Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri Mar 6, 2015 – Day 218 – The WalMart® Protocol


Well, we have finally arrived at our goal. It was to leverage the vast supply and purchasing power of WalMart to bring a treatment for Lyme disease down to where anybody could get it anywhere (except Canada apparently – I am working on them…)

Garlic 2000mg. Odorless
Ginko Biloba – These next three are to address microcirculation when the most affected areas swell from herxheimer reaction
Cayenne Pepper
Turmeric Curcumin – My old arthritis favourite to sooth swollen areas – The Apple Herx will cause swelling to affected parts
Olive Leaf Extract – Not Available in Canada
Wormwood/Artemesia – Black Walnut to eliminate Parasites from Bugs, Pets/Swimming – Not Available in Canada
Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse from herx toxins – The deposed Borrelia LD toxin has been patented as a bioweapon, so be careful!
Chewable Vitamin C Chew me baby, ’till the juice runs up your leg…

Then you need Wild Apple Leaf catalyst (Empty Capsules, Size 0, not available at WalMart.ca in Canada . some assembly required… Well, actually ALL of it) to activate all of the above and bust the biofilm apart. Play it by ear after starting with ONE capsule, about 375-500 mg. It is that powerful. Chewable Vitamin C dissolves phlegm should it be a problem from the Apple leaves. To dry a lot of apple leaves fast so they powder easy in a blender, spread out on a cookie sheet and sterilize them in the oven @ 275+. Or nuke them slowly on 2 for a long time. You can munch the leaves just as they are but the dark green ones taste a bit bitter from chlorophyll until they are dried. They smell like dry grass when powdered in the blender, and thus “game-y.” To really make rednecks hunt them down for you, tell them that they attract deer.  Deer like the light coloured leaves and tender small branches, but they likely use up all the medicine fighting their own infections. As a bonus, it also busts biofilms responsible for arthritis and fibromyalgia, and will sharpen your thinking immensely after curing CRS [Can’t Remember Stuff] (Hey, it made me think up a Redneck Lyme Protocol you could buy at WalMart to save $500 a month, get anywhere, AND it works! They’ve got almost everything else from China there.) How? We have no idea! Hint: It is gene therapy. The Apple Tree genome has 57,000 plus genes; The Human genome only 30,000. The sensation feels like concrete dissolving or frozen joints slowly melting and softening up like ice cream over a few weeks. Ginger Root may also be an option to aid circulation but I haven’t tried that yet. Find an apple tree that isn’t sprayed for insects and start picking the leaves. If you don’t know about spray, look for little bug bites on the leaves. You will notice they don’t eat very much either. Poor lil’ buggers prolly herx like crazy! If there are no bug nibbles like on a leaf from a commercial Box of Apples, I would be suspicious of pesticide poison.

If you have PTLD/Chronic Lyme and God knows what else, keep it up. I have what I called Surveyor’s Disease, a virulent form of International Lyme, Malaria, West Nile Virus, and Bartonella if the symptomology is any indication, have been bitten by jungle bugs they haven’t even got a name for yet like “Gringo Muerto” (my name – they gave me a handful of antibiotics that didn’t work), and 218 Days ago I was fixin’ to die, suffering apparent Lyme Paralysis. Can’t afford testing? If you just take A wild Apple Leaf or two, and munch it off the tree, if you get a reaction, you have *something.* Then proceed to wipe it out. All this stuff you can’t get in Canada at WalMart is in a good health food store. They might even have houttuynia cordata, but it should be way cheaper than Zhang’ers offer it. I have only Wild Apple Leaf and Artemesia from cheap 70% ABV Czech Absinth that I soaked leaves in with Sambuca to try and make a tincture. An ND said licorice sticks…. Tastes like it. Close enough.

Be mindful that Herxing can kill you (Dr. Alan MacDonald tells of a German patient that high dose antibiotics killed when he went into ileus sepsis – septic shock – Apple Leaves are actually much easier on your digestion biotics than an antibiotic, and at least as powerful) when the toxins overwhelm your liver. Wild Apple Leaf doesn’t only hit the Bullseye… It nukes the whole city with the shooting range in it as a kicker. Don’t eat a whole Apple Leaf Salad or you will spend a few days recovering like I did. Coincidentally I am revisiting toxicity testing today as I am popping these things to get an upper limit (I made it to 4 conservatively in 24 hours,) but I am pretty hardened to it now; Go slow. Wild Apple Leaf Herxing leaves your borrelia infested tissues feeling like they have been 1st Degree burnt inside AND spanked; Sort of like the sun, you can’t tell while it is happening until afterwards. It was actually pretty tasty, and hey, it’s just Apple, right? WRONG! Your own situation will tell you how fast your liver plus Milk Thistle can handle the fluids produced by it. If you are Apple Leaf Herx Positive, and want to blow all your money and die, simply go to a Doctor. Like Alan says, they are mostly in Borreliosis Kindergarden. In Canada, they’re still shzttin’ yellow; B.Babies. lol

Don’t freak out when the things start to come out of you. I have no idea what they are but they’re leaving. They mostly get out in about 6 months but they have set up shop in me for over 50 years. It’s all part of it.

This is the part of the business plan “Can you buy/sell it at WalMart?” Yes and No; Not all of it and not everywhere. But sell it? Imagine your product sitting there in Walmart. There is a full pharmacy aisle there loaded top to bottom with supplements and where you buy most of this stuff. You are getting the cream of the crop here. Supplements proven by customer demand, and computer instant inventory monitoring worldwide. Quality control, great shelf placing, colo(u)rful packaging, reliable supply chain, recognised brands, competition, and supply on demand. The most interesting part of the exercise is the complete Canadian WalMart FAIL! Walmart’s explanation, “I guess no demand in Canada,” is probably the dumbest thing you could ever say to a customer demanding something in your company’s supply chain in a branded “Supercenter,” and IS the WORST thing you could answer to a market researcher as a Manager. The correct answer would have been, “Good question, and thanks! I’m gonna go to the top if I have to, and find out why fast.” That’s how far they are outside the loop here, and likely why. To be fair, they have Brain Fog; Some spider or flea here probably gave them Lyme Disease. So how do I know? This place is the equivalent of the French Riviera vacation paradise for migratory birds found to be the prime distribution vector of this whole Borrelia mess by California researchers.

I see a stinkbug on the wall. Must have picked him up outside. They have 8 legs and eat fir needles lying around here if the smell when I prod him is any indication. I wonder if it has Lyme Disease, being an arthropod? All arthropods are capable of transmitting it but he smells like fir sap. I’m not going to try that. I know it will make me sick; The little birds won’t even go there. Well, some may have once, but they’re toast in the bottom of the deep end of the gene pool. Nature has an equivalent of Health Canada except it doesn’t take half your money; The “lifeguard ” is likewise off schmoozin’ some babes in Radiology. Just sayin’… The apple sap is a lot more palatable, and everything from bugs to birds to squirrels to ruminants agree.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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