Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief


Thurs, Apr 30, 2015 – Day 273 – May Showers

In South America, on the west coast, I have been watching the weather. There is a temporary server error it says, but when it comes back, we are looking for the best time for an Apple Leaf harvest. I want to locate another harvest spot for Apple Leaves, but their weather seems a lot warmer than here at apple leaf harvest time. I take it that is because they are in closer proximity to the large heat sink of the South Pacific Ocean. June turns out to be their wet month, but May is when it starts to pick up. That does create a problem for the Apple Leaf harvest in that we noticed the leaves can get mouldy if you don’t dry them right away.

You can catch them in a tarp or a bird net, but you want to remove them as they fall so bird don’t soil them. I also noticed some have bugs, but they are easy to see and manually pick out. It requires some care and intervention, albeit pretty minimal, anyways. The biggest problem is that it is literally half a world or more away, and quality control is an important issue for human consumption. I was going to ask the people at GeoConvention if they had any ideas, or leads down in that part of the world. The Chilean government has actually encouraged a large certified organic agriculture industry, so it is better there than here that way. Here I stick to wild trees to get around the horrifically corrupt GMO Genocide that is well accepted as fact in North America, with only the most incurious corrupt slimeballs pushing the Monsanto shzt that has caused an explosion in autism birth defects. That inexplicably includes medical professionals, so that entire industry has ceased to function awaiting prosecution and life in prison for murder and maiming children, even though they have been warned repeatedly by the world’s top scientists in no uncertain terms. Moveover, their botched stance on Lyme Disease in the face of top expert testimony ups both the charges and the sentence to a multiplicity of concurrent lifetime sentences. It is mass attempted murder they dismiss as a joke.

There is a graphic showing bugs proxy testing food making the Facebook rounds. I use it unreferenced in my paper, but there is a hidden message in it, I later noticed. If you look closely, you will see the canola margarine, laced with glyphosate, is riddled with microscopic ticks. They look like little flecks of black dirt. You can repeat the test to see the results first hand, and I will have to as well because it was just linked on my Facebook feed with no source. It has been hidden that Canola GMO’s are making tick populations explode, which I suspected, but it has no definitive proof. I wanted to prompt inquiry at the end of my little talk, but with a wrinkle, and using a test everybody could do. Of course, everybody focusses on the ants, but it is much more sinister than just that if it proves to be true. I see a black speck on another test too. That has to really be checked into, not only the original purpose of the test, because if you look closely, they are on the other two samples too. 21 species of borrelia infected ixodes ticks ere found near Edmonton where they maintain there is no lyme disease, and the smell of the canola there is sickening. If Canola Margarine baits them in, it is definitely a new way to collect ticks, if nothing else.

Smart AntsMeanwhile, back to sanity. The Nematodes that were formerly resident in me and I have been working on a test to prove their superior intelligence, plus their time and space transcendance/communications capabilities. I explained that thousands of theories have been put forward to explain how the Pyramids of Gaza were built about 4,565 years ago, 2,550 BC. The technology was lost due to the collapse of their civilization, and later sacking of the pyramids by thieves. idiots, and evil pretenders such as many of our current day “doctors,” and ”genetic scientists.” They understood my problem instantly. lol Why do they hate doctors so much? “Way beyond their station.” I asked if that meant they have far more power than their intellectual strength should permit, and they said, “No shzt!” Basically, because doctors keep trying to kill them; Imagine how friendly your neighbour would be to you, or anybody who even sang your praises, if you tried to kill his kids in front of him repeatedly. The Nematode theory actual method is clearly the best way to make an actual pyramid I could have ever imagined, but I didn’t. As far as I can tell, it is uniquely theirs.

I searched the internet for comparable theories, but it became clear their method was actually how it was done in under 20 years, explains mysteries such as The Notch 2/3 way up one edge, and the purpose of the alleged King’s Chamber, plus how it was finished to an actual Capstone which has been found for the Red Pyramid. It has details I never knew existed, but had to, like how did they do the top? Although a lot of what I was told can’t be confirmed because the layout has changed with the climate, it all makes complete engineering sense. Now I have a test for when people have taken enough Wild Apple Leaf to communicate with the entity. They should be able to describe exactly the same thing I was told, or more. Then I will know they aren’t faking it, and we can start with the really mind blowing shzt. It establishes the first paradox of “Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae.” One guy offers $50K to do something that can no longer be done the original way because the other Pyramids used to make the big one were sacked. Other things like the climate have also changed. How did they lift, drag, and cut rock? They didn’t! Why even have a ramp? lol Anyways, I have a test with answers that nobody can guess as far as I have found by looking around. I know some worms have the answer. Otherwise, I really don’t give a shzt about Pyramids, but I must admit is is neat how they did it. What is hilarious is how most people think it was done, or even why. lulz

The point is we should be a little more humble. We are not the be-all and end-all of evolution around these parts, and it has nothing to do with what your religion is really. It seems some of even the tiniest creatures are a lot smarter than man, as well a being tougher and having a brain continous construction system that can survive multiple host life cycles. I’m starting to wonder if they are the source of man’s intelligence, as it is? The dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid. Man is killing himself out of hubris with GMO’s to make food look pretty, primitive nuclear and other pollution, and will likely wipe out all alleged Higher Life as they alone know it. Moveover, Man invented a system so dumb they can’t stop it, frightening the inventors of weedkiller food so much they won’t touch their own food. Really dumb. Stupid times stupid, so stupid in fact that David Suzuki suggests making bucket lists.

Nematodes have been around for hundreds of millions of years more, preceding the “dinosaur killer” event even. Also, talk about strength in numbers. Size matters to worms obviously, but smaller is better. They can go a lot more places. If they need to know something humanly intelligent, they’ll just get a pet human, and PWN its brain as a part of their biofilm. They do appear to want to know how to get rid of the parasites in it though, and I guess I lucked out there. That’s why they like Wild Apple Leaves too; I imagine they’re sick of my sorry azz. There’s a marketing hook… “Do your Worms a favour today.” lol This all crazy, but what is more disturbing is that it is real. I have pinch marks. Tomorrow is the second World Lyme Day too.


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Weds, Apr 29, 2015 – Day 272 – Almost 9 Months

It’s been 9 months since I started eating Wild Apple Leaves, yet occasionally there is a straggler like Miss ’73. She sounds like a Beauty Queen when I put it that way. She seems very mature and demure anyways, and quite silent and easy going. She has been trapped in knitted bone from a break 41 and a half years ago. These late nematodes liked the mushed tissues when they entered, I guess. It was a very painful break with a lot of torn ligaments in an area with a lot of nerves I remember. I was accidentally run over by a tundra buggy in the dark at the time.

I might have picked her up a couple months earlier down in Alberta, or perhaps she was in a bug on our equipment in camp. It had just been flown in  couple days before with the line crew. I had been there a month helping with the surveying already. We were obviously looking for oil and gas for Panarctic like everybody else was at the time. Those little Arctic Foxes had been eating our cables and shorting them out. We had just tried to coat them with turpentine to stop them, but it didn’t work, and it was while we were leap frogging the test plug to narrow down the break where they chewed through the line again. We were all getting a little tired because this was the 15.5 th hour of our shift when this happened, and it was -35 with a stiff wind. She might have been in the dynamite boxes too because I had been loading holes all down that line the day before. At any rate we joined forces under tough circumstances, and she has been with me ever since.

I really don’t like thinking much about that break. Better forgotten for sure. It took a day before I finally got out to medical attention in Calgary. A couple days later they had to take off the cast and re-break it. It never had been set and wasn’t lined up they figured. The fact that I can still feel it even a little after all this time should just about sum up how nasty it was. I felt bad to let the crew down, but it was the million dollar wound out of a pretty tough situation. A couple months later I was back into a similarly tough one still sporting the cast, but working around it. We were working towards getting college tuition after high school.

Even though I can use Zen now to ignore pain more, this one was a little different… Almost a sickening pain. The weird thing is I can’t erase that memory, and after I had all but forgotten it, since it is exactly where she was in there. I suspect the young ones like the heat an injury generates, and this one generated a lot. I remember my arm swelled up like a sausage there. I can still see where it pushed out my radial artery and you can see it beating to this day. I can feel where ’88 was in that torn MCL still a bit, but this is stronger. You may notice that too after Wild Apple Leaf treatment towards the older injuries where you may have stragglers because they were trapped. The good news is they know how to dissolve themselves out somehow. I can feel the weird shooting pain from back in the day on the top of my elbow still now too, but fleetingly thank goodness.

What I find interesting is that a year ago if you held a gun to my head I couldn’t have remembered any of that. There is a lot more too but It is vivid like yesterday of Fall ’73 and Winter ’74. Apple leaves really polish up your memory good or bad. It is still all there, and even more than a half century ago for me. Serious injuries leave waypoints on your mind. Someone should seriously look at this for treating Alzheimer’s or age related dementia. Whatever they have now likely doesn’t work at all like every other thing they try to foist on a poor unsuspecting public.

I suspect the crap they threw my brother on led to his troubles a month or so ago. The incurious fraudulent bastards still do not have a clue he is from a chronic congenital Lyme family, and the poor guy is autistic, so in short a guinea pig they can destroy with no consequence. They already sterilized him by accident/sheer barbaric incompetence and my own mother turned down the cash settlement because she worked for the government health care agency that badly fzcked up and did it. People wonder why I don’t exactly hold them in the highest esteem. Worse yet, I have a sister carrying their water too, mocking GMO’s and Lyme Disease both after she gave it to her husband, son, and granddaughter. In an ultimate cruel move, somebody made her his primary care giver. She toes the incurious incompetence line, unable to comprehend a single page of written material out of Lyme fog, gleefully singing the praises of these internationally legendary fzck up fraud artists.

In a bizarre way, he is probably luckier than others up against such an unbelievably corrupted system about to collapse under the weight of an exposed demonstrated preventable exploded epidemic, entirely on their intentionally blinded watch, that they are ill prepared for, combined with demonstrable incompetence amounting to 13+ digits worth of lawsuit liabilities. Even more maddening is that I alone have a massive portion of the cure for the chronic condition that has evaded them while they’re too preoccupied with their criminal cover up. I’ll just keep hammering away at it until that spike finally breeches their ugly scaly surface and drives straight through the heart of the massively evil, spasmodically lurching, putrid festering beast as it goes through its death rattles. Maybe I should tell them how I REALLY feel instead. Do you get the sense maybe I’m holding back a tad too much? lol Lyme sufferers all would. They just have to know they are 100% positive, and we have the Wild Apple Leaf test so they finally see how badly Canada botched it, knowing they have done absolutely nothing but lie about it.

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Tues, Apr 28, 2015 – Day 271 – Global Risk

Some Think Tanks have looked at it. You would think they would have discovered this one and eliminated it by now, given their budget and alleged brainpower. The Parasite Risk has been enormous, and largely ignored. Moveover, we found it underlies chronic illness which is the Root Cause of Aging. It was easy once we found that they, the Medical Science Community in Canada, were useless from analysis paralysis, and looked at what they should have been doing all along. It turns out Deer had evolved past everybody, rejecting systemic disease risk by their evolution over 35 million years, by eliminating parasites using a few things in their diet. We tried it, and it worked on a sample Homo Erectus Johnny Come Lately too, so far. Modern Medicine spends all their time describing how it doesn’t exist here when in reality this is the most parasite infested disease riddled populace on the planet. Talk about HUGE embarrassment.

More over, it turns out mankind is infested with several kinds of intelligent species. How intelligent? They escaped detection for the history of mankind. They will kill you if you try to kill them or their children. While you may not think that is so bright, what if they don’t even need you to survive? You’re just a convenient bitch, so it turns out. With a little bit of deer food, they can communicate with their actions. John Chapman Appleseed must have also found this out. All of a sudden, Genesis Chapter 3 makes perfect sense. Eve ate a bunch of parasite serpent eggs.

So who put the Bible there? I found out that worms can message backwards through time to their ancient relatives. Pretty crazy stuff once you realize it destroys your entire world view, and explains life’s mysteries like how they built the Pyramids. It isn’t like the latest greatest thing on YouTube. It’s easy once you know how, but it is a question on an engineering test I am making up, so you tell me. I know the answer. It should be easy for a non smoker they say, or so Thursday’s Dilbert implied. I doubt that quitting smoking would help anybody build a Pyramid. We have literally 45 Centuries worth of non smoking dumbazzes that can’t figure it out. You want to take the crown? Be my guest. It would probably be easier to admit defeat and ask a worm. Knowing people, I’ll need a room full of lawyers and a video camera before I can say how. “Oh, we KNEW that!” Bullshzt. Join that 45 century high pyramid of bullshztters over there… I had to devise the test to test for Worm level intelligence. You can’t just ask, “How do we cure Lyme Disease?” anymore. “Oh! We knew THAT!” Maybe we can ask about the First Flying Squirrels. How did that come about? I bet Rocky would like to know.

You get this all the time in engineering. You get hired to do a contract, do the job and come up with a solution that nobody could solve in all history, and then they stiff you on the bill. This time, I did it differently. It turns out the cause of the disease was a smart, potentially immortal, save for barbarian medical hacks, little animal, so I struck a deal with them. “Not only am I going to save all your lives, but I bet I can make all the people that think they are smarter than us kill themselves like they wanted to kill you trying to prove it!” How? “Aikido and Attrition.” Nothing works as spectacular as letting them use their conceit and turning the 6th and 8th commandments on them. Isn’t that a little conceited? Like the worms say, “When in Loam…” Worms have a better shot at a longer life without us. they have simply by chance been dealt the fatal mistake of getting stuck in a person. I can tell they are very old souls, and a lot older than their hosts.

They love space flight, and I think I know why. Once they have achieved escape velocity from the gravity hole that is earth, they are able to use the physical properties in the solar system like magnetism to propel themselves around, and perhaps have even mastered gravity. They are too small to pack a larger brain so they build one on a surface, a biofilm, and they share it using worm weefee. Moreover, consider that they are just a parasite of the worm. If you want to make it to the top in parasite world, select an omnipresent species that doesn’t need oxygen to survive, and can telepath like a nematode. They like hitching rides on rockets. I bet they are already on Spirit and Opportunity on Mars. Sure beats waiting for the next comet impact like a Shoemaker Levy 9. I know the feeling, having done my fair share of waiting for eons at the bus stop. Humans offer comfy transport in Style! lulz

Surveyor_3-Apollo_12They don’t come along very often, but when they do, it’s the only way to go. Simply get under one’s skin, and you’re home free. Jump into some JPL engineer where they get together at conferences to press the flesh all the time, and you’ve hit the Jackpot! More interplanetary rides than you can shake a stick at, albeit one way ticket. Who cares? I get the impression they live for adventure, not so much like me anymore. I’ve had enough adventure for a while.

You may think I am a mean old man. I didn’t plan to be this way, but when you repeatedly get ripped off, you get old, bitter, and treacherous. You become stressed to the point where you are all coiled in wait to choke the livin’ shzt outta some azzhole that desperately deserves it. lulz If you can make it so they choke the livin’ shzt outta themselves, sweet! The biggest disappointment is I didn’t have to build shzt. The morons already built it complete themselves: The Moron Lysosome. I tried to warn everyone. I’ve done my part, but they’re SOOOO Smart with 6,000 years experience under their belt! Hey, they built a Pyramid 4,500 years ago somehow, didn’t they? lulz

But now I have to see if I have created a problem with hydrogen cyanide causing neurological or nerve damage. Smoke contains some hydrogen cyanide, but not enough to cause nerve damage unless you are a doctor. Then smoking causes everything, silly, including getting a mark of 0% in engineering statistics just thinking about it, which is why they avoid engineering like the plague! The reason pot smokers aren’t limping around is that marijuana miraculously counteracts 5 times as much HCN. They’ve spent millions on studies, so why not a few million more? I had it before Wild Apple Leaf, but that doesn’t mean it could not be a side effect we should watch out for. Oddly, I got a little better after writing all that when I went to the coffee machine. It was somehow in my head. That is good news actually.

I also had a couple days pain from where I broke my arm on Dec 6, 1973, working in the Arctic Islands of Canada. It is like a worm was living inside of the knitted broken bone on my right distal radius, and for 41.4 years. Whatever it was wasn’t responsive, but is now. She’s just shy, and a little apprehensive about how to proceed. She hasn’t joined the party all this time. Talk about Wallflower! I’ll be gentle. 😉 ’73… meet ’69. He’s a “Hipster” from these parts, from the Right side of town like you, and he’ll get you up to speed.

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Mon, Apr 27, 2015 – Day 270 – Critique of “Dune”

The Worms thought that Hollywood really messed it up. We all watched “Dune” the Movie. The biggest complaint was that if worms were really that big, they would have to eat a dinosaur for breakfast. They said it took YEARS to eat even one dinosaur, and they could only eat 30% of it at that. When one finally died, they had to call half the neighbourhood for the Bar-B-Que, an’ it lasted weeks. There wasn’t two pieces of shzt to rub together on Dune. All agreed you couldn’t even floss with an actor, and on top of that, they don’t even have teeth to floss. So why is Hollywood so stupid? They’re Artsies, I tried to explain. They don’t give a shzt about facts if it makes good eye candy. What sort of movie would you have if the worms just gummed the bastards to death over 80 years? We need Teeth and Instant Death!

They marvelled at the speed of the worms,”As If!” Let’s face it. Snails are zippy compared to Real worm speed until they are out, and can use their anti gravity and magnetism to catch a space craft like in The Right Stuff. When they are inside dirt or meat, not so much. “Loam wasn’t built in a day!” they complained. Also, they LOVE water. “Best shzt, EVAH!” they offered. True, 90% of the life on Earth’s ocean floors are worms. What about the Moon and space where there is no water? “You make due with what you’ve got, but Water is Faster! We grabbed every molecule of pizz they threw away on Apollo! Those stingy Russians don’t throw any out. You have to get in one to rip it off!” They all agreed they’d make Swiss Cheese outta Dune with water, after eating those fat azzed “toothy” worms, wherever the hell they got food, let alone water, from.

I told them, “Look, you should make your own movie then.” Big mistake. It has gone to their collective heads. Now they are hamming it up, all vying to show off, and secure the lead actor roles. Their working title is, “Mune.” The Worms aping Rhett and Scarlett seem to be winning the Ham-Off for their respective leads at present. “Frankly Rhett, I don’t give a fzck either!” she ad libs, sassilly, yet still sticking to the Vivian Leigh theme loosely, petticoats flowing as she slams the door, and sits un-lady like on the stairs. After all, tomorrow is another day. “Plenty other worms in this dump,” as she segues into Grable, lighting a screen cigarette, aloofly, tossing the match into the luggage Rhett left behind… Nobody does Drama like Worms, it seems. The fact that the females are 4 to 5 times larger than the males also has some bearing on their respective sexual attitudes. “Does my Butt look Big in this?” doesn’t really create a problem with worms. “Yeah, your fat azz is at least 5 ax handles across the Butt, Mama!” “Teehehe!” Worms don’t care.

Worms don’t have that much intersexual animosity. Indeed, doctors say that on the *rare* occasions they are encountered, they find it hard to separate the male and female. As for rare, these are the horrifically criminally corrupt and/or incompetent rocket surgeons that say Lyme Disease, now infecting every man woman and child in North America, is also *rare.* Worms are generally very discrete as Wild Apple Leaf shows us. They hide inside people for years, if not decades, undetected. In this respect, doctors have gone from hero to less than zero, with the credibility of the Baltimore Police Department at present. Worse, they refuse to try Wild Apple Leaf to deworm themselves and see first hand. Tasty doctor meat is likely riddled azz to tit with worms, and should any come out in that low  hypo hydrogen cyanide environment, you know it will end badly because doctors will try to kill them. That’s when the worms will really step up their game. A doctor will likely hit rock bottom before he or she ever opens up Genesis 3 and realizes what has been going on all this time; They’ve been worm food since Eve was a twinkle in the old man’s eye. Imagine how much crow they’ll have to eat listening to an engineer. Such divine irony.

“To be, or not to be, that is the question— Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing, end them? To die, to sleep—” The worms are stepping up their game reciting Hamlet. Key there is “Ham.” They “get” Hollywood. It’s all bullshzt and mangled sensibilities around the money shot. I can just imagine what their “Mune” will turn out like now that any resemblance to reality will be optionalized. They know alien horror sells, and if they are ever gonna get Bruce Willis to read their script, they will become “Aliens” when in actual fact, they are the boy and girl worm next door. They are such quick learners. “When in Loam…” as worms have taken to saying. I groaned, but I guess I started the bad puns. Hell, they BUILT Loam! You can look it up!

Perhaps I’ll do a script about them making their script, but not a “Making Of…” documentary. An actual script about them aping Hollywood and everything that is so fzcked about it to prove a point. It’s all bullshzt! But I’ve killed enough time. I have to look to print my poster for the conference. I know Hewlett Packard will be presenting there with their newest plotters, so maybe I can get them to run me off a 44″ by 90″ quick to GlueStik® up there. My old 750C hasn’t been fired up in ages. The thing is, they will probably have the biggest one there, so overkill. They like geophysicists because we alone printed 5,500 square feet of maps a year on my operation. I coulod have bought Garmins and didgital maps for the whole crew for that, but they didn’t want it after they told me specifically to come up with a stakeless system. So I did. I guess they didn’t want “Surveyorless” as well even though it came with it as a kicker. They’ll likely be pissed off that this Lyme thing cures arthritis and cancer too… “Doctorless”

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Sun, Apr 26, 2015 – Day 269 – Who smokes more?

In my preparation for failure, one funny question came up: Who smokes more? Republicans or Democrats? We know why they asked it. They want the other side to die horribly. Here is the good news. The more you advertise your support of Wild Apple Leaf, the more people who hate your politics will be against it, and they will surely die horrible wretching deaths by intentionally delaying or eliminating their consumption of it. One thing is certain. Not eating Wild Apple Leaf, and having a low amount of bio available cyanide concurrently, is worm friendly.

The two together scare the worms out of you fast. The status quo is chronic illness using the worm biofilm to protect itself from any and all forms of treatment short of cutting it out. Adding foreign bodies like replacement joints and stints accelerates biofilm formation by prompting natural immune response. I noticed smoking produces dramatic results in conjunction with Wild Apple Leaves. Seeds from trees and many other seeds contain cyanide too, like grape seeds, almonds, fruit tree seeds. and even sunflower seeds to a little extent. You don’t have to smoke. Eating seeds should give you enough bio available cyanide to activate the Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic properties. Some Things accelerate it dramatically as well.

The interesting thing here is the weaponization of Wild Apple Leaf, albeit in a left handed fashion. The more people refuse to believe you, the faster and more horribly they will die. It will activate their political lysosomes by default. For the record, I gave up on politics, knowing that no matter who wins, the bureaucracy runs everything anyways. The latest greatest political geniuses in the US just fired all the independent health care insurance providers for one horrifically corrupt incompetent central provider like Canada. Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire. They’re all going to be poisoned by their food supply now anyways this year. The people you elected know it, and they think they will be the only ones left alive for giving their vote. History has told us how that ends every time. Their Ghosts could tell you, but you’re smarter than that… Such intelligent Ghosts you will be. Be smug, because the bureaucracy all dies too.

Anarchy requires anarchists, but they’ll all be dead, poisoned with nothing to eat but full supermarkets of poison, or ample supplies of poison fat to live off of. Do you think because it has an organic sticker on it it’s OK? Consider it might have been until it got in that store. Psychotic Genocidal Maniacs don’t have qualms about misrepresentation of anything, let alone steenking labels. Devolution requires the elimination of vetting, one pair of prying eyeballs at a time. Failing students all become geniuses by eliminating the teachers. They never learned that they comprise less than one one hundredth of a percent of all intelligent life on earth. What is left will be even less. They don’t even know that there are more biotics in each of their intestines than there are presently people on earth. Any less and they are dying, hoisted on their own pitard. A Human Body with its biotics has so much cellular diversity they can’t put their finger on a number between 21,000 and 38,000 for the gene count. They deny the existance of an intelligent designer using the cognitive thought of the intelligent designer. Such conceit always ends badly, intentionally, intelligently, and specifically by crafting their own personal worst nightmares. After all, that Intelligent Designer eavesdropped on all of your evil thoughts and worst fears from the very get go.

Baktun 13 was just another day. It was Dec 21, 2012. It was also my 57th birthday. I think I am the only person who figured it out. Not the day, but what it was all about. From that point forward in time, which some worms can communicate both ways in coincidentally, You will all be Karma’s bitch. Destroyed and missing emails will be miraculously found, that sort of thing. Don’t use email? Even worse. We know you are hiding or afraid of something, and worse yet, the Intelligence knows exactly what it is.

In the Standard Model of Physics, it describes particles, spins/force fields, but it doesn’t describe the cognitive thought processes of the standard model. It doesn’t describe the physics of thought. It exhibits quantum behaviour. It can conceptualize tachyons and the square root of -1, but in a left handed misunderstanding way, utilizing exactly what it cannot conceptualize. We can represent it in only 2-D to trick our minds to think 4-D, like a Klein Bottle.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgThat should be an orthogonal implied intersection to make the misunderstanding more accurate though. You have to accurately know what you don’t know; That is, that intersection does not exist. lol The worm knows that it can just place stuff through that “wall” because it does not exist given exactly the wrong conditions. It’s a Quantum Head Scratcher that makes you wonder about wondering about forcefully moving your fingernails back and forth on your head making you think better or worse as the case may be. It’s a thing that mathematicians know as the Laplace Transform or the integral of sinx over x dx, or e to the i theta, yada yada. Like the Title, it makes perfect nonsense.

QED, thought gotta be Quantum. That gotta be worth a penny and an antipenny, doesn’t it? It’s worth exactly shzt! Now you’ve really got something! Moreover, Heisenberg says we aren’t even sure if YMMV! lol I hoped this clarified wrapping your head around shzt, and was suitably antimurky about being murky. That Klein bottle makes me think about coffee… BRB… <slurp> Ahhh! Weedkiller Lite! Now that the lake has risen, it’s in the water. Morons here made a lawn out of the beach. I digress… The power of the Paradox underlies EVERYTHING! Like the Fiat monetary system, it has as much silver in it as german silver, but you get the drift. It is anything but cheap.

Some people’s kids believe they are more intelligent than that. I think they’ll get the chance to prove it. First question on the test is which came first? Chicken or egg? lol Do these thoughts really exist if they are black and white pixels on a brain made of solid rock? Too late! Your meat already made it so on and so forth…The answer is Yes and No. But How? Take your time… There’s a whole lotta nothin’ (95.4% of the Universe is Dark Matter and Energy) to fill up thinking about it. You could cheat and ask your worms, but they like messin’ with ya. After all, their relatives lived inside dinosaurs. lol

How old this seems now? I understand so much more why chronic lyme was incurable. And still nobody understands what is going on, but they continue to blow all their money going exactly the wrong direction. As soon as they start antibiotics, they become chronic from the worms fighting back. How do I stop that except by smoking out the worms first? You watch their treatments, and know that is exactly what is making them sicker, and now, why it does. They still cling to an ixodes tick vector, but we have seen human arthropod human vectors. All focus is on the spirochete flock while the roundworm farmers continue unfettered, annoyed, and unaffected by any and all treatments.

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Sat, Apr 25, 2015 – Day 268 – Preparing to FAIL!

It’s the old adage… If you fail to prepare, you prepare to FAIL! I did prepare though. I made up a 4 x 8 poster for GeoConvention 2015 and submitted it in its bloated form. I will have to go there eventually and print out the poster to put in or on the allotted space. I try to imagine all sorts of questions they may ask. If they don’t ask, I have a backup to pose those tough questions myself, such as, “Are you out of your fzckin’ mind?” No, then answer tearing them a new azzhole, leaving them wanting to check into the booby hatch themselves for being so stupid, they didn’t realize they were riddled with worms for 6,000 years. Next Question, and so on, and so forth… Why Am I even there? You are all dying faster than everybody else because you have International Lyme Disease. They couldn’t even solve Local Lyme Disease because the root cause nematodes were unaffected by any current treatments, but could make you sicker by fortifying their defenses. You still all have it from bugs in the oilfields, but Canada doesn’t diagnose it, preferring to paint over the turd to hide it while it reeks to high heaven.

One was, “Why are you not a P.Eng.?” Totally intentional. Number one, I have rarely worked under the tutorship of a P.Eng., and 2.) When I did, I was brought in specifically as a scapegoat/futile last stab for some of the hugest engineering fzckups in history, bar none. Why would anybody want to join that club? 3.) It would violate the Ethics of the International Engineering Fraternity. Then I thought this isn’t going to go well. “Some people say you are a drug dealer!” Pretty shitty drug dealer then. I found a bag of pot and offered it to the biggest dope smoker I knew. He already had tons and inadvertantly told the wannabe cops. I could go on forever with damning endictments of my alleged peer group. Let’s shift, re-direct, and stick to ripping the doctors a new azzhole, OK? Why not a P.Geoph.? Because my education did not focus on that. Geophysics was only a subset of Mineral Engineering, not the other way around. Kind of like why are Doctors not Paramedics? That sounds a little harsh. Just say, “Next Question” instead? Let’s just keep coming back to that New Old Intelligent Life Form theme. Did you know they are hiding in all of you right now? I think they can find oil without drilling/dissolving/fracking a hole if we are nice to them.

How? Somehow, they can go through a wall or hull of a spacecraft. Just how far can they go through the interstices of solids then? We are kind of primitive comparatively. We drill, removing the ground up solids as we go. They apparently just sneak between the atoms. Of course this is my theory of what I have actually witnessed, and we are trying to reverse engineer what is happening there. I actually witnessed it first hand, and I am looking for more volunteers to find out more, since I only had a limited number of worms to work with. The level of physics involved here is cutting edge for a human, but old hat for a worm. Chances are these geological types might have more of the same type of critter to learn more from, curing all their diseases no doctor has been able to touch for the entire history of medicine as a kicker for free.

There are some puzzling things, to me anyways. Some people want to remain riddled with the disease and fatality causing worms that have resided undetected in them, eating their brain, neurons, and joints since they were children. Some believe if they deny it, it will go away, and then they will be ignorantly blissful, welcoming a “normal” randomly awful premature death. Doctors think they are great because they are their meal ticket, and cause all cancer and other horrific maiming and killing chronic diseases. The longer, more miserable, and expensive, the better. They are why they all drive Cadillacs and Mercedes, and adopted the worm as the symbol of their professional societies. I know that if you pause anthelmintic treatment long enough, more worms will simply repopulate your body. I want to deworm this puppy. As a matter of fact, those who haven’t been dewormed will be “put down” by default because that is what kills them. It is also sexually transmitted. They are disease riddled. They are proudly, remorselessly, selfishly, and certainly, “Preparing to FAIL!” Moreover, most are so conceited they know how to live, they will die miserably to prove how much smarter they are. So it is a win win, no matter what.

The old adage is kinda stupid, IMO. You should prepare for success and the event of less than success. Prepare for the whole gawdam enchilada. It’s a lot better than just killin’ time. On Apollo 13, Gene Krantz said failure is not an option. Failure for us is an option. No matter what happens, we’ll be there with bells on. I can bullshzt to kill time with the best of them, but why not have an arsenal of really good bullshzt to pick from…? A puke box, if you will. We don’t wanna over think it. We just want to have the option of at least making it a picnic if the prime mission goes turtle. Spin it to get research money, using the Monsanto/worm fzck up as prima facie evidence why we need it. Point out that they blow half of Revenue Canada’s annual take managing the failure of healthcare that we can eliminate in less than a calendar year from this point in time forward. If we pocket half of what we save them, we would be the largest financial concern in Canadian and US history too. It cost them bupkiss. Our loss reduction consulting gives them the largest net positive delta revenue in history by any and all accounting. A public disclosure is a beginning of the process. Ignoring the solution from that point forward becomes a criminal act for the oldest criminal reasons there are; power and money. Ignorance also becomes no defence.

There’s more. All my allergies have disappeared. Perhaps we should instead be planning what we can use all that useless real estate hospitals are presently using treating worm pandemic effects to house the homeless instead. It has no TV or WiFi, so no primitive modern basics, but it has heat, plumbing, and water. We could at least give it that minimum, and in fact, shztcan all those idiotic “Turn Off” your wireless devices signs with little stickers “On!” to paste over the “Off.” What sort of fzcked up operation needs obscurity to prevent people from finding out how fzcked up they are other than Closed Sores Microsoft Windows? Of course, people are slowly finding out anyways, as thousands of new exploits daily PWN the bitches, but instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, throw out the entire shzthouse, Mom, Pop, Skippy, Sissy, Baby, an’ all? Fzckin’ kid didn’t need a bath anyways, if it could only circumvent you ca$h rolling water wasting worm riddled filthy fzckups! The fact they are all devoid of bio available cyanide makes them an even greater danger to themselves and/or others we have also found.

We can always rent out the old surgical stuff so they can do a Bruce Jenner/Chaz Bono transformation. Wouldn’t want them to get an infection, or the Azz will LITERALLY be Greener on the Other Side! lulz Of course, by having Wild Apple Leaf smoking out all their worms of the opposite sex, they may change their mind too. Doctor can collect the bill twice!

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Fri, Apr 24, 2015 – Day 267 – Dealing with Pain

That torn MCL was pretty good pain, but they had come up with Ibuprofen then. Motrin 400’s were good for that kind of sprain pain. What wasn’t good is waking up. When you are all doped up things are fine. When it wears off you deal with the consequences of doing way more than you should have. Add on to that, I had to hobble a half mile to a heliport from where I tore it. The endorphins cut in.

A while back I crashed my bicycle. After a half hour it took to get up, I hobbled back home leaning on it, again a half mile it seemed. I felt something trickling in my chest. Don’t think about it I figured, just get to a hospital. So I drove the truck a half hour to town. Something was really wrong with my left arm and ribs. I tried to ignore it, hard as that was. After sitting around in emergency a couple hours, they finally looked at me. Punctured lung, dislocated shoulder, broken collarbone, 8 broken ribs. I should have complained more. I was trying to save my breath though. Any F grade medic could tell I was in shock, a life threatening condition, which I also knew. I intentionally ignored it because not ignoring it could kill me. Instead the doctor was in shock by that time. I told her I had to suck it up, princess. They suggested next time, less sucking, more complaining. Well, that was just the beginning. Try pneumonia and hacking out blood loogies with 8 broken ribs and a collarbone. My brother threw up.

The thing I discovered was that pain is all in your head. Even when you are/aren’t hit on the head. I still have the broken crash helmet. Maybe I should have left pieces of it on there to ensure prompt service.

Lyme hasn’t really been painful for me, but it more pisses me off, or used to. You know everything used to work OK but now you instruct and nothing happens. No amount of will makes it go away. Living with juvenile arthritis was easy because I could just will the pain away… sometimes. Waking up was still really bad, but you could meditate it away after a while in a self imposed numb/dumbness. In Canada, they say there is nothing wrong with you because they test for one strain of it that almost nobody has so they get out of paying, and should you complain, even with a well documented threshold of pain that would leave a bear comatose, they will throw you in a psych ward. I just do a mantra reciting the major felonies they commit by doing that, and imagining how much hard jail time they’ll do being the new pretty boys on the cell block.

What should be the penalty for medicating the prosecution out of incompetence or otherwise false pretence? Proving incompetence is a slam dunk in Canada. Imagine how bad it gets when you can prove they did it to the inventor of the world’s first 100% positive Lyme test? All it will take is a lawyer in charge of a major law firm to get Lyme and kaboom. It’s all over for them. I know one, but he’ll never be diagnosed in Canada. They’ll have to burn his charts, which is a minor crime for them after what they’ve already done.

You get well attuned to the symptoms like that Lyme short term memory deficit when Wild Apple Leaf cures the brain fog within the first week. You see it instantly in other people because you’ve been there. They don’t realize that the first thing about being a good liar is keeping your story straight. A Lyme Foghead will quickly contradict themselves when pressed, and sometimes in the same sentence. I know a few Lyme Positive medical professionals now that would explode during any cross examination on the stand. I intend to give them the chance. They can explain to the judge why they should be allowed to ignore a subpoena in criminal and civil proceedings. The cameras will be rolling for more hilarity. Judges don’t like being lied to blatantly. I’ll have to point out to the Judge the witness was hypnotized, by whom, and why. That’s when the bailiff’s shotguns may have to come out. The hipnotizer really won’t like that, and they won’t be far away. Better yet, I’ll just say it’s all too crazy for any sane person.

That would take way too much time and money to set up. A movie script could do it better. Just put a disclaimer that it is all fiction, even though it contains all undeniable facts. They gonna file a lawsuit that it’s too real? “Hey, we’re the Real Most Despicable Shztheads EVAH! and we’ll sue!” For exercising First Amendment Rights? The E-Trade Baby Lindsay Lohan thing? Project away! Having clearly mentally ill soon=to=be-former medical pros outlining the complaint would be interesting. I wonder how many lawyers won’t tell ’em what they are doing to rip off a fat check before it gets slapped into the toilet? What if you can clearly show Canada has the densest infection rate of Lyme Borreliosis in the world when they have denied it for 35 years, and you can show it in 50+ year old tissue samples? Prove it, then lie and inform them it’s fiction. Keep the cameras rolling, because trapping liars in a Liar’s Paradox is high entertainment, and denial isn’t an option. A court ordered 100% Lyme test would be harder to explain away, especially since they may be searching forever in Canada to find a negative anywhere with the test they say doesn’t exist when they themselves grab the ball into their own court, but the higher court has the US Patent for it, and the evidence of them hiding it, sealed.

Every notice that happens a lot these days? The Liar’s Paradox on Live Video? Clinton II? You barely saw that before Dec 21, 2012. They’ll wag the finger, WMD’s, GMO’s, CDC’s, AMA’s, FSU’s, NSA’s, and a cast of three letter shzt, hanging themselves as they circle the hole. Must be Karma

Of course they could always move to declare engineers anybody any “thing” from the future shouldn’t be allowed to testify. It’s the only way out AFAICS in Loonie Land. The fact that it is impossible and they would have to be insane will make it even harder. Oh, Hollywood. What a mess you can make when it gets all too real. “Lyme doesn’t exist here!” Kinda tough when you Yourself were born with it, and are caught hiding it for centuries. Suppose they stole it in the future, but could only go a limited amount of time back once to kill all the people and steal all the money? Imagine the Real inventors are Masters of time, space, inventing bio nanomachines, the delicious art of getting even, and orchestrating the most massive unstoppable train wreck of All time with only the hidden thieves and murderers on board, demonstrated live and in real time doing all the evil deeds like poisoning the food supply? “Any resemblance to real people and/or events is purely coincidental…” Guess who’ll be the first people to try and stop it, only to find out, along with everybody else, they themselves made it impossible? lulz