Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues Mar 10, 2015 – Day 222 – Just How Long has Wild Apple Leaf been Around?

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Here is a good paper showing what is up with the Apple Genome. It says it has been around for over 50 million years. Here is a shot of Table 2 from that paper:
Table 2 Apple ComparedAside from ruling the roost at 57,386 genes, it has 992 Resistance Genes and a whopping 4,021 Transcription Factors to play with should it be threatened. Moreover, it seems to have unknown phages present in it that leverage that to wallop anything that comes their way. It is Nature’s Micromachines’ Preferred ride. I assume that is because they have more to work with. If there is a natural cure for cancer, it would be found living there.

Likewise it has been through a hell of a lot in 50 million years. So have Deer since they scampered on the scene 35 million years ago. While We have only been around 60,000 years, and didn’t even start using fire until 20,000 some odd years ago, we have opposable thumbs and vocal cords to yak or txt at each other all day long. I suspect that is why we are so damn stupid when it comes to fighting disease armed with our pathetic 30,000 gene puddle and distracted with our opposable appendage enhancements and auxiliary minds made of solid rock. We are in cucumber territory here relatively. A spirochete gang can ride us like they stole us, and in fact they do. No wonder we are sized up like a vegetable that resembles a dick, and they have us in an easy “pickle.”

It didn’t take another form of slime long to find that we could be easily duped into using a Fiat currency based on a goldsmithing certificate ponzi fraud. Insurance also sucked us in to produce a single payer health care system to lighten our loads with ineffective medicine. They made a nice Idjut salad with the sto0pid ‘Cukes. More middlemen infested the whole defenceless mess and over ran the hapless dicks. This is the pinheaded pinnacle of evolution we stand at, and now Monsanto is gonna modify our cucumber azzes via the back door of our supermarkets.

I wonder what will happen feeding all this high level genetic material to our besieged intestines where it can team up with the flora down there? For now we are just using the leaves, and a little bark. Is this a case where its bark is better than its blight? I think so. These wild trees don’t need any stinkin’ pesticides… They’re tough enough already and even grow hardy in the partial shade. In fact, they should be cloned, having made it to the top of the gene pool all by themselves. While there is no evidence that ingestion should transfer the genetic strength of these little fighters, it can’t hurt adding them to the arsenal of 91% of our body that Monsanto is killing off on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, I have again increased the apple intake to find where we get an adverse reaction. Still not yet, trying for 4,000 mg./day now that encapsulating it makes it easier to swallow and the herxing has subsided. While I slowly ramped up, you will get a reaction that may or may not be uncomfortable at 500 mg./twice a day. We are pushing it to the limit if there is one. I’ll let you know if an apple grows out of my elbow when I come out of dormancy in the spring. If anything, it helps digestion. What remains extremely curious is that something with such a profound reaction initially to a low dose doesn’t appear to increase that at increased doses. That indicates it may be part of a two part process that consumes the available second part, requiring additional minerals to proceed. So we have yet another discovery to get to the bottom of. It is a safe bet to guess we have hit the limit of what our liver can handle in biotoxins from the biolfilm deposition. Now that I mention it, I can even feel it.

Well, had business in town, and while that was going on, the milk thistle did pick up. the liver cut in more, and as a result, there was a stronger reaction. My liver seems to be the limiting bottle neck; How much your liver takes over time as it consume fluids and/or toxins produced from the swelling. With me, it is a built in safety net that seems to automatically limit the apparent reaction. I made it to 6 apple leaf capsules and stopped. I did get some ginko, devil’s/cat’s claw, and niacin, but no ginger root, or cayenne capsules. They are all microcirculatory enhancers recommended for arthritis swelling, so I was going to see if they would work on this too as some report.

OK, a couple hours on, and the effect of the microcirculatory agents is evident. It feels cooling, yet those cold areas are actually warm to the external touch now, and the edema is completely alleviated. That is another one modern medical science cannot touch, preferring to shill some ineffective patented medicine instead if my little brother is any indication. That is what we are looking for; Increased circulation to the herxing tissues that the apple phages are lysing. I did a ginko biloba, devil’s claw, magnesium, and a niacin.

I also picked up some safflower CLA because I noticed Dr Zhang included it in his herbs. Deer are ruminants having 4 stomachs and can manufacture their own CLA (conjugated lineolic acid); humans need help, and although I definitely do not need to lose weight, I am having trouble building lean muscle mass like a deer or a cow to get it in our red meat. We would like to emulate what made the lame little deer well again, and in a matter of days. I remember about 10 months back thinking this poor little fawn has the same thing as me and the lame Canada goose; a strange fast onsetting (lyme) paralysis on one side, and by chance, all three on our presumably stronger right sides. They can also eat a whole apple with no ill effects even though the seeds contain a precursor chemical to cyanide. They have a very sophisticated digestive system. Red Meat contains CLA since cows are also ruminants with 5 stomachs. It apparently has an added energizing effect, also welcome. Isotonic resistant exercise is for example now possible where it was too exhausting even with short duration previously.

4 hours down the road now and it feels like my leg veins were previously blocked from the swelling/herxing alone. Such a welcome relief here with the microcirculatory agents. I feel so much better that I popped another wild apple leaf now that what seemed to be blocking it is gone. Just need to add ginger root and cayenne caps if I can find them. Now we are back rolling, liver is fine, getting a little more puffing already from that just ingested apple leaf with some minor cooling externally, but can actually feel the blood coursing through now. It wasn’t liver being the bottleneck so much as peripheral microcirculation now I am starting to see. RICE – Rest Ice Compression Elevation is the mnemonic for a sprain which is equivalent feeling to this herx swell without sprain pain; Just don’t need any ice cooling or compression. There is less cooling with increased circulation, but I can feel the cooler blood returning up my leg veins.


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