Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun Mar 8, 2015 – Day 220 – Why is Borreliosis Epidemic now?

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There are a lot of reasons. One is that testing for it may be catching up. Wild Apple Leaf is an easy test for it; If you take a 500 mg capsule of powdered Apple Leaf, and you have a reaction, it is a simple effective way to get a positive that requires further treatment. But we all know that this disease from a simple bug bite, not just ticks, is more prevalent than they ever dreamed.

Once it is established, it actually protects co-infections like Malaria and Cat Scratch Disease. Anything with borrelia in the name teams up with it. It can stay relatively dormant and hidden for years. However, I suspect there is an environmental factor that wakes it all up and causes it to thrive. That factor is a food supply polluted intentionally and systemically with weedkiller at increasing “safe” levels under the guise of GMO’s. The entire food supply is being genetically modified to specifically withstand increasing amounts of weedkiller while nobody is checking just how much we are forced to eat. At their own company cafeterias, the world’s leading weed killer and GMO producer Monsanto doesn’t even eat the GMO product they sell everywhere. It’s all organic because they have listened to and agreed with the irrefutable evidence of their critics that it is not safe for human consumption. That has to tell you something.

The weedkiller is also effective at killing nearly 91% of the cells in your body; Your Intestinal Flora, or biotics. Doctors’ arguments against prolonged usage of anti-biotics is because they kill 91% of the cells in your body, the biotics. They are responsible for your ability to think, and the enzymes they produce also maintain your immune system. Glyphosate was patented by Monsanto as an anti-biotic, and it is in nearly everything in a supermarket, and at increasing levels. Food agencies have been paid off to look the other way, or more likely, they are that ignorant. Toxicology studies show that test animals survived 4 days; Therefore it is declared safe. On the up side, they have finally found something that may eradicate rats.

You can take a probiotic supplement, but of course that gets killed off the next time you eat more hidden weedkiller. At least it is a simple test where the glyphosate testing world is horrifically corrupted. If it kills a probiotic, then it is not safe. Unfortunately, that is a little after the fact. If you are like me, after restoring it, you can feel the probiotics  working. You become sensitized to it, so in effect, you become a poor man’s test yourself.

You could also just pour cornflakes on a dandelion to see if it wilts it. Dandelions have evolved to the point where they are superweeds now though. They have become GMO Cornflake Resistant through the process of Un-Natural Selection. Just load up a squirt bottle with Soy Sauce for spot cleanup. Likewise, you may have to hit really stubborn patches with stuff from the gluten free aisle. You can bet it has the highest levels of weedkiller possible. Who knows? Nobody is testing. Still, it will tell you when they start to add 2,4-D to kill superweeds without actually eating it. It is likely cheaper than buying Roundup at the hardware store. That’s what you get when you make food to look at, and not eat, like your lawn. Chances are your lawn is healthier food until you start applying processed food on it. No wonder the dog eats it with the dish half full; If this disturbs you, start spreading his dog food on it.

Enlist duoIf you still have stubborn weeds, try a teaspoon of Beet Sugar on them. Nothing will survive that shzt. Cane sugar may be competitive now because they are using glyphosate as a drying agent. Same with Stevia. YMMV. Suffice to say the most cost effective weed and 91% Human Killer is in a supermarket, not a hardware store. As for a place to buy stuff to eat? You have to be crazy. Ironically, hardware stores and sections at WalMart sell seeds.

Most cool herbs that fight parasites are broadleaf weeds like Milk Thistle, chamomile, dandelion, and artemisia to name a few. If they are systematically being eliminated from the environment, would that not also cause borrrelia to also run rampant? The stubborn antibiotic resistance of borrelia is already well known. There is only 9% left of a human for them to attack as it stands now with Monsanto’s anti-biotics killing all Lyme Disease’s enemies.

Honeybees are making a comeback after a huge colony collapse years ago from weedkiller. They are great little proxy weedkiller testers too. Monsanto bought Beeologics to produce a study to blame their nicotinamide producing competitors for the colony collapse when they were obviously pretty much responsible. I use honey to sweeten my coffee now. Best before? When they opened up the Pyramid tombs, they found intact honey in crude jars and pots.

People tell us the internet is over 75% bullshit. Consider that the world’s richest Gold Mines are over 99.99% dirt and other glitter. Just add a little mineral processing. You can look it up.

Take a look at this: We have what I suspect is an Apple Genome Based Phage and Lytic Enzyme Source that works with a mechanism similar to this, lysing or killing the contents of borrelia biofilms. In a secondary action, it prompts helmintic action on co-parasites. It appears to be unique in that it is a viral/enzyme mechanism that attacks a virus hiding under biofilm, somehow mechanically permeating the protection that makes it anti-biotic resistant. While sea water was low hanging fruit for phages discovered a century ago, given the huge number of bacteria in it, Apple Trees themselves with their 57,000 genes could be a much friendlier source for Phages we desire, and are proven to work by Deer. Here we are sort of backwards, having a solution looking for a method. Dr. E Sapi identifies multiple components of borrelia biofilms by microscopy, and Dr. AB MacDonald confirms and elaborates on the specific function of each component. We have found that basic apple leaf consumption. Dr. V Fischetti suspects that the only way to solve a problem like this is with some sort of phage therapy, and we by chance witnessed a young lame deer having similar symptomology to our problem healed by munching wild apple leaves in its diet.

It warrants a clinical trial. In Canada, we have the best funded health care system in the world, but no clinic. Fraudsters are raping it hiding a problem their co conspirators failed to solve. There is no argument for clinicians that pigeon hole any threat to this status quo of maintaining a cover up conspiracy into mental institutions. Thus, the epidemic marches on, unchecked by criminal design. Meanwhile, we continue to apparently cure confirmed chronic conditions by the handful.

100 Capsules Apple LeafNow here is a snap of the first 100 size 0 capsules, minus about 8 or so. Before, I would just munch the leaves, but they were tasting a little bland. This helps a lot, and also quantifies consumption somewhat. I thought about going to a double zero, but these are easy to swallow. i just filled them by hand. I used old walmart prescription bottles, and just dumped out the celebrex. This stuff is way better, and you can really feel it working.

Anyways, I am looking for extremely sick people for my clinical trial of the most powerful medicine i have discovered unknown to man. Contact me here or email:mvbeng@gmail.com . Everything from Lyme to cancer.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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