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Mon, Apr 6, 2015 – Day 249 – Strength in Numbers

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MansplainerMy metaphysical engineering students and I were having a beer one day when I tasked them with a couple problems. I said, “I bet you don’t know ‘What has the IQ of 400?'” They knew the answer. It was 40 engineering sto0nts on One Beer. I bought the next round. That’s why I carry a Black DisasterCard®!! It is also handy that they are so small, they get wasted on a cap full of beer. lulz

Our course in Quantum Criminology was partially like that. The problem is Identity Theft. What if you could get everybody to try and rip off one po’ schmuck’s identity for the usual reason, even though he allegedly only has loads of potential: Money? Now we all know who the real article is. Just say it is me, a relatively quiet, unassuming, and until now, marginally popular/unpopular (depending which side of the trade you are on) individual. We have independent confirmation from hundreds of physicists. How do you protect that guy’s identity if he won the lottery and cornered the world banking system, and/or had a cure for cancer/LymeDisease, and/or cr4cked Unified Field Theory, etc. etc. etc.?

They had the answer. Give them all enough rope to hang themselves. There is also Weakness in Numbers depending on how the whole setup is, and for what answer. This opens the door to a bigger problem that everybody has; Protection of their online identity. We all have skeletons in our closet. What if we went to the skeleton drawing board and made up a whole bunch more? Fight fire with fire, so to speak? Give them a little more than they bargained for? They only stole one set of answers. Now they have some ‘xplain’ to do! lulz Havin’ a few beer with engineers is fun, and you can really learn a lot of new stuff. You have to really be on your toes too. Their douchebag meter is very sensitive. Nobody in their right mind will walk that gauntlet unless they really have their po0p in a group, and/or know them or their peers fairly well. Still, I remain apprehensive.

Now let’s start adding paradoxii to the mix. Such a paradox would be attending a lottery winning ceremony that you for some reason were unable to attend. You could not only double improbabilities but square them. Columbo was good at that.

I digress though. The lil’ students have some tough courses. They are following what a Moonshot takes. There are hundreds of different systems that all have to work, or have a backup. That is because it is like a chain where every step in the sequential order depends on all the previous steps. Nematode brain function solves many problems by working in parallel, and distributes a lot of little problems so that one failure is not additive, not a crucial series failure like a Moonshot. What if we can combine the best of both worlds? Humans can’t on a Moonshot scale. Nematodes respect Moonshot scale engineering. I respect their distributed engineering as well. Look at T5 for example which has prevailed pushing their species to the forefront of engineering IMO on our planet to the point where we think they are aliens. In turn, they think we are aliens. Symbiosis is very powerful in this respect. The truth of the matter is neither of us are aliens, just different, and until a year and a half ago now, possibly were completely unaware of each other. The God of our Easter knew, assuming that is His Bible. Go figure.

On the Human side, Dr. Breese knows. I’m just digging a little deeper. These days, I think the little Nematodes are key to the survival of our soul. That is why I don’t want to kill any of them. I think they cause all sorts of medical problems, but now know it wasn’t intentional, and Wild Apple Leaf may be a new way forward so that nobody gets hurt except those who truly deserve it. To this end, I am one of the first Astronauts on this journey although I suspect there have been others. They just haven’t had the background or tools like the Internet that we have to connect from a remote place before. They likely may not have understood the physics of what is going on here, and although I’m no Einstein, I know a bit about what the problems are. Einstein didn’t even know they existed, AFAIK! So I can attest anyways. I’ll be really interested to hear the assembled Rocket Surgeons’ take on it. Everybody thinks Columbo is a dumbazz until that fateful moment.

The way I see it, the greedier people are, the less they will get. It is like trying to fill a bucket grabbing handfuls of sand; A big grab gets you almost nothing. A pinch at a time by thousands of different people in different locations? Who knows? I am really interested in the science of the whole thing because it has escaped scientists for all history. In that way I have to be careful I am not a bit greedy too. I want to give it away to people who can really make use of it, but for the right reasons. The medical community is not that group decidedly so. They’re in it for the money; not for the patients. Likewise with the financial gang we caught warring over nothing. Look at all the fraud we have caught them in in a vortex of Aikido; The harder they fight, the tighter the bonds get. By the way. thanks for my 200 back… or the 50… or the 20 as the case may be, etc. I wonder how many running  logins will get different answers? Looks like The Co0+ies are havin’ their way with some h4><0rz for fun. Just how many worms are in that Bug? What if they are all different ones already deployed out there in meatspace? lulz I give extra points for humour.


It reminds me of a wise old project manager some of us know. He said, “Mikey… There’s two things ya gotta know about this Physics shzt. One is Don’t sweat the lil’ shzt!” Well, what’s the other, I asked? He said, “It’s ALL little shzt!” lol


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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