Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Apr 1, 2015 – Day 244 – Shhh!

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Why do douchebags even try? It is April FZCKIN’ Fool’s Day! Where are those Apple Leaves that should have grown by now? I like to call it “Global Warming Day.” That is a good joke. In Canada, doctors call it, “Lyme Disease Day,” except it doesn’t end at noon. As a matter of fact it doesn’t end all year. These fzcktards are Serious. They are trying everything they can, which is call a lollipop Wahmbulance, to hide real March 31 and Apr 2 Insurance Fraud, First Degree. Then they chuckle, and continue to frolic in the stolen cash. It is also, “You’re Gonna Look Funny Pickin’ Up Your Teeth with Broken Arms,” Day. I made it up. So sue me. Just kidding. You’ll be too busy trying to sew your New Azzhole shut while Nematodes swim around in your eyes

Then you’ll be reaching for the cigarettes to get enough a smoker’s cough stat to hack out all that biofilm goo without drowning. You see cigarette smoke makes your lungs produce slippery basic pH moisture stat so the mucus of their biofilm brain worm/electric eel slime detaches, doesn’t bridge your alveoli shut, and doesn’t asphyxiate you. That is the only first response we can figure so far. We’re not joking. You’ll find out. I don’t smoke marijuana *enough* (or so the locals say… after all this is the Shuswap lol,) but some suggest it may be a solution as well. I do know it has 5 times the aromatic hydrocarbon carcinogenic tar of cigarettes though. I have no idea what the effect is on worm mucus produced by wild apple leaf.

Something is making nematode populations explode to an unsustainable level in a human all of a sudden. “Something” is apparently the politically correct name for Monsanto, et al. They, nematodes, are in everybody now almost. Nematodes are worms that make an external brain “biofilm” harvested from your brain materials, cartilage, and mucus, and cause Lyme and all sorts of diseases that maim and/or kill people. It is a  brain that grows and gets smarter, so exactly the opposite of a Doctor these days. Smokers last longer because they have the expectorating action and correct basic pH being produced from within to defeat the biofilm glue. You know from here because I said Bases were Slippery Surfaced like lye soap. Any pH – D+ knows that even. Any mudman/mud engineer knows that you can knock down all that basic jelly goo quickly: I use Vitamin C chewables for quick ascorbic acid. I am publishing this on April 1 because I know you will chuckle about it, and therefore die a miserable death when it all of a sudden comes true, and this will be the last thought on your mind. That is how REAL Engineers make tests for azzholes. You make it so they punch their own ticket with their superior logic. That’s how you really clean out the gene pool.

Cigarettes have additives. You want to know what the largest additive is? Licorice. Real Organic Licorice! Most of the licorice being produced in the world goes into cigarettes. You can look it up. Perhaps the licorice is working the magic. In a few centuries maybe medical science will catch up after all dying prior to 2020. Oh the irony of that year. The dumb fzcks all die, and that is why there are no nonsmokers in the future where Fukushima punches our smoking plutonium spittin’ azzed ticket or to watch the asteroid go meteorite. That could be all shzt, given the day, and the fact that worms really know their shzt.

Want to get a chuckle? Ask some nonsmoker would they smoke to save their life? They will all decline. lol Sigmund Freud, the State of The Art in Canadian Healthcare who passed away in 1939 of jaw cancer from smoking, was a smoker advocate, aside from being nuckin’ futz. Since he died from smoking, doctors all point to him as a catch all to cover up their misdiagnoses and other failures. It you get hit by a bus, they will say someone on it was smoking so you died from smoking. Believe me, I want to quit but I know quitting smoking kills when it comes to lyme disease for some unknown reason, maybe because the little worm can’t get out navigating around your neurons I suspect. That is why Lyme Disease prompts the strong mentally ill denial response doctors will say to try and get out of jail for the largest insurance fraud in history. We’re not Foolin’.

I am kind of set back today and worried. My brother got stuck in the snow, was outside two days, and is currently in a hospital in the Canadian Rockies in Cranbrook BC. He would definitely be Chronic Lyme positive and everything points to a classic Lyme Stroke. He also has Lyme Carditis and afib I suspect. The good news is I can reverse those, the bad news is they may kill him with their idiotic alternate diagnoses and hopelessly ineffective chemical psych medications against a biofilm beyond their diaper level bandaid medicine before I can get the treatment to him. My whole family are too smart to be treated, so we all know they are going to die shortly, and my hands are tied as they get murdered one by one like they murdered my father, the only other engineering physicist. Worse irony yet is the current patient was the person who picked my current supply of wild apple leaves, so it behooves me to save them all for him.

When you threaten this smart species of nematode, let alone the relatively dumb ones, their defences are so powerful that they can kill, maim, and/or disable. These nematodes take antibiotic and other chemical treatment as a mortal threat. What would you do in their shoes… err… slithers? Everybody thinks they are smarter than the engineers; Both themselves and the nematodes. They’re half right; The nematodes are obviously smarter. How badly should I bztch slap them all, my family that is, if I can get any of them out alive? The delicious irony here is they will all be the most famously dumb fzcks ever. lol Shoulda listened to Lil’ Mikey. We already know nematodes taught me how they deal with the murderers in the “afterlife”: Stat course in Inside Out Med School. Head for the light? You ain’t got no stinkin’ Choice! After all, why waste any of that biofilm “Soul?” I am sure they have an appropriate “Divine Justice” processor after they punch the meat computer portion of your ticket. We ain’t foolin’! lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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