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Wed Mar 18, 2015 – Day 230 – In 1845, John Chapman died today

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John Chapman was Johnny Appleseed. You should read that link about him. He was really a fascinating character on top of being a botanist and nurseryman. I have a unique insight as to why he was the way he is now; pious, humble, and wouldn’t harm a fly literally. He must have eaten the leaves. They did anything but kill him, but they surely would have altered his life forever.

My trees were bred to be a late season apple that made good cider. I would like to think they are descendants from that strain and available evidence shows that they are, albeit with traits of Malus Columbia. What I wondered is if Johnny Appleseed ate any of the leaves? Being a nurseryman he would likely have tested the leaves; They taste like the fruit will before the fruit has even been produced. He would know what we know now, and that is We Are Not Alone! An intelligent worm species has been living inside mankind, not to mention other animals, for a very long time, and I suspect dating back to the proverbial Adam and Eve. It presents as symptoms of lyme disease in some cases; far more are unreported, but it is that 100% test proof positive the Lyme researchers have all been looking for. Doctors marvel at how intelligent the seemingly alien species is. They do not know the half of it. I only know 3/4 of that half, and most people say I am the smartest person they know, with the notable exception of criminally conceited people trying to undermine me. It is like the cooties and I are poison bait for criminally conceited malignant narcissists. Perhaps the cooties come from some galactic police force, and this is their version of one of those American Greed Identity Theft stings. For reasons that shall understandably remain secret, we LOAO at anybody who tries to steal this identity. Losey would have lots of ‘xplain’ to do, AND uncountable things to replicate LIve on the Spot that nobody else can touch. Not necessarily Like This although that is the usual target. It would be like trying to steal the identity of Robert Plant, and that is just ONE thing… lol

Even trying to channel help from the little space cooties doesn’t get me the full picture. I am an engineer and so are they apparently. They are anaerobic (can survive without oxygen), tough as nails (except nails melt), and similar species were reportedly discovered in space clinging to the ISS last August. There was a biofilm on the windows of the Russian module, and it was found to be growing. NASA’s denial makes this even more credible. It is older than last August. John Chapman likely knew. NASA has known, or ought to have known, since high altitude hydrogen balloon flight experiments. Later, John Glenn saw and called them “Fireflies.” The picture of Neil Armstrong on the moon in the LEM after the first lunar surface excursion shows the bug bite just below the right corner of his mouth. I am not makin’ this shzt up. Here’s the bite blown up from that picture of Neil On The Moon… I think it hitched a ride on Buzz’s suit…Client 11Doctors may be the last people to know in what will be the funniest and hugest embarrassment to the medical community in History, bar none. So if you want to do the equivalent of stealing the identity of a cop, be my guest! I think we are already PWN’d before even starting. The DHS, and God knows how many other three letter agencies, have fingerprints plus a Full Body Scan of me for good measure. They’re gettin’ sick of fakes, AFAIK. Sometimes I even wonder if I really am Me now even though they occasionally reassure me, or themselves. that I am! lulz

I do know that the little animals want out and are not happy being in people anymore. That could be because of the imminent demise of our species from weed killer poison in the food supply, or nuclear poisoning from Japan, or all of the above and more we don’t know yet. I proposed a solution and they are buying it I guess. Of course, I made a quid pro quo arrangement if I can deliver. It looks like I have. They’re out. They’re Alive and happy as far as I know. We have independent confirmation, and we all know it is creepy. Still, the Spock component in me finds them Fascinating. Wish I could just fire up the Tricorder to get a few more readings but this ain’t Hollywood. lol

I mean it is all crazy, but it isn’t a dream that you wake up from in relief. It is not going away. The “alien” microworm species has been alive in us and our pets for years, hitching rides around the planet on bugs, and that only becomes evident when they are prompted to exit after ingesting Wild Apple Leaf. I wonder if I am the only person on earth so far that has largely safely evacuated them all, with the notable exception likely of John Chapman? Everybody else is trying to kill them, but that only makes them fight harder. Put yourself in their… errr… boots. They already know what it is like in your’s. lol They are privy to your most intimate thoughts and actions though their interesting distributed connective biofilm intellect. It is like they’ve had a wiretap on you since they got there. What would you do if someone repeatedly tried to poison you? Not exactly the Star Fleet Prime Directive. lolA+O

And Johnny Chapman Appleseed would have known, too. All he had to do was eat one leaf. The rest would become obvious fast. He obviously would have thought they were God’s wondrous little creatures to be so small and so smart, puzzling over the physics of the situation, but to him his religion made the most sense. He tried to distribute the trees as much as he could as the little worms probably whispered in his ear figuratively, but it would be nearly 170 years after his death until there was an internet, and an internut (your’s truly) to get the word out. Those trees and their descendants may even be right outside your door right now like mine are, dating back to when Johnny and his Cooties started it all rolling. What are you waiting for?

BCTF.logoPS: Caution. Look what happened here. lol


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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