction. Unless you’ve been dead or in Edmonton, all the food they are trying to feed you is laced with RoundUp and/or Agent Orange/2,4-D. That’s what GMO’s are silly. North America and Antarctica are the two continents on earth that aren’t required to label it. Most places ban it. Pretty easy to see who they want dead there. But forget that. That is a relic from back when Murder 1 an’ Genocide were crimes. Next time you see a cop car, just slap a “Monsanto” logo sticker on it before “POLICE.” We know Monsanto will kill you all this year with their food. They are plausibly fzckin’ stupid enough, but I think they’re being hung by someone. Too obvious. I haven’t got time to ponder on it. S’Lyme Literate Paramedic skule 101. Triage. Then we worry about the stories. Plus I have some engineers who deserve an explanation. See the title. lol

People will all likely say it is biblical. The Bible is fulla murder from one end to the other. So fuggedaboudit. God does that shzt. That leaves you the option to go home and shiver like a dog shzttin’ razor blades, or make up jokes about it. A genocidal mass murderer, an evil genetic scientist, and a lying sack o’ shzt douchebag walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Hello, Mr. Monsanto!” Yeah, I’ll keep the day gig. Or go on a scavenger hunt. We used to know it as “shopping,” but now it takes all day to find something that ISN’T laced with multiple weedkillers. Fun for the whole family, seeing how we all love to go shopping all fzckin’ day for a bag o’ nuts! At least if they just had warning labels. Slap it on the stuff  that is actually edible to save us time. “Warning! This DOESN’T have weedkiller in it! You’ll have to watch everybody Die a slow miserable “Unexplainable” poisoning death until some douchebag Doctor finally punches your ticket for not eatin’ the other crap!” Here in Canada they are so much more advanced. Any azzhole can stuff a tick, mite, spider, mosquito, or black fly in your gaunchies, window, or air vent and get away with murder. “There’s no murder in Canada that we know of!” No shzt, eh? “I’ll just go to a Doctor if I get sick! Everything’s paid for here! Nyah nyah!”/dumbfzckdouchebag Here I thought our main export was Cold. Now it’s also a Psycho Playground. I stand corrected.

For the rest of us there could be wild apple leaves. That way they’ll at least have to work like a son of a bitch to hunt them all down and spray them with poison to kill all the stragglers. They can’t just get farmers and doctors to do it for them as usual, and nobody wants to go anywhere near the woods because there’s more bugs in there than Windows Vista or 8.0. Meanwhile back in the here and now, crawling back from death’s door is being a bit troublesome. Some nerves were permanently killed in the multiple failed assassination attempts. The process is slow because parallel nerves have to alternately find a way to do a subtle specific motion or balancing action. It pisses you off because you know it was second nature, and it is hard to accept that you can’t do something that easy anymore, let alone that you get surprised by it still. And we all hate malls and stupormarkets. WalMart has those little scooters. No wonder the locals don’t like them. There’s other things, but we get the message. “I wish those Lyme cripples would just hurry up and die so we can get at our weedkiller laced shzt faster.” No wonder worms have given up and want out of our sorry asses. That alone is a sign of higher intelligence. They’d be better off up a slug’s azz anyways. Maybe Wild Apple Leaf does nothing and the worms just gave up on my sorry azz seeing what’s coming. The Apple Leaves were just the icing on the shzt sandwich. After all, worms have an inside perspective on shzt.

But I digress again. I have to get busy and make a thousand capsules after recuperating from shopping. I said to hell with it. These tasteless beef gelatin ones (they seem to be compared to that first 100) will have to do until the rice ones get here. I’ve tried a couple hundred and they are a more tasteless variety, possibly partly responsible for the different writing style. We need independent confirmation of some of the things we are seeing. I can’t be the only worm riddled azzhole on the block wherever I got a bug bite. But if I am, I’ll stand corrected. They DO prefer the taste of junk food chain smoked azzhole! Go figure! So much for alleged intelligent species. lol I still feel at least ten years younger, except ten years ago I had that skin cancer thing for 3 years after the official medical response was “Keep an eye on it!” and was in arthritis pain, Still better than even 40 years ago when the pain was even worse. And my mind is gettin’ younger still… I wonder when I’ll figuratively crawl back in the hole? lulz

Wild Apple Leaf smartens my cooties up, they somehow realize that there has be be a better life out there than in this pathetic sack o’ shzt, and they make like the trees and leave. They call DEET bug dope because they musta been higher than hoot owls on the shzt. Our Apple Leaf dope is like smelling salts on steroids to them if you cross it with artemesia. Hello! You can feel an electrical like sensation from the worm location, but body wide! I don’t wanna freak that one out left in my right leg struggling out the hamstrings above the back of the knee much more though. It is near the area of a torn/bad sprain rear part of the MCL injury in Summer ’88 between Edson and Fox Creek, and is somehow trapped where it healed. “He” (yep, seems to be a male) is trying, 26.5 year old fella, 26.3 year old scar tissue. I just know. I can feel him working to get out. The girls are all long gone AFAIK. They are generally DioeciousBoy and Girl worms even when microscopic. Would have never felt him enter with the Motrin 400’s they gave me for it. I do remember that one scratching it carefully because of the injury. That whole gig was a detour through hell on Memory Lane. Crash course in Quicksand. Where be the brane bleach when you need it? lol I met a friend from there a few years back, and heard my rodman there died of cancer. Must have quit smoking. It’s a death sentence for some reason with us, but at least I’m on it if any are still alive. These bug worms seem to kill the non-smokers here too though more than smokers. Can’t hack out the nematode eggs fast enough I guess.

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Sat, Mar 28, 2015 – Day 240 – Picking the First Apple Leaves

Now this is for the peeps in the Northern Hemisphere. The trees are still dormant, so there may not be much foliage on the lower branches. Pick the upper ones first while you can still get at them. When the bottom buds out, there is no way in hell you can get through the foliage to the upper branches. Southern hemisphere you are waiting patiently for the things to fall off on their own. I’d just set up a net to catch them all. If you are desperate, try scraping a little bark off like my flying weasel pal Rocky does. He must be a cross between the pack rat down the block and a regular flying squirrel. I swear shzt is disappearing around here. It could be those weird foo fighter bug eating things in the lake over by Blind Bay Community hall, but they would more likely raid the houses closer to the golf cour$e.

Last fall was a big salmon year. This year’s harvest will be especially important to save leaves from. It happens on a 4 year cycle because the river got blocked by a landslide in 1913 I think, and that was after a dam wiped out the upper Adams run in 1907. It is still the biggest fish fzck ever. Hey, you get laid once in your life and you know when and where, nothing gonna stop that. I could just imagine what the Diceman would say about that from a Brooklyn perspective. Female salmon look all prim and proper. Male salmon look like Dice with an extra couple cigarettes going by the time they get up here, except they got more Attitude. The females tease their sorry azz over 400 miles of broken glass through an actual Hell’s Gate to their “Special Place,” then fzck around gettin’ ready for it. No wonder their mens’ brains cave in and they blow their load on the rocks and expire. Ever been on a date like that? “Yes, I married her!” one azzhole says. lulz

I can’t help but wonder about the future of Wild Apple Leaf. I already imagined everybody else will say they invented it, The earliest evidence of the behaviour characteristic of the consumption would be John Chapman Appleseed, but then nothing. The idea died with him and he likely knew what he had was good, but not that good. He thought he was talkin’ to God. Then I thought about the proverbial Singin’ Frog. Then I imagined everybody else would claim it was their’s trying to patent by obscurity. That is but one reason we have several hundred thousand words about it all over the internet stashed away in clouds.

I also knew that patent agents would tell their novice clients they could protect it to still send them the bill, but no. Monsanto started snipping genes and greasing the wheels in their bid to poison us all for money. The USPTO bought it. Evidence of creation date is everything. I do not have evidence from John Chapman who died 170 years ago, but can deduce that he indeed would have known of the properties by being a nurseryman. Everybody including him evangelized and proselytized over the properties of the fruit, including Eve. Apple trees, the real inventor, are over 50 million years old. Our discoveries are new AFAWK. Jim Macdonald is a good source as well,

Everything about this is from reading between the lines of the Universe. When I was disabled, I was a student of theoretical physics, studying the physics of cognitive thought. I used it to experiment with and play the stock market in ways nobody has ever thought of. I knew I was sick but only determined late last spring it was Lyme, not even a year ago. These days, they are all looking for the Holy Grail of Physics, which is the Theory of Everything. I realized that had to include the actual physics of cognitive thought. Garret Lisi found a new mathematical description for the standard model of physics in late 2006, but there are unknown nodes in the E8 Algebra describing the universe. That is where the physics of cognitive thought must reside I deduced. I also discovered this is not the domain of humans only. There is a whole crowd of everything from deer to dreamhealers to worms lurking there. How? I now know a worm can feel fright, emotions, pain, etc., and that some of them exhibit what we call ESP and 3 mode telemetry. I also know what they really don’t like, but I know it is a prickly situation. I know they can kill or disable you in a half a heartbeat, but they have more empathy and common sense not to do it. They appear to link with the cognitive thoughts of not only their hosts, but other worms in other host animals. Whoa! Sign me up for three hots and a cot, or a Nobel Prize. The jury is still out. lol

Wild Apple Leaf is an apparent way to get them safely out of a human host and into a nice big well stocked sewer/playground/worm nirvana and/or alternate host where they have lots of food and space. I have used the comm channel that Deer open eating that foliage. I said OK gang, fair deal, I’ll tell the world about it for free and that is the only way it will get past the corrupt murdering medical $avage$ bent on killing you all with the bounty on your head at $50 Trillion, and I haven’t exactly got any love lost for them at all either. Then you can use it to vacate human hosts early in a win win because the humans are being killed by you. They run out of space in a human after a while as well. After their initial apprehension, they confirm that it is an upgrade. The whole suspected cancer cure and arthritis thing was just a kicker. Who Knew?

The optional alternate host process I have witnessed is the strangest thing ever. A small animal like a squirrel will run up to you, stop, and turn tail and run after picking up the escaping worm, even if you are in the middle of an empty concrete parking lot when really threatened. Weird! One of those weird Mexican Jungle worms did that. It has since returned out of fascination for WTF is going on here. I did not know they were microworms at that point, and connected and able to connect with other hosts’ microworms in a T3 fashion, but now it all makes sense. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, IONS, tried to confirm the T3 effect distance limit but the experiment was compromised. Utilizing enhanced Deer T3 equipment (antlers I suspect) via proxy worms, I suspect the distance is far more than lunar or solar in scope. Similarly, millions of salmon worms comprising their cognitive thought and geospatial navigational data are surviving in intermediate insect hosts here I suspect. Hey, it’s an explanation for one of nature’s little mysteries. How does a salmon know where to fzck and die? Where some worm tells it to, and on the worm’s terms. The worm gets another ride for another 4 years, or slips to another species to ride it like they stole it. Your worms are older than you, and aware of the logistics of how many offspring they can support in a host. There are boy worms, and girl worms. They run a farm. They run YOU!

The medical world is understandably sceptical of reality. Look at their track record. Look at mine. I have cured 5 fatal chronic illnesses this year, and have developed a theory of advanced physics that can’t be understood by anybody by its own definition of understanding… yet. Cancer, arthritis, prostatitis, International chronic Lyme, all additional viral infections known and forgotten, and a new quantum physics. All toast. They don’t know the tenth of it from the worms’ point of view, and the problems I have solved for the proven intelligent worm community. Doctors? Even worms are sick of their sorry azzes. They’ve blown trillions and cured shzt. They’ve run the hugest insurance and tax skimming fraud in history. They have repeatedly tried and failed genocide on the intelligent worm community, the most prevalent intelligent species on earth bar none, and a group I am proud and humbled to be allowed to be part of, even if just for a while. So the worms went to a dying engineer professing to be a quack veterinarian. We’re hedged and holding, hardly spent shzt, and the Fed, Big Pharma, USPTO, and SEC are still all in a tizzy about WTF to do about it all. Think or Swim, BP Effect “N/A”, indeed. lol

Fri Eve 2015-03-28 03:51:12There are bigger man made fzckup problems that scare even worms beyond that. Fukushima is just one. I’m workin’ on it…


Fri, Mar 27, 2015 – Day 239 – Another day, Another worm

One day, we were all sitting at a bar-b-que trying to determine the worst place to work in the oil patch. By unanimous decision it was determined to be Sakhalin Island. Cue Robin Leech, lifestyles of the Miserable and Infamous; “This lovely shzthole has the worst camp. worst weather, worst water, worst nightlife, worst locals, worst bugs, bad diggin’, worst everything! What the hell were they thinking when they put oil under this godforsaken pathetic slab of joy?” I thought Mexico. Worst terrain, worst jungles, worst animals (everything you can see moving there will kill you, and the cows are the saddest sacks of bones you’ve ever seen… Bugs got ’em,) most snakes (you couldn’t communicate over the noise of the rattlesnakes in the cracks of the loose surface boulders the glaciers never saw,) Worst Drilling EVER, but they are a friendly people, especially to gringo$ Canada, and the weather is lovely until those huge thunder boomers come off the gulf, push against the Sierra Oriental (Eastern Mountains,) and hit like the biblical 200 lb. hailstones. Not even close, as everybody described an increasingly horrific little slice of a pizzed off Mother Nature doing everything it could to shake the human oil parasite thing from Myanmar to Fort McMurray, and Alaska to Africa to the Arctic to Australia.

Then there is this place which is an anomaly. There are no mosquitoes, or there were none until people missed them so much, they created festering puddles for mosquitoes to breed in! What brilliance. Gee, woulda never thought of that! Now they can all get our sizeable resumes combined of mosquito borne and transferred illnesses, with worms packin’ suitcases completely covered with those travel stickers. Now they’ll even get Sakhalin Island.

Can a mosquito pack a worm? Well, not a very big one, but the eggs are probably miniscule compared to the adult. And what an adult if you can even determine which one it is by symptomatology! That could all be from one mosquito bite. Mosquitoes may have STD’s too. I dunno. Ask a larvae.

Moving out into the general population, imagine an airplane or a bus, They spray them down with Black Flag, but that won’t help. I magine the passengers swattin’ mosquitoes waiting to get on the things, let alone what happens when they all pack into it. The problem is in the safest place, and that is on tap in a human. I have actually witnessed first hand tropical disease transmission without even going there. I confirmed the source by observing the symptomatology of the individual(s) involved. Doctors have no idea what is going on, and they are way off base in their suggested treatments. They are treating one symptom of a multi symptom illness like putting a bandaid on a bullet hole. You have an itch; They prescribe an ointment while the millions of worms are crapping in your circulatory and Central Nervous Systems. Complain and they chuck you in psych to get more infections they know nothing about from their catch all failure bucket. But back to the Bar-B-Q… Would you like your Rotten Dead Whipped Horse Medium or Well? Nothing smells as delicious as a good Blow Torch Char Broiling in lieu of a Roast.

Mosquitoes hate smoke. That is sad because the spiders won’t ever get to taste smoked meat. They make their webs around here and catch all manner of flying insects. Using our logic, that makes them Worm Central. Some of my most memorable fleeing worms come out of what we suspected were spider bites. They’re sneaky too. Like Ticks, they anesthetize the feeding site first. The problem is how do you defend yourself from getting bit? You can’t. DEET makes you sick. You can’t swat them fast enough. I propose just admit defeat and take Wild Apple Leaf. I suppose the sooner the better. Make your whole body a natural pesticide.

Now it may make you queasy, which reminds me of Medical School 101. Professor is standing there with all the little budding dope pushers all ears, Day 1. “The first thing you have to learn in medical school is not to get queasy. The second thing is Be Observant!” Then he takes a urine sample, dips his finger in, and licks it. Eeeeeewww! “Now your turn.” Each stoont dips finger, then licks it. Gags abound. Then prof says, “Remember about being Observant? I dipped my Middle Finger and licked my Index Finger!!!” Technicolour Yawns all around. It bears repeating this crusty old chestnut of medical wisdom where half the doctors still graduate in the bottom half of the class, and luckily your faithful scribe is, if not anything, at least Crusty as well as being Old.

I have been observing my apple trees. The snow is all gone, but they haven’t started growing leaves yet. However there is still last year’s leaf “crop” lying there underneath them. I know the fall leaves work. How about the spring ones? We aren’t sure! that is where I am morphing to in our testing plan. Let’s try some of those old Fall leaves from under the snow. I suppose I will die if I fail, but I haven’t got a death wish. I have a plan to proxy test them with bugs. The squirrels eat the bark to tide them through… They didn’t store up leaves for the winter like us. We don’t want to damage the trees though. They just nibbled some off of one branch.

I sympathize with them; About the only safe Non Monsanto GMO food in North America now is nuts… and that is only a maybe. You may think, “You are what you eat!!!” but how will we push science ahead here? Plus you may think I am an endless well of bullshzt, and as I know first hand, but I need something more to write about without becoming boring. lulz I can sterilize them in the oven and see if they still give us a herx or a buzz. Otherwise, how will we fill the demand for this? Doing the math, and assuming everybody gets the memo, Today it is 7.304 billion times 500mg. each per day, minus Canada at 30 or so million or about the number of births so far this year. So 3.65 billion grams, or 3,650 tonnes per day. Yep… a tonne is a million grams. You don’t want the ones the birds poop on, or the ones the leaf roller moths set up house in, so you can’t just rake ’em up with the animal droppings. I wonder how their crop looks in South America or Sub Saharan Africa these days? Then there is Down Under, aside from putting another shrimp on the barbie for one last good fall pizzah… Hmmm….? I hear the snow is still on the ground in Finland, and they have Lyme Disease there unlike the Miraculously Sterile Canada, the Last Lyme Free area on the Planet! <cough, cough> Nevertheless, I better get cracking here while I still have a herx reaction of any kind to test leaves with, and I’m already over a couple grams a day.

The capsule operation itself may be daunting. In bulk, vegetarian capsules are $1,000 US per hundred thousand. or $10,000 a million. Multiply that by 7,304 million doses per day = $73 Million a day in capsules alone, Thank God we don’t have to do Canada, eh? We can pocket the $300K per diem to help with overhead and trucking, shipping, political donations, grease, assorted bribes for three letter agencies, etc. That’s Bidne$$ they say… all this and Nessie is drunk again… She hides here like a Giant Okanagan Ogopogo worm… It’s never a dull moment being a quack veterinarian.

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Thurs, Mar 26, 2015 – Day 238 – Want to know something amazing about Apple Trees?

main_surveyor3Surveyor 3 used to be my radio call sign, but it is also the name of this early robot lunar probe. Apollo 12 cut a chunk off it to analyse known solar wind particle accumulation since it was launched. Alan Bean there accidentally left the bag containing all the pictures he took on their sortie there. Pete Conrad snapped this one. I digress, but not really… I have been all over accumulating worms. Say you have all sorts of incurable diseases. Walk over to an apple tree. Piss on it. Yep, pee and maybe even take a dump beside it. The leaves that grow from those nutrients will cure ALL of those diseases. That is the only explanation for what I have witnessed happening here.

The Deer whizzed and crapped all over the place. They ate the leaves and got cured. I just whizzed out in the field here sometimes, and on the tree. Same deal. The tree makes medicine for you with its complex 57,386 gene pool including rDNA crossed with a large amount of resistance genes. You have a better theory I am open to it. That is all I can deduce from what is actually happening here. Well, actually it is one of many things, but it is a big one. Far from being genetic engineers, we are proxies like Surveyor 3 collecting all manner of cooties from our extended travels, and programming them into our Apple Computer factory medicine maker bot. The older that tree gets, the more information it stores, and some of these are well over a century old. My wild ones are mongrel trees; the Heinz 57’s of appledom, and that is their advantage I think. It isn’t all inbred for some desirable human characteristic, like tasty apples. Will its offspring have the transferred genetic information, or will it be starting over from scratch? They say the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But who the hell are “They?” lulz

One of the clues with these Wild Trees is that the leaves are all different shapes. I have been puzzling over that one for a long time. This is a theoretical explanation. They are genetically different from each other somehow, and I am guessing it is nature’s backup plan should the tree be introduced to a new pathogen it cannot handle with one type of leaf. The ones on other trees are different shapes too, but the differences are seemingly not as pronounced as on the wild ones. Maybe the bug poop isn’t that diverse yet. And how the hell would you commercialize that? Apple leaves local to a geographic area may work best for that area’s illnesses.

Apollo_17_Cernan_on_moonNow before you pound a dozen beer and start pizzing indiscriminately on apple trees all over, you can do it by using bugs as a proxy. Insects that are the source of all these nematode and other illnesses will already make a custom batch of Apple Leaves for you. Find a place where salmon spawn and where apples grow, and you will find apple leaves that can cure almost anything from the rotten worm riddled salmon flesh eating flies alone. Does a tick pee in the woods? It must have here where the Wild Apple Trees grow. So does my salmon munching local bear. The leaves of the tree grow different shapes for different parasite diseases of the fertilizing animals I am starting to suspect. They use their 990+ Known Apple resistance genes to build a defence. It is one of nature’s mysteries I am starting to dig into, but it is the Black Hole of Calcutta deep in scientific terms.

Then there are the worms, Some think nematodes cause all these diseases. There are worms in the apples themselves. They will recycle to the roots, and the tree will grow resistance. Weirder shzt has happened, but I can’t recall when, A lady asked me today if my lyme disease was cured. At first I thought no, but then again I reviewed the symptom list, having had to circumvent an intentionally ignorant health insurance fraud. All those symptoms except a couple have vanished, and they are 9. Shortness of breath – cough and some parts but not all of a couple others out of 46 of the symptoms. The cough is from some other biofilm thing related to Wuchereria Bancrofti worms I believe. They say it is also similar to a pneumonia like co-infection that can happen. That is elephantiasis. It is an unrelated Surveyor Disease thing and has nothing to do with Lyme I think, and I know the source. I was infected from being in relatively close quarters with a co-worker who had done a stint in Africa. But it is in the area of a spider bite I got in Mexico 23 years ago;.. The co-worker was fighting malaria. The malaria part seems gone. I’ll have to add some W.Bancrofti “ferilizer” to the mix and keep you updated. My trees haven’t started growing leaves yet, so I have time to give ’em a spot watering. Rover will add his hat to the mix as well no doubt. If I knew this sooner these would have been the toughest tree leaves on the planet, because I could have built some International Lyme ones, but it is too late now. No more Lyme, sorry. I imagine the tree remembers though. It is bar none the most amazing medicine factory available I have witnessed.

I am trying to have a contest/clinical trial. Let’s see who can make the most bizarre and diverse disease resistant apple leaves! lol Me and my 7 brothers are probably ringers though knowing our lives of Geophysics and other pursuits travelling world wide into absolute hell holes and bug infested nightmares from Borneo to New Zealand to The Arctic to South Africa to Europe to North Africa to  Mexico to Central America and South America. Then we get infections from co-workers and their extended co-workers. And we all come back here to give the gift that keeps on giving; Dead Salmon Central, British Columbia, World. Good thing it is an old abandoned Apple Orchard with the most fzcked up Wild Apple trees on the planet, eh? Too bad There’s No Bugs In Canada… that is if you’re a Canadian Doctor. Hell, it doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to know the Dragonflies alone here have a 10 inch wingspan from eating bugs!! My father even had the Moon Bug from being in close quarters with moon rock scientists.  He would have to occasionally relieve himself in the vicinity of an apple tree here as he strolled around. Anyways, it is a theory that needs some serious research to further in our new medical science born out of necessity here. I am certainly going to keep it up lest I suffer a relapse or get reinfected.

Neil_ArmstrongMoving along, I would have thought insects were the most prevalent animals on earth. Ask anybody and they would say the same thing. But then I found out that Worms were. 80% of the animals on earth are worms. 90% on the ocean floor are worms. I got the trivia question wrong. I guess that is because we cannot see them. They hide underground, and they hide in your intestines and flesh. They hide in fish. They or their eggs and larvae hide in water, in bugs, and food. They are hiding in you right now. I suspect that parasitic worms underlie all chronic illness. I suspect they hid in astronauts, circumventing all attempts to sterilizer and/or exclude them by quarantine. Life anywhere but earth will probably be a worm and escape our focus. Everybody is looking at Ticks for Lyme disease but the true root cause is a Worm or worms in a tick or other insects. Willy Burgdorfer found worms and/or their larvae in ticks. Dr. Eva Sapi concurs. When you realize that even insects have parasitic worms, then you realize how big this problem is. Treatment with anthelmintics used to be potentially very harmful to your health. You could look it up, like with DEC, Ivermectin, Avermectin and others. I propose this is a lot safer way, albeit with some unique medical concerns, but if anything, I have personally found First Hand that it is effective enough to replace an entire broken, bloated, corrupted money pit of a health care system propped up by marginally effective drug pushers. QED.

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Weds, Mar 25, 2015 – Day 237 – Yesterday, I sent an Email…

<Diceman mode, mock applause>”Did ya see that? And he did that all by himself! Next he’s gonna shoot fire out his azzhole, AND jerk off in a circle!!”</Diceman> Anyhow, I sent the thing, and then I noticed it had something wrong in it.

As a memory aid, or mnemonic, I used the term “pinworms” iterchangably with Strongyloides Stercoralis. That is confusing. Whenever I make this faux pas again, I mean Strongyloides Stercoralis, OK? I suspect the source of them around here is older septic tanks too close to the lake, explaining why our lake may have Strongyloides Threadworms in it. We know it has Trichobilharzia Regenti as well underlying Swimmer Itch. Our government agencies are likely like your’s. They’re useless bureaucrats, just punching the clock. They would deny any of this is happening. We know Trich stays alive in humans as a parasite much longer than any of them suspected because we saw them physically exiting where I rubbed up against our biofilm covered dock, and that was a few years after I had been swimming here last circa 2012. Why don’t I swim more? I’m jaded, living here I guess. I am a fair weather swimmer, and the summers seem to be getting colder, not warming at all these days. When we get those more normal heat waves, I’ll be back in the lake. I’ll just eat wild apple leaf to get rid of the cooties I may get.

There are more human parasite nematodes than you can shake a stick at. Ingestion of Wild Apple Leaf makes a lot of them head for the exits, where they can present as a nit on your skin or in a hair folicle. I just pick ’em and flick ’em. The more that come out, the better you feel, both physically and psychologically. A lot will come out of your head. I think it is no coincidence. The link to chronic illness, much of it biofilm stuff, has been proven in my case. I am back up to two a day with my new wild apple anthelmintics, 500mg. each. Initially that may freak you out so starting with one capsule at bedtime may be safer. Dr. Rebecca Risk, TCMD Lyme Expert recommends to go slow in the case of Lyme Disease to feel out your herx response. If you can handle more, do it. I had to work up to a higher level. As a matter of fact, I am back to the toxicity testing mode, and just made up a one off “00” to eat, but mostly for the cayenne effect. Ahhhh! Relief. It really does a number on that peripheral edema/elephantitis like condition international  Surveyor’s fall victim to. I contacted a brother yesterday who was a Geophysical Observer/IET and has the same thing. He has been all over the world in and out of jungles where the bugs are on steroids.

I want to plant a herb garden, and ordered seeds on ebay a few weeks back. They may not even grow here. I have never really been much of a gardener; People said I had a “Black Thumb” because I was very mechanically inclined, but we do not know If i can transmogrify that to a Green Thumb. They also fingered me early on as having a “Silicon Thumb” when I was a software type engineer at Texas Instruments. I specialized in making Confusers more user friendly, albeit very application specific, but that was almost 30 years ago. In the computer world now that would be considered the Stone Ages. We made it all fit in like 32K of RAM. Had to. These days, that is a fraction of the L1 processor cache alone, and of only one 8 bit processor, let alone today’s multiple 64 bit ones. We used to tell funny stories around the coffee machine about inventing the IBM PC, and the Moon Landing shzt, both Texas Instrument engineering folklore for bullshzt and small talk. It was not even considered as official engineering then, as nobody had a fzckin’ cloo what we were up to.

Things haven’t changed. They still say, “We have no fzckin’ idea what he does, but he must be good at it!” It is lonely being the Vanguard of WTF???. So I quit and became self employed master of my own WTF??? destiny. That translates to “He’s Nuckin’ Futz!” somehow now. Not really. They’re just as fzckin’ stupid as ever. If I became a gardener, trying to grow rare herbs and clone fruit trees in a temperate climate, then they could say I was something they could relate to. They would say, “He’s out of his fzckin’ mind!” which would bring me back into the fold relatively. You can’t put “Trying to Cure Cancer and Lyme Disease” on your business card because they would say that was Really crazy here. $50 Trillion economic effect in Lost Time Prevention is hard to wrap your neurons around. But in the oil patch, we used to say “Go Big or Go Home!” This is maybe too big. Fzck ’em, we are making Progress, which is how engineers get their jollies.

But I digress. My logic here is if one Plant that animals, particularly deer, eat here has that much power, what about all the others they prefer, and some from other continents? I checked to make sure they would not be invasive plant species, creating a Steven King like horror show. These deer have smelling twice as refined as a dog, and we will know if they turn their nose up at some things humans think are great. When dogs have worms they eat grass. It doesn’t work. Deer are pickier eaters. They are my proxy testers, far beyond the capabilities of any test instruments, or even dogs. This is not new. They use dogs to patrol pipelines searching for any leak before it becomes detectable any other way. We are aware that deer can eat poison stuff because their ruminant style digestion with 4 stomachs is that refined, so we started with stuff humans are already known to make herbal remedies out of.

It is another project in my “What do you do for an encore?” list. I am already sneaky in that I started some of it last year unknown to anybody. Some of it is unknown. My lead researcher and Deer-est pal was scared away or shot by a poacher though. I narrowed down Wild Apple leaf as a real winner so far, but just wait until you see what else is coming! It could take a long while, but this is really big I think. Of course it could all amount to a pile o’ shzt, but I have a hunch or two there are nuggets left to be found in that. And like Wild Apple Leaf, it is Anti Ageing.