Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Mar 28, 2015 – Day 240 – Picking the First Apple Leaves

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Now this is for the peeps in the Northern Hemisphere. The trees are still dormant, so there may not be much foliage on the lower branches. Pick the upper ones first while you can still get at them. When the bottom buds out, there is no way in hell you can get through the foliage to the upper branches. Southern hemisphere you are waiting patiently for the things to fall off on their own. I’d just set up a net to catch them all. If you are desperate, try scraping a little bark off like my flying weasel pal Rocky does. He must be a cross between the pack rat down the block and a regular flying squirrel. I swear shzt is disappearing around here. It could be those weird foo fighter bug eating things in the lake over by Blind Bay Community hall, but they would more likely raid the houses closer to the golf cour$e.

Last fall was a big salmon year. This year’s harvest will be especially important to save leaves from. It happens on a 4 year cycle because the river got blocked by a landslide in 1913 I think, and that was after a dam wiped out the upper Adams run in 1907. It is still the biggest fish fzck ever. Hey, you get laid once in your life and you know when and where, nothing gonna stop that. I could just imagine what the Diceman would say about that from a Brooklyn perspective. Female salmon look all prim and proper. Male salmon look like Dice with an extra couple cigarettes going by the time they get up here, except they got more Attitude. The females tease their sorry azz over 400 miles of broken glass through an actual Hell’s Gate to their “Special Place,” then fzck around gettin’ ready for it. No wonder their mens’ brains cave in and they blow their load on the rocks and expire. Ever been on a date like that? “Yes, I married her!” one azzhole says. lulz

I can’t help but wonder about the future of Wild Apple Leaf. I already imagined everybody else will say they invented it, The earliest evidence of the behaviour characteristic of the consumption would be John Chapman Appleseed, but then nothing. The idea died with him and he likely knew what he had was good, but not that good. He thought he was talkin’ to God. Then I thought about the proverbial Singin’ Frog. Then I imagined everybody else would claim it was their’s trying to patent by obscurity. That is but one reason we have several hundred thousand words about it all over the internet stashed away in clouds.

I also knew that patent agents would tell their novice clients they could protect it to still send them the bill, but no. Monsanto started snipping genes and greasing the wheels in their bid to poison us all for money. The USPTO bought it. Evidence of creation date is everything. I do not have evidence from John Chapman who died 170 years ago, but can deduce that he indeed would have known of the properties by being a nurseryman. Everybody including him evangelized and proselytized over the properties of the fruit, including Eve. Apple trees, the real inventor, are over 50 million years old. Our discoveries are new AFAWK. Jim Macdonald is a good source as well,

Everything about this is from reading between the lines of the Universe. When I was disabled, I was a student of theoretical physics, studying the physics of cognitive thought. I used it to experiment with and play the stock market in ways nobody has ever thought of. I knew I was sick but only determined late last spring it was Lyme, not even a year ago. These days, they are all looking for the Holy Grail of Physics, which is the Theory of Everything. I realized that had to include the actual physics of cognitive thought. Garret Lisi found a new mathematical description for the standard model of physics in late 2006, but there are unknown nodes in the E8 Algebra describing the universe. That is where the physics of cognitive thought must reside I deduced. I also discovered this is not the domain of humans only. There is a whole crowd of everything from deer to dreamhealers to worms lurking there. How? I now know a worm can feel fright, emotions, pain, etc., and that some of them exhibit what we call ESP and 3 mode telemetry. I also know what they really don’t like, but I know it is a prickly situation. I know they can kill or disable you in a half a heartbeat, but they have more empathy and common sense not to do it. They appear to link with the cognitive thoughts of not only their hosts, but other worms in other host animals. Whoa! Sign me up for three hots and a cot, or a Nobel Prize. The jury is still out. lol

Wild Apple Leaf is an apparent way to get them safely out of a human host and into a nice big well stocked sewer/playground/worm nirvana and/or alternate host where they have lots of food and space. I have used the comm channel that Deer open eating that foliage. I said OK gang, fair deal, I’ll tell the world about it for free and that is the only way it will get past the corrupt murdering medical $avage$ bent on killing you all with the bounty on your head at $50 Trillion, and I haven’t exactly got any love lost for them at all either. Then you can use it to vacate human hosts early in a win win because the humans are being killed by you. They run out of space in a human after a while as well. After their initial apprehension, they confirm that it is an upgrade. The whole suspected cancer cure and arthritis thing was just a kicker. Who Knew?

The optional alternate host process I have witnessed is the strangest thing ever. A small animal like a squirrel will run up to you, stop, and turn tail and run after picking up the escaping worm, even if you are in the middle of an empty concrete parking lot when really threatened. Weird! One of those weird Mexican Jungle worms did that. It has since returned out of fascination for WTF is going on here. I did not know they were microworms at that point, and connected and able to connect with other hosts’ microworms in a T3 fashion, but now it all makes sense. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, IONS, tried to confirm the T3 effect distance limit but the experiment was compromised. Utilizing enhanced Deer T3 equipment (antlers I suspect) via proxy worms, I suspect the distance is far more than lunar or solar in scope. Similarly, millions of salmon worms comprising their cognitive thought and geospatial navigational data are surviving in intermediate insect hosts here I suspect. Hey, it’s an explanation for one of nature’s little mysteries. How does a salmon know where to fzck and die? Where some worm tells it to, and on the worm’s terms. The worm gets another ride for another 4 years, or slips to another species to ride it like they stole it. Your worms are older than you, and aware of the logistics of how many offspring they can support in a host. There are boy worms, and girl worms. They run a farm. They run YOU!

The medical world is understandably sceptical of reality. Look at their track record. Look at mine. I have cured 5 fatal chronic illnesses this year, and have developed a theory of advanced physics that can’t be understood by anybody by its own definition of understanding… yet. Cancer, arthritis, prostatitis, International chronic Lyme, all additional viral infections known and forgotten, and a new quantum physics. All toast. They don’t know the tenth of it from the worms’ point of view, and the problems I have solved for the proven intelligent worm community. Doctors? Even worms are sick of their sorry azzes. They’ve blown trillions and cured shzt. They’ve run the hugest insurance and tax skimming fraud in history. They have repeatedly tried and failed genocide on the intelligent worm community, the most prevalent intelligent species on earth bar none, and a group I am proud and humbled to be allowed to be part of, even if just for a while. So the worms went to a dying engineer professing to be a quack veterinarian. We’re hedged and holding, hardly spent shzt, and the Fed, Big Pharma, USPTO, and SEC are still all in a tizzy about WTF to do about it all. Think or Swim, BP Effect “N/A”, indeed. lol

Fri Eve 2015-03-28 03:51:12There are bigger man made fzckup problems that scare even worms beyond that. Fukushima is just one. I’m workin’ on it…


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

One thought on “Sat, Mar 28, 2015 – Day 240 – Picking the First Apple Leaves

  1. You write very interestingly and entertaining. To say I’m dealing with biofilm disease is an understatement abd I do have lyme. If you have any extra wild apple leaves you could send me…I would be greatly appreciative. I’d be willing to pay for the leaves and shipping and appreciative of your effort and time.


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