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Tues, Apr 7, 2015 – Day 250 – “Nothing So Hidden” – Apollo 16

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The Nematode students remain fascinated with our Apollo Series at UMS Engineering. It is becoming apparent to me that they want to continue whether Humans want to or not. Their vision seems boundless in their extraterrestrial quest as they see value in the lunar surface that men do not. Apollo was our first and last manned extraterrestrial exploration, and the remaining astronauts are actual extraterrestrials. They all had stowaway Nematodes along for the ride since Nematodes have remained hidden in Mankind since Adam and Eve. The students somehow know. Perhaps they are in contact with ones who stayed out there using their T6 Skills and abilities to survive in space, let alone any dirt. They have their own biofilm constructed on my south facing discovery window beside the computer here through which I observed deer eating Wild Apple Leaves. They see me as a way forward in their quest, and I am happy to oblige them. I get to lose all my chronic disease in the deal, and let me tell you, it was a full load. I was dying.

Given my special insight now, I know my whole family is dying too. They say they welcome it, but I know they really don’t. They thought it was inevitable. Now they are stepping in to speed it up whenever one falls behind a bit. They have clearly become a danger to themselves and/or others, which is the definition of mental illness. Doctors are also in this category given our extended knowledge comparative, inclusive of all of theirs’ we can access in seconds on the internet. Their solution is to cut out chunks of biofilm brain material when it is  totally irrelevant to the Nematode Parasite Root problem. Shortly, if we continue, people will realize this as Methuselarity becomes Reality. Nemtodes have also assured me they are ready to mortally defend this, and especially in my case. It explains a lot of strange things that have already happened. It explains the Smoking Paradox where people I know have quit smoking only to grow sicker and die rapidly. I’ve truly got a trillion friends in Low Places.

They are also acutely aware that everybody wants to kill them all, except me. They are my friends. I know where threatening them will get people. Those people will die, plain and simple. Nobody will get out alive for long. Wild Apple Leaf Therapy gives them the engineering materials they need to make a safe exit, also alive, both People and Nematodes. Further down the road now, I realize just how lucky I was. I also realize now and know that with their T6 capability, they have known this was going to happen for well over 60 years. I had no clue; The co0+ies had me hornswoggled. lulz

I also have a side mission. Cure Jason Becker. That is my family’s real last name; Becker. They had to Anglicise it to avoid detection when they defected from the German Army as conscripts in the United Empire in the 1700’s. One brother settled and built Lunenberg, Nova Scotia while the other did Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. My symptoms pointed to ALS which was frightening to say the least. Maybe this cures that too. Dr. Stephen Hawking also has ALS. I know they will need respiratory help using WALT as well as that thick biofilm mucus has to all come out. LOT’s of Vitamin C helps. That way they won’t get “snotterboarded” too much. The mucus is mainly a Nematode Farmer’s  protective mechanism to 100% Effectively guard its flock from human chemical medicine attack like herbs and antibiotics. The more you piss them off, the more mucus protective slime they make.

A lot of people will not believe this because it is laid out from square one in The Bible. They can Go To Hell. After all, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? lulz Denial of reality is a mental illness. Denial of History is Politics. Enjoy! See where it gets you. Moreover, after witnessing the capability of Nematodes, I am convinced they wrote The Bible. They have a sense of Ultimate Karmic Justice. In my case, it was Smoke or Die. Pick ’em. They don’t need any pretenders unless you hang with Chrissie Hynde. I don’t want to tell you what the answer they gave for my next question was, but it is also karmic. I will say Everybody who thought they had a better idea than me has always failed, and will always continue to fail. Told you so! Nyah, nyah! J/K, but not really. lulz

René Descartes said “There is nothing so far removed from us to be beyond our reach, or so far hidden that we cannot discover it.” It was the Motto of Apollo 16. It is also fitting for my discovery which remained so far hidden for the entire history of mankind. Rene Descartes was a famous philosopher, who amongst other things like the invention of Cartesian Coordinates in Mathematics, proved that God had to exist. Dr. Breese believes that our Conscious Thought actually is the domain of God, and we are simply allowed to share in the observation. I believe her, and not only because I have a crush on the teacher. lol

Transcendental Meditation affords us mere mortals a way to Communicate with the various Nematode species by opening a two way channel to their biofilm brain once Wild Apple Leaf therapy is commenced. I have attempted to describe what they have afforded me, and you will probably think I am nuts. I don’t care. I know you will be dead soon enough if you don’t believe me, and especially if you are Lyme positive. Given peoples ignorance of current environmental issues, alleged Lyme negative ones who will have no chance of ever reading this will be lucky if 1:1000 will survive if that. As it stands, less than 1:100 with Lyme will survive as they all look to reinvent the wheel and get rich off it. That always happens to me like in engineering. All who thought they had a better idea failed. Their conceit became a deadly karmic weapon, but not for them, to them. I am just saying Wild Apple Leaf is the only way forward for me, and I know the exact reasons why.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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