Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Apr 8, 2015 – Day 251 – Why Open Source?

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Number one, it sure gets rid of greedy people fast. In this case, greed is also the biggest obstacle to any and all supposed “cures” that, as an added benefit, also will not work. If you do not have Nematodes exiting your flesh where they have been comfy for decades, you are just enraging them.

One person yesterday asked me how we knew I did not put cocaine in my sample capsules? That makes a lot of sense, yeah. Get yer Free Cocaine here! She had a point about quality control, which is surprising since she was of the mindset Get-Everybody-Hooked-On-Cocaine-For-Free. On further questioning, she had a lot of issues going on with other people in her life. Two years ago I told her watch out for those people; Big Red Flag! I’ll let you guess what they might have been. She wouldn’t elaborate. Yeah, I know…

Let’s suppose I haven’t laced your Own Apple Tree, wherever it may be, with cocaine, crystal meth, LSD, pot, heroine, turpentine, RoundUp, Agent Orange, etc. How can you trust Your Own Apple Leaves? Mine have been bit by little bugs. The bugs give up fast. I took a leap of faith that they weren’t killed by pesticides and herbicides. The Deer seemed to like them while turning their noses up at all the pretty gardens around here. Humans will eat shzt if it looks pretty enough. Monsanto banks on it.

If I have been tasked to roll this out stat, those are but a few obstacles I face. By the time it goes viral at this rate, and even for free, the future will be lonely. Houses will be $1. But who will run it all? Luckily I am an engineer, but there is just too much shzt. The highways will grow over. Who will look after Fukushima for the next 20,000, let alone 100,000 years? I am thinking Accountants! They got it all! lol

David Suzuki had a recent Facebook post about making Bucket Lists. You can see where he is coming from. It is a mess no matter what. Open Source is one last futile stab in the dark. Lots want to try everything else but Wild Apple Leaves. “Why not this leaf? That leaf?” Why don’t we just hop in the Lamborghinis and say fzck it? Knock yourself out. It is all a part of the plan. Clock does not stop ticking, even if you should figure out how Nematodes can bridge time, space, and gravity. You’ll just see what we saw.

Anyways, back to school.


Just saying, when you are infested with a species smarter than you are, see where trying to kill them gets you, and possibly keep a diary. It will be some of your last records. Moreover, you are not alone. You have 7.3+ billion people with exactly the same problem.

Surveyors Disease


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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