Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Mar 24, 2015 – Day 236 – Why did it apparently cure Cancer?

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I am not sure! We all know the deal with cancer. Cells start growing uncontrollably. Nobody knows why it is caused, or they would just stop doing that. That is the case about smoking they say. Stop smoking – Prevent cancer. With this weird Lyme thing, the people I know stopped smoking, then they died, sometimes of cancer. It was a paradox. You know because we whipped that dead horse several instalments of our little blog ago.

Now by deduction, we knew it had to be a parasite that somehow caused cancer. Smokers’ Meat would taste lousy to the parasite. Stop smoking and the meat would taste better, allowing the parasites to run rampant for once. In their glee, they would inadvertently somehow cause cancer. Now both smokers and non smokers get cancer. But this one strange paradox bothered me, like Columbo would say, and when it finally clicked, it gave me insight into the root cause of cancer. It was a nematode style parasite. Wild Apple Leaf, being a broad ranging anthelmintic, extricated the parasites responsible for my skin cancer spot that has now completely healed up. It used to be sore. Not anymore. It was just a side effect. Take it or leave it. It is still going to do it whether you like it or not.

We found another unexpected result as well. Warts raised up and started to peel off. I thought they had gone. I remembered when I got them, some over 50 years ago. The anthemintic also improved my memory and mental clarity. This points to a root cause there too. It is worms simply, and some of these worms run a virus farm, farming/ranching spirochetes. They are spirochete punchers. They make spirochete jerky out of them and store it in cysts and hydroceles for later.

You can still catch a cold or the flu, but it only lasts a few hours. Without the worms and their bio-slime help, your immune system makes easy work out of defeating that. There are other side effects. Your hairs start growing where they had fallen out. Moreover, it grows back dark, not grey. Parasites make you go bald. Don’t get me started on what they apparently do to your prostate and urinary tract. Suffice to say they are both happy the worms caught the last train for the coast. 50% of men over 50 and 80% of men over 80 have prostate troubles/issues.

Wild apple leaf powder or just raw wild apple leaves sent them packin’. Why? I dunno. Ask the next worm you see leaving. I am sure people will try like crazy to prove it wrong, but I’m not worried. I actually welcome scepticism. That will just say more about where they are coming from, and far from being bad, it will actually expedite matters. I costs nothing to criticise so it is a cheap peer review process. All I know is that it worked for me. Bring it on.

We found that worms also underlie juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. How do we know? It was something we had. Now we don’t have it anymore. It took off with the first wave of worms. Interestingly, people go to great lengths to de-worm their pets. I know a wealthy individual, former chairman of a Seven Sister oil company, and he wants to donate his fortune to the animal shelter. People are more interested in the welfare of their pets. A lot would rather that we die miserably. Well, at least take this anthelmintic to piss them off. Or do it for your pets if you prefer. lol

A great deal of research has to be put into why worms underlie chronic illness. I do not have heart disease, dementia, alzheimer’s, or real depression to test so they should be looked into. By simply shocking the worms out, we have invented, or more correctly discovered, a new panacea. We invented the method. They misdiagnosed depression in me as it was just part of Lyme Disease which they also misdiagnosed. The medications for their misdiagnoses crippled me. That’s when I started to realize that they were all a bunch of quacks doling out dope that should have never been approved in the first place. Do no harm had become do no good.

Biofilm slime is the stuff of worms and their spirochete-mycoplasma farm I deduce. They emulate their larger earthworm cousins that way. Getting rid of all that slime is a bottleneck in the process we have found. Raw carrots help, because a lot of it comes out of your lungs where the infants like to nest. So does chewable vitamin C. If you want, hack up a loogie and then chew some vitamin C. It will dissolve. A lot of it runs out of your head and sinus cavities. The spirochetes prefer brain tissue, and they live in worm slime. It also must be coming out of your spinal cord and neurons body wide, not to mention cartilage. There is a lot of slime to extricate. Slime protects your small intestine, but that slime doesn’t seem to be affected. My digestion seems to be the best it has ever been. I will spare you selfies of my movements to prove it though.

Lyme is proving to be the toughest one to eradicate of all. It is just slower, but things are still improving. They are a tougher breed of worm than the cancer or arthritis worms. Tell me about it. We used to have to play hockey against those farm kids in Tofield/Viking, and we got our ass kicked. Farm kids are tough on top of being pretty smart too. Not to be outdone, we grew up and kicked their hayseed asses back. It just took time. Later, the farm kids all went to the NHL. They kept fighting too. Tough, I tell ya. I survived growing up in Camrose to tell the tale, and even though I had been diagnosed with arthritis at the time. It was to be an ongoing lesson in pain. This was late 60’s early 70’s… I’m 59 now.

Anyways, it helps if you slip a horseshoe into your gloves. Wild Apple Leaf turns out to be that horseshoe. Wish I knew that 60 years ago. Go figure. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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