Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Mar 30, 2015 – Day 242 – I have to deliver a scientific paper

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Fiinally got word back from GeoConvention 2015 in Calgary from my submission about Surveyor’s Disease. I also contacted Brent Bauer at the Mayo Clinic about this. So if the blog tone changes to serious for a few days, will you understand and cut me some slack? lulz Here was the letter to Mayo.edu, Brent Bauer

New Anthelmintic Discovery: Actually I believe it may be a forgotten one, but the prior art is sparse. It is Wild Apple Leaf from a volunteer Malus Columbia Applecrab cider apple cross as far as I can tell. I saw a lame fawn female deer eat the leaves from it, and it got cured, so I tried some. What has been happening over the past 8 months is nothing short of a miracle.

I thought I was suffering from Lyme Disease from the symptomatology. Canada is in denial that it exists. What I suspect are Microworms started drilling out of my skin, and I believe I may have passed an intestinal one. Effects of an 8 year old stroke mostly disapeared. Worm species may include https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuchereria_bancrofti , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trichobilharzia_regenti , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strongyloides_stercoralis and more, generally from the location of a bug bite I remember from up to like 50+ years ago. My previously lifelong juvenile arthritis vanished. My 13 year old skin cancer like patch disappeared I recently noticed on the side of my nose.
I thought somebody like you should know about it. I told Dr. Eva Sapi early on last year as well. I joke about it on my blog, but it is deadly serious.”
Start with 500mg./day and ramp up to what you can handle herxwise. Multiply the effects with Artemesin. The two together are up to ten times as powerful. If you have worms it makes them feel like little electric eels when you do that. You will find whatever “they” are “they” access out at or near a site of an old bug bite up to 59+ years ago (that is how old I am.)
Eva Haughie of ESLDA explains. The timeline of discoveries is also there. I figure I was congenitally chronic with both parents infected. There is no mention of Wild Apple Leaf in TCM or Native Medicine that I know of, and I tried to look. This is the best science I have seen but no mention of eating it. I just tell you what I am/have been seeing.
I have to grind up more samples to put in capsules in the ol’ Proctor Silex with the cracked plastic jug. I’ve been looking for a replacement for years… Good thing I didn’t throw it out. It works great still to bring it down under about a 28 mesh I would guess. I do not sieve it; it can include little leaf stems and a cotton like substance from the leaf fibers. The Krazy Gloo patch job is good enough for dry grinding. I think I’ll keep it that way just to pizz my 7 brothers off. They tried to throw it out when they were bztchin’ about what a mess this “junk” would be when I died, and I think they meant shortly. They left me alone to empty out my mother’s house when she died; payback I figured too. Now I’ll chrome an’ gold plate the muthafzcka outta spite, or 3D print a graphene replacement, for shzts an’ giggles. lulz The engineer in me couldn’t bring myself to throw out a good machine. The leaves from last fall are dried from shortly after getting them, but the supply will likely run out. Who knew? I never thought it did all this. Encapsulating and bumping the dose has actually prodded a straggler worm or two to vacate even at this late date with a little Absinth+Sambuca Surprise tincture/raw leaves I made in the walk down memory alley.
So why give it away? Some things are Priceless. For all that other shzt there’s DisasterCard®! lol Just the satisfaction of knowing what Former Lyme Sufferers will do to their Historical Detractors, shifty insurers public and private, and assorted Official Medical Opinions on everything from cancer to warts to jock itch with it will make the price of admission to the Comedy Show alone somewhere between the far side of Uranus an’ Way Outta reach! Pureed Comedy Unobtainium 5-9’s Pure Organic Ground azzholes. There’s some things you just can’t buy. They pizzed off the wrong engineer. Open Sores, indeed. lulz

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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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