Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Mar 29, 2015 – Day WhatEVAH! – It’s the Same Old Story

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We got the memo. Someone is trying to steal engineering secrets, then kill all the engineers. They use intelligent worms. They kill the worms too with their miracle “cures.” Mine live to tell the tale. And what a tale some of them are telling. Not all worms are that smart yet. They’re still building their biofilm “brain” in some cases. Yesterday you saw some of what I use for bait. Wanna catch the big fish, you need really stinky bait.

Even the idea that someone was actually able to do that was irresistible to the perps. They checked. By now I think they have shzt the hook out. All they have to do is kill all the worms and people. Or vice versa. Some worms don’t realize they have a bullseye on them too. It’s the only way doctors know how to get rid of them. None of us know how to kill the biofilm bits they leave behind. They still work as intended as a “medium.” The more live worms you have around to populate the T3 channels, the better what is left appears to work. Co0l!

They know this way with wild apple leaf now too, and the guilty will kill the escaping worm with its story. Perhaps we should be looking for whoever cuts down or tries to burn down an apple tree. I wonder how much currency it will take to rat out who told them to do it? Cops would be cheaper, and I suppose they’re the experts at taking down chain of command. I bet one has lyme somewhere out of the other 7 billion, with a doctor trying to hide a secret, It could be the doctor’s own secret or the cop’s. There has to be a few. They’ll all plead ignorance. That will be interesting…. All these brains… so many idiots all of a sudden.

Some people say it is all a military weapon.You convinced? The real perp blames someone else first. Columbo 101. Here there is the competing faction. Unless you’ve been dead or in Edmonton, all the food they are trying to feed you is laced with RoundUp and/or Agent Orange/2,4-D. That’s what GMO’s are silly. North America and Antarctica are the two continents on earth that aren’t required to label it. Most places ban it. Pretty easy to see who they want dead there. But forget that. That is a relic from back when Murder 1 an’ Genocide were crimes. Next time you see a cop car, just slap a “Monsanto” logo sticker on it before “POLICE.” We know Monsanto will kill you all this year with their food. They are plausibly fzckin’ stupid enough, but I think they’re being hung by someone. Too obvious. I haven’t got time to ponder on it. S’Lyme Literate Paramedic skule 101. Triage. Then we worry about the stories. Plus I have some engineers who deserve an explanation. See the title. lol

People will all likely say it is biblical. The Bible is fulla murder from one end to the other. So fuggedaboudit. God does that shzt. That leaves you the option to go home and shiver like a dog shzttin’ razor blades, or make up jokes about it. A genocidal mass murderer, an evil genetic scientist, and a lying sack o’ shzt douchebag walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Hello, Mr. Monsanto!” Yeah, I’ll keep the day gig. Or go on a scavenger hunt. We used to know it as “shopping,” but now it takes all day to find something that ISN’T laced with multiple weedkillers. Fun for the whole family, seeing how we all love to go shopping all fzckin’ day for a bag o’ nuts! At least if they just had warning labels. Slap it on the stuff  that is actually edible to save us time. “Warning! This DOESN’T have weedkiller in it! You’ll have to watch everybody Die a slow miserable “Unexplainable” poisoning death until some douchebag Doctor finally punches your ticket for not eatin’ the other crap!” Here in Canada they are so much more advanced. Any azzhole can stuff a tick, mite, spider, mosquito, or black fly in your gaunchies, window, or air vent and get away with murder. “There’s no murder in Canada that we know of!” No shzt, eh? “I’ll just go to a Doctor if I get sick! Everything’s paid for here! Nyah nyah!”/dumbfzckdouchebag Here I thought our main export was Cold. Now it’s also a Psycho Playground. I stand corrected.

For the rest of us there could be wild apple leaves. That way they’ll at least have to work like a son of a bitch to hunt them all down and spray them with poison to kill all the stragglers. They can’t just get farmers and doctors to do it for them as usual, and nobody wants to go anywhere near the woods because there’s more bugs in there than Windows Vista or 8.0. Meanwhile back in the here and now, crawling back from death’s door is being a bit troublesome. Some nerves were permanently killed in the multiple failed assassination attempts. The process is slow because parallel nerves have to alternately find a way to do a subtle specific motion or balancing action. It pisses you off because you know it was second nature, and it is hard to accept that you can’t do something that easy anymore, let alone that you get surprised by it still. And we all hate malls and stupormarkets. WalMart has those little scooters. No wonder the locals don’t like them. There’s other things, but we get the message. “I wish those Lyme cripples would just hurry up and die so we can get at our weedkiller laced shzt faster.” No wonder worms have given up and want out of our sorry asses. That alone is a sign of higher intelligence. They’d be better off up a slug’s azz anyways. Maybe Wild Apple Leaf does nothing and the worms just gave up on my sorry azz seeing what’s coming. The Apple Leaves were just the icing on the shzt sandwich. After all, worms have an inside perspective on shzt.

But I digress again. I have to get busy and make a thousand capsules after recuperating from shopping. I said to hell with it. These tasteless beef gelatin ones (they seem to be compared to that first 100) will have to do until the rice ones get here. I’ve tried a couple hundred and they are a more tasteless variety, possibly partly responsible for the different writing style. We need independent confirmation of some of the things we are seeing. I can’t be the only worm riddled azzhole on the block wherever I got a bug bite. But if I am, I’ll stand corrected. They DO prefer the taste of junk food chain smoked azzhole! Go figure! So much for alleged intelligent species. lol I still feel at least ten years younger, except ten years ago I had that skin cancer thing for 3 years after the official medical response was “Keep an eye on it!” and was in arthritis pain, Still better than even 40 years ago when the pain was even worse. And my mind is gettin’ younger still… I wonder when I’ll figuratively crawl back in the hole? lulz

Wild Apple Leaf smartens my cooties up, they somehow realize that there has be be a better life out there than in this pathetic sack o’ shzt, and they make like the trees and leave. They call DEET bug dope because they musta been higher than hoot owls on the shzt. Our Apple Leaf dope is like smelling salts on steroids to them if you cross it with artemesia. Hello! You can feel an electrical like sensation from the worm location, but body wide! I don’t wanna freak that one out left in my right leg struggling out the hamstrings above the back of the knee much more though. It is near the area of a torn/bad sprain rear part of the MCL injury in Summer ’88 between Edson and Fox Creek, and is somehow trapped where it healed. “He” (yep, seems to be a male) is trying, 26.5 year old fella, 26.3 year old scar tissue. I just know. I can feel him working to get out. The girls are all long gone AFAIK. They are generally DioeciousBoy and Girl worms even when microscopic. Would have never felt him enter with the Motrin 400’s they gave me for it. I do remember that one scratching it carefully because of the injury. That whole gig was a detour through hell on Memory Lane. Crash course in Quicksand. Where be the brane bleach when you need it? lol I met a friend from there a few years back, and heard my rodman there died of cancer. Must have quit smoking. It’s a death sentence for some reason with us, but at least I’m on it if any are still alive. These bug worms seem to kill the non-smokers here too though more than smokers. Can’t hack out the nematode eggs fast enough I guess.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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