Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Friday Mar 13, 2015 – Day 225 – Friday the 13th, and the Smoking Paradox revisited

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Quit smoking and die. What is up with that anyways? I suspect it is that the spirochetes do not like Smoker’s Brains and neurons. Whiners! lol

All surveyors learn to smoke or die. They are a feast for the clouds of Canadian and Jungle Bugs otherwise. I asked a local medicine man’s grandson when we were outside a bar smoking last year why bugs don’t like natives even if they don’t smoke. He said that it was because Natives eat Soapnuts, and I found out they come from Sapindus bushes. They wanted to know where mine were because they seek them out, and I guess they are rare around even here. I am hoarding mine. Getcher own, Gordon! lol We have a relatively warm temperate climate but too cold for peaches. Grapes grow some places here. Sapindus too, evidently.0 Apple Branch

That was the first sprig of Wild Apple I picked where the deer were eating here, but they couldn’t reach ’em. I ate those. Interesting… When this is over, you can eat soapnuts and quit smoking maybe. Until then, the nematodes will drill their way out shortest distance after you start eating wild apple leaf. They are blind and navigate by taste. I assume they are greedy and want to grab a last meal on the way out too. It could be a while before they find another sweet ride like I was for decades. The Wild Apple must be fatal to them and they know it, so they skidaddle. They aren’t very bright because they wind up killing their host eventually by over farming. Well, in that respect they are like humans. These days, human farmers spray so much weed killer on those zero tillage GMO crops that it is killing their own meal ticket as Dr. Seneff will attest. The survivors likely are like Monsanto employees; They all eat strictly organic diets.

The irony is that everybody is told that smoking is hazardous to their health and will shorten their lifespan. I suppose given the hapless state of the medical community dealing with Borreliosis, coupled with our several discoveries about the whole thing, and why their treatments do not work worth a tinker’s damn on the chronic condition of anything, they won’t be around to watch us all die… More the other way around. Mark Twain is laughing in Heaven or Hell as the case may be. I was half expecting to meet up with him last year, but that is all changed now.

I guess you need guts to try Wild Apple Leaves. Either that, or try to kill a few worm infested rats with it first. I didn’t want to have to kill any rats, or likewise waste any wild apple I picked on them either, after I found it was working. I took matters into my own hands. I was a Frat Rat in school, so I know what it is like, sorta. At least you don’t have to drink a lot of beer and throw up all over your Active Frat brothers at initiation. Here in Canada doctors keep performing stupid inconclusive irrelevant useless tests, so I guess that is like being a lab rat. lol Rats likely won’t tell you when or where the worms come out either. I am Human Test Subject Numero Uno. It worked for me to some extent. We surveyors are a pretty crusty bunch. In Alaska, they get Hyderized and “Drink the Toe” (until some surveyor swallowed it I hear) but on the whole people are a little squeamish when it comes to worms exiting their bodies. Never mind that these things are alive inside all of them; They are just fine with that I guess. Not me.

I trusted Edie, my pet Deer. She had no problem scarfing down a half a tree of the things. Now I know Deer have 4 stomachs and can digest poison mushrooms. But these things aren’t poison. They taste like Apples when they are fresh like above. Maybe that is a typo in the Bible; They meant to say, “Don’t eat the fruit, silly! Eat the Leaves! It’s a few months until harvest time, anyways.” To be fair, some snake doctor told her it would be good for her. If I had a nickel… Anyways, that is the disclaimer. If some worm drills out of your eyeball, don’t blame me! If I were you, I’d suck it up, Princess, and be glad the damn thing is gone. I was. lol

To be fair, the majority are microscopic worms. You can’t see them with the naked eye. Just a little itch and they’re gone, with a small pinprick like exit wound that heals overnight. A great deal exited the left side of my chest, side, and back. They thought it was comfy up around my heart until they got the boot. Chimps eat them, Wild Apple Leaves, all the time too I bet. I suppose that is why they spend all day grooming the exiting cooties.

By the way, want a simple test for these things? Try closing your eyes in a dark room. After a while, I used to notice little “floaters” or *something* appearing like it was moving/swimming around in back of my eyes there. Now I don’t see that anymore. Coincidence? I think not! Go to some doctor about that an’ they’ll lock you up tighter than a bull’s azz at fly time in Psych for three hots and a cot, and “Observation.”

Sort of a side note: I have been looking at Mycoplasma. Something is producing a lot of slime/phlegm from Wild Apple Leaf ingestion. I checked to see if it was something in the leaves themselves. I kept an eye out for Leaf Rollers, a cocooning bug that rolls up the leaf on a longitudinal axis, or spiders and the like, so there was no source there. I figure it must be something that the apple chemicals dissolve that is already in you, and that is a typical Lyme co-infection. I am hoping it is the Mycoplasma because they are the jackpots of chronic disease. There is no official treatment yet, which is like pretty much everything we have bumped up against in our chronicles, and subsequently kicked its azz. They are the precursor to all manner of disease, including cancer. That is what I have spent the rest of the day on… Determining what the slime is, and they have no cell wall… just a film or slime they grow in. They are very small, and less than a tenth of the size of a regular cell nucleus. They form balls… well, look at the link. You get the drift. I notice Vitamin C liquifies it, reducing the viscosity by magnitudes. Anyways, maybe budget for extra kleenex if you try this, because initially I was spitting out a cup and a half a day of the stuff, and honking out several sheets of paper towel worth on top. It eventually does subside, but I guess that would depend on the degree of mycoplasma infection you have with it. After all, there are two Consecutive Friday the 13ths we have gone through here.

Anyways, it is bizarre at best… and all on a Friday the 13th – The Sequel! Hope that doesn’t give you Triskadecaphobia. Actually,13 is Baker’s Dozen… Lucky! YMMV. 🙂 Pssst! Wanna get it Free? Look here… Jaysus… I write a lot don’t I? Another Side Effect. lulz


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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