Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thursday Mar 5 – Day 217 – Moving along

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Having a herxing tuff time today a bit on this physio. Making a larger amouit of typos in my bit diarrhea. I fail physio and spelling too.

Back to work. Markus Rothkrantz uses a Vitamix to powder dried tree branches and leaves to make woody plant herb powders. Very interesting. I have an old similar blender that would work perfectly because it has a plastic blender jar, and is very powerful… a Proctor Silex, but not that powerful. I can see that it will still work because apple branches are not that tough, and especially the ones we prefer for taste like the deer do. I notice a chipmunk or squirrel has been nibbling the branches of the discovery tree; Markus points out that the active ingredients are concentrated the lower on the plants you go. We will see if that is a generality we can exploit.

Dr. Sharol Tilgner is also a specialist on edible plants, and their uses. She is a local in the northwest; We have a rainforest orchard. We still have not found Wild Apple Leaves and Bark mentioned. We are writing the book on it here I guess. My critters like it so I have a test team. We’ll have to try it with the Wild Apple+Part Zhang Protocol. We also have to address circulatory issues in the lower extremities. Zhang uses AI#3. TC is helpful, but other suggestions, particularly Cayenne, may prove more effective. Previously, it would aggravate my lifelong severe rheumatoid arthritis, as would all nightshades, but that is now history.

Vaughn Lawrence is an ND from Utah, but right up our alley. YouTube keeps playing these things… I can hear it now, “Your Honour they KNEW, or Ought To Have Known…”  But I digress; There is no shortage of damning endictments of the heathcare system to pile on with “Boomer’s  Bitch Inc.” . I do not whisper at Jack, my pet bear, or more I am his pet Human, preferring to think he wants me to yell/Bark to warn him I am coming over there. Same thing with the Ogopogo that lurks here, __Besssie. They do joke I am the Deer Whisperer here too. We are their Pets. They are helping “de-worm” us. lol

Well tried the guitar a bit…. jamming Kashmir Zeppelin… the old album version is a bit outta tyune. Black Sabbath Paranoid was more noid than Para in a bad way… lol

Blended Apple Leaf dust smells a bit gamey. The blender works hand crushed leaves well on low speed. This was from older fall stock we picked and dried. A size 0 holds a good 300-350 mg loose. The dry dust makes them slippery.  They are trickey to fill with dried powder being that small… a 00 would be a better size. A couple warms up the fetlocks with a mild warming herx, indicating some welcome circulatory stimulus. The powder has a bit of cottony-like fibre in it still from the leaf skeletons. I munched a similar bit of Absinth Sambooka  tea/tincture leaves with it. I need to snag an old pill bottle to store my stash. Grabbed a TC and 00 Saw Palmetto too. If you are not big on TC or Cayenne, Apple can fill that void well. I have been missing it since I took a break determining if the things leaving were Morgellons, but they are not. It is more like dried pimples scratching off. It leaves the skin rough and sandpaper-ey. Again the contents look like dark purple dirt… Suspect Manganese from GMO Chelation effect.  25 caps an hour wastes  time with 0 Size capsules. Now we itch a bit from the few we ate. although these are more packed to like 500. A gram a day would be strong. Fetlocks still feel cold but less tense definitely. I dunno… Ask a doctor how it should feel for shzts an’ giggles… Think 4 times stronger than a celebrex 250 with no palpitation or heart attack if that is an indication. Note a gram lowers blood pressure and is quite diuretic initially. It must be the reduction in fetlock edema like fluid.  I remember my arthritic spots felt the most herxing like they were thawing out for a few weeks, but then both it and the arthritis was gone. Raw carrots can fight any congestion. Should somebody try to give you the flu, they can’t, but do have a LOT of kleenex ready. All your old phlegm will all dissolve and come out of your nose stat.

Since Ebers Papyrus, 1550 BC, I can’t believe they have not tried wild apple leaf powders. Surely they would have witnessed deer eating them. Maybe they just never had a reason to try. Since they are basically my ‘Master” if I am their pet, I obeyed. Suffice to say I am with that and Black Walnut, de-wormed officially. I can feel the apple requires maintenance. I guess they smelled them in my urine like even I did just now.  lol But I am tired now. We’ll see if I survive and wake up.

Well that large dose tuckered me out but I am back after a couple hours. They may be best to take before napping. I filed an old prescription bottle with about 40 500’s. I shopped for a 00 capsule machine to do 24 in a shot.


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