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Mon, Mar 23, 2015 – Day 235 – A Can of Worms

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Nematodes are the most prevalent animal species on earth they say. A cursory look at the link there makes one realize that indeed we could have myriad candidates for human parasites there, and in many locations. We see them physically exiting after ingestion of Wild Apple Leaf, our new anthelmintic/biofilm buster, and one deer apparently crave. The subset of farmer nematodes remains to be determined. When we think of worms though, we generally think of big ones, and not the more prevalent ones less than a fifth of a millimeter long, like Female Strongyloides. Nematodes have been found virtually everywhere including at 3,600 meters underground in South Africa. Nobody was even looking here that we knew of save for the odd doctor in New York.

There are boy and girl Nematodes. Sometimes in low food environments, the children simply consume the parents. Talk about kids living in the basement until their 20’s! Young Worms won’t have any of that shzt. They eat their parents when times get tough!!! lol

This is now moving to the case of Filariasis, some have associated with Lyme Disease, and is the disease associated with filarial nematode spirochete farmers. In particular, this underlies chronic Lyme, and is an explanation for reinfection after treatment. The doctors have left a few links ago because they say Wikipedia is all bullshzt, like a Gold Mine, which is also 99.99% bullshzt. You would think they would know more about the most prevalent animal species on earth, and the fact that many are human parasites, but they don’t. It takes a special kind of ignorant dumbass to be that stupid, but They’re Special.

Wuchereria Bancrofti is such a filarial Nematode – parasitic roundworm candidate producing specific symptoms we have seen, including mainly arthritis and an edema of the lower legs similar to elephantitis. including characteristic dermatitis, albeit less pronounced. It is a mosquito transmitted parasitic disease. The treatment is an 8 week course of doxycycline with Ivermectin. That is the treatment we are replacing partly simply with Wild Apple Leaf to extricate the adult farmer worms. These are a larger species than we have witnessed exiting through our skin though. The symptomatology is a laundry list of chronic disease common to particularly Surveyors. I suspect the treatments in combination may work much better and with a less invasive course of doxycycline and the resultant destruction of intestinal flora which comprise over 90% of human cells. Eureka… I think we have found it! What a hellish process though, especially because we had to invent an alternate part of the treatment answer, and then had to work backwards to identify what the hell it was that it smoked out. Perhaps there is a physically smaller variant culprit as well.

History: The effects of W. bancrofti were documented early in ancient text. Ancient Greek and Roman writers noted the similarities between the enlarged limbs and cracked skin of infected individuals to that of elephants. Since then, this condition has been commonly known as elephantiasis. However, this is a misnomer, since elephantiasis literally translates to “a disease caused by elephants”. W. bancrofti was named after physician Otto Wucherer and parasitologist Joseph Bancroft, both of whom extensively studied filarial infections. W. bancrofti is speculated to have been brought to the New World by the slave trade.[3] Once it was introduced to the New World, this filarial worm disease persisted throughout the areas surrounding Charleston, South Carolina until its sudden disappearance in the 1920s”… at which time, insurance companies stopped recognizing it in a huge fraud to prevent payouts. Later, it reared its ugly head again as a precursor condition of Lyme Disease. (My Theory)

Concurrently, we have personally tested various dosages of our new medicine since initiation, and have now started clinical trials locally and soon branching out to different geographical areas, but using symptomatology in lieu of direct medical serum analysis. W. Bancrofti explains the type of human – insect – human transmission vector as well as animal – insect – human vector we have witnessed.

Moving along, we have the case of Swimmer’s Itch. Trichobilharzia regenti (Say that three times fast…) is local not only to the Okanagan Lake system in British Columbia, but found everywhere ducks migrate Worldwide. These are likely candidates as well that our Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic addresses, presenting as a dirt like substance physically migrating out of the pores. Until now, there was no treatment. They were assumed not to last more than a week within the human host. Well, where did our’s come from then? This may be another candidate in the increase in the incidence of chronic illness in humans. It obviously remains hidden from view of the conveniently incurious medical community.

What is obvious is that we have in our new Real Objective Science of Forensic Reverse Medical Engineering created an entirely new meal ticket, hitherto unknown. Freud would be Jelly. That is on top of him being Nuckin’ Futz. All of medicine is our bitch on the internet now. We built it; Not Al Gore. U Jelly? We couldn’t have done it without conceited medical dipshzts being so fzcking stupid they denied that it existed for 23 years no less. What dumbazzes. They Jelly. Need a second opinion, Hmmm? Trust Me; I’m Not A Doctor! I Am Just Another Fzckin’ Engineer! It doesn’t take a degree in Rocket Surgery to figure this stuff out. Bring on the kids and their phones to give ’em a bitch slapping they so richly deserve.

The fact that we caught them as part and parcel partners in the largest Insurance Fraud in World history is just a kicker. I suspect there will be a lot more. Let the backstabbing begin, and any idiot can climb the knives to the top… Basic Aikido.

Columbo Gotcha! 2015-01-10 19:41:08But unfortunately that is not the end for us. Nematode Parasites can take years to eradicate, and there is more than one we have witnessed. There is a definite association with Lyme Disease by symptomatology we have concurred. While there is similar symptomatology to W. Bancrofti, Strongyloides Stercoralis, and Swimmer’s Itch, we haven’t seen any 2″+ adult worms that we know of of the W. Bancrofti type. Perhaps they have passed out intestinally and thus have remained out of sight, or are unaffected. Strongyloides and Trichobilharzia worms appeared to exit out of the skin. Again, we are left guessing with a Narcissistic corrupt AWOL clinical backup on/busy dealing drugs.

Anyhow, it is no wonder we started feeling better almost immediately. Even in developing countries where nematodes are not being covered up by criminal neglect, like they are here, that eradication difficulty is well known. Left untreated it will cause all myriad of health issues, many of which are well known and listed here. We have a new treatment that can be used alone or in concert with traditional first and second line defences. This is a World Health Issue and perhaps it is time the WHO steps in and deposes the failed, technically dysfunctional, and bureaucratically corrupt Canada Health Care System. Similarly, the Worms sponging off of it will flee for the exits. The Buck starts here. An Update… Seems like they’ve already started new careers… “<foreign accent> Hello… This is Joe Douche Bag from the Windoze Technical Department…” Hello Buttheads… We use Ubuntu. lulz



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