Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs Mar 12, 2015 – Day 224 – It’s never that easy

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Well, this morning there was a feeling I haven’t had for a while: Rheumatoid Arthritis in my lower back. It was the Cayenne Pepper. Wild Apple Leaves had completely conquered that 6 months ago I thought. I know I am, or used to be or so I thought, sensitive to nightshade vegetables. Cayenne is from a nightshade vegetable like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, red, green, and yellow peppers. Cayenne turns out to be the only one that I may be still sensitive to. Herein lies the dilemma. It is great for circulation, but at the cost of pain for me. It is a pain I am used to. No Pain, no gain I guess. It is of course nothing compared to the crippling effect of Lyme.

The other nightshade vegetables do not have that effect these days; Only the Cayenne AFAIK. I had started eating tomatoes and potatoes again with no adverse effect. I took a couple of Wild Apple leaf without it added, and one with it added still to aid in the circulation. That pain I can deal with. A little bit is good; too much can hurt me. Now it could have also been some eggplant and green pepper I tried in some chinese food last night, but I thought I was over that.

Anyways, that Devil’s Claw seems to help, and also aids microcirculation per Dr. Zhang, TCM Lyme expert. It is advertised for arthritis pain or more like just an ache. My surveying friend also visited on the tail of some cortisone shots he had. Maybe it was sympathetic symbiosis. lol His symptomology eerily echoes mine, albeit at a much earlier stage before the cooties/nematodes ran rampant. Similarly, he has just quit smoking, which coincided and touched off my whole downfall. I pointed out that all the new non smokers I knew died from this. My theory is that it gives the cooties or parasites exactly the leg up they were looking for. Wild Apple Leaf is so reprehensible to them that they physically drill out and leave as fast as they can. You will see no doubt.

After all, borrelia spirochetes we have found out are a crippling parasite, and seemingly intelligent enough to know we are onto them like shzt on a blanket. My surveying friend doesn’t care; He has a “great” doctor. We know literally a million similar stories with this; The Dr’s are still “great” because all their patients are dead and not really saying much of anything anymore. Well, I tried. I guess he doesn’t believe this will kill him painfully and slowly. Being a surveyor in oil exploration, he is in the No. 1 risk category for fully blown International Lyme Surveyor’s Disease. The strengths he learned dealing with that adversity will come in handy, but initially is why so many fell into the trap “Oh, it’s just my Sciatica!” and he has a perfect Doctor in Lyme Diapers technologically to deal with it. Perfect. Just fzckin’ Perfect.

Back to the whole point of this post, it is never easy. Win one battle only to find out it causes another. Wild Apple causes swelling and a circulation issue as the capillaries are choked off in the affected areas, presumably where the infestation is suffering a massive die off or exodus. This is similar to the dilemma of cancer, where chemo or radiation is limited by how much your body can handle of the die off plus the toxicity of the treatment. You can look at the composition of apple leaves; there should be absolutely nothing there that causes toxicity, but appears to be toxic to the very borrelia/mycoplasma/nematodes/co0ties themselves underlying the whole mess. Thus, the herx. Cayenne relieved that herx easy. The downside is you will need a pain killer or herb (Devil’s Claw) if you are cayenne sensitive like me. It is likely I overdid it too, because it felt so damn good. I popped several of the things looking for trouble, and I found it.

I was in contact with Luba Williams from worldlymeday.org looking for candidates for a clinical trial. She suggested I try Lee Cowden like Dr. Sapi did. I did try last summer but the email contact said my email did not exist, and would not let me contact him. It worked out for the best because I wouldn’t have found out about Dr. Zhang, and he is more up the alley of an apparent babesia coinfection, knowing about artemesia antimalarials and other anthelmintics. We have realized that this is a microscopic anthelmintic specifically targeting the filarial nematodes (microscopic parasitic roundworms). We may have exposed a new kind of Filariasis specific to northern Canada, transmitted by migratory birds, causes some kind of fibromyalgia that cripples locally, transmitted by all manner of biting insects, has been witnessed in a contagious situation, and one which is behind a nasty variant of Lyme Borreliosis crippling oilfield workers. Symptomology wise, it is Lyme for sure, but has its own quirks in British Columbia and Alberta. Be worth an easy doctorate, but I am sick of school. I need another doctorate – Where progress and laurels go to die… like I need another hole in my head, and not the Filariasis kind! Lord know we have hundreds of those from entry, and now thanks to the Wild Apple Leaf discovery, exit. lol Ivermectin, move aside.

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