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Fri, Apr 3, 2015 – Day 246 – What’s Good about it?


They call it Good Friday. That is the day they crucified Jesus Christ, Son of God, and they felt good about it. He flipped over their money tables.

I wanted to know what the nematode religion was. They believe in a God. They have no Saviour. They said I was the closest thing. I said you’ve got the wrong guy; I’m not Saviour material. I’ll pass. You could get crucified given the mindset of humans. After all, they kill your children and cheer about it. Today is the day most of them dance on the grave.

I can’t help but think all of that because I am trying to put together a simple powerpoint with a table in it depicting capabilities of Humans on one side and capabilities of Nematodes on the other. Humans have 5 to 6 senses. Nematodes have 7+ without smell and sight I guess, except by proxy through a human nervous system. They have Taste, Touch, and at least are sensitive to the vibration of sound maybe, but not in the human sense of sound. They have T5, Taste, and Touch I guess.

The Brain of a human is a big lump of meat on the shoulders that people say we only use 1% of. Maybe the nematodes use the other 99%. That seems about right sizing them up. Nematodes also have a distributed brain we call a biofilm. Humans have the Internet. Both are made out of mostly shzt. Humans, until ALT, use the meat thing. Nematodes dominate using a combination of all three.

Comunications of Humans is Talk, Telephony, pathetic Telemetry and Telepathy, and near zero mastery of Time or Gravity. Nematodes rip off all the Human “Skills” and add their formidable Telepathy, Telemetry, Telecomm, Time Travel, and Transpositional Gravity Mastery (T5 skills) to the mix. They apparently don’t need stinkin’ Rockets and Space Suits, being able to fly without air at will. I created a University where I am outlining a course in “Rocket Surgery.” Literally. They were stowaways on all American spaceflight. Now that is pretty good engineering. They asked me if I could do it again? I said not that way, but close. Doable.  lulz Given their mastery of gravity I have witnessed, and proven ability to transcend walls and barriers, who knows what else they can do with it? Perhaps the current mission should be a Surveyor 3 mission to recover the lost Apollo 12 Hasselblad Cartridges. They could be invaluable scouts in joint Survey/Robotic Spaceflight missions at a fraction of the cost.

The Defence Mechanism of Humans is chemical/herbal genocide of nematodes and their children. The prompted Defence Mechanism of Nematodes is full on T5 Assault, causing Cancer, ALS, MS, Lupus, antibiotic resistant chronic illness, Mental Illness, Heart Disease, Chronic Fatigue, fibromyalgia, cold, flu, and warts to name a few. ALT brings the warring parties to the bargaining table, or at least it did in my case. It turns out the nematode entity is very intelligent and reasonable. Through its Time Travel T5 capabilities, it leaves “Easter Eggs” for you smattered throughout history. Cute. lol I just realized it is also Easter in a couple days too. YMMV

Interestingly I just got off the phone with a medical person about my brother. His car was stuck in the snow and he walked over 30 miles before collapsing and succumbing to hypothermia. They still have not found his car so it may have been further. Animals just LOVE him so you know he has a full load of nematodes. I said I know all the problems that led to his troubles and I could cure his renal failure which is already on the mend via “dreamhealing” if they don’t chemically poison him or my team. The conversation turned to my trip to Calgary and the presentation. Why am I presenting to Engineers and not Doctors? I said you dumb bztch (she’s my sister,) Medicine is a subset of Engineering, not the other way around. Presenting my findings to the criminal losers would be akin to inviting the Third Reich to put the Americans on trial for WWII, and on the eve of springing all their concentration camp prisoners that survived them. ROFL! Only a medical professional would have the balls to even go there. On Good Friday, no less.

ZePlanExploring that angle further, let’s organize a Nuremberg Rally for Doctors. Gyorky Schwarz DBA George Soros’ Monsanto has already done that, but we could improve on it. Hitler leveraged the dumb blond haired blue eyed Master Race by enraging them against his opposition, and a highly visible successful minority, ignoring their science and stealing all their wealth. Dr. Goebbels was always right by his side. He performed similar medical “experiments” that tortured patients to death with no regard for patient feedback. The Pope even backed them. Gyorky Schwarz, Hungarian Hitler Youth Kapitain at the time, now DBA as George Soros Monsanto, is going to poison us all through the weedkiller laced food supply in supermarkets right now. This IS a very similar situation to what we have today, and In Spades! I ain’t exactly gonna keynote THAT shztshow. On the contrary, I am now thinking more of an Inglorious Bastards template for my PowerPoints to Nuremberg. After all, I fully suspect my new lil’ students are gonna “Engineer” them a New azzhole where we pack the shzt IN. That way they will be happy that there is “No Intelligent Designer,” if you get my drift… lulz

Back to the Engineers’ template. I’ll put those last two paragraphs and the graphic in slides for levity. You know how boring those conferences can be otherwise. Many of those Engineers have been thrown in psych by Nazi Doctors for this, and Wild Apple Leaf is going to put their Payback Power way over the top. I can imagine what they’ll come up with, but I am sure they will surprise even me in the ensuing fzckfest this will become in 10 figure lawsuits.

And yes, I’ll “keep it Simple, Stupid!” KISS lol

 diy-moonshot DiYmbig


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Fri, Apr 3, 2015 – Day 246 – What’s Good about it?

  1. You better make SURE the medical mafia never gets a hold of this thing. They will wreck it faster than you can blink.


    • They won’t be interested if they can’t make big money off it I hope. I thought of that. It is an interesting way out of Lyme yo say the least though, and why would you need doctors except to set broken bones and repair other injuries if it cures all disease that has them stumped?


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