Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Apr 10, 2015 – Day 253 – Writer’s Block


Well, that didn’t work. Now I have writer’s block.

I’m lookin’ at the pdf… it is too corny. And maybe a little dense… We’re on it, anyways. De-corn, stretch those slides out, but not too much. Have you ever been to one of those? Buddy tries to see how many slides he can put in the PowerPoint, and it is just a blur of slide clicking. It’s like trying to watch TV with a kid with ADHD on the clicker. Then there is the other end of the scale. One slide, screen burn. You know he just wants to get back to the lab to fill in the extra data points on that screen burner. It’s a convention though, and he can get cool Jape. Golf hats. Tote bags. USB sticks with ads on them. You can live on salad and cheese platters. Lots of neat stuff from Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics, and various manufacturers..

This year, the energy sector has taken a shot to the gunnions. There is a glut on the market. They did exactly what people wanted; More stuff for less. We don’t exactly hear cheering in the street. Moreover look what I found. So many worms, so little time. It is pandemic, and a new pangea for it. Moreover it is a lot bigger than the oil business, if past numbers of pharmaceuticals are any indication. $1 trillion is pretty big, and that is only a 1% reduction i chronic illness. This has the potential for %50 easily from what we have witnessed first hand.

I use Open Office or LibreOffice as it is called. I used to be a tub thumper for Microsoft. I couldn’t get anything done anymore because all the damn thing would do was update when it got online. It came to the point where there was no superlative big enough to say how many bugs the damn thing had. Windows had become a solid mass of patches, and worse yet, with every release they wouldn’t update the drivers making hardware obsolete by neglect. Ubuntu had drivers for 20 year old hardware that works perfectly, even under a 64 bit boot. Now that we all have broadband, things are a lot easier. 1 Gig can take care of the installer, but it is tricky with a Windows dual boot these days. Still pretty easy given the alternative.

Drinking worked for Hemingway and Mark Twain. Not so much me. I just put me to sleep and ran through me like shzt through a goose. I don’t know who measured that; Food Retention in Geese. “In conclusion, Food retention in the goose was found to be pretty dam short; nominally minimal.” It made it all the way to popular folklore. That is pretty good when you give a science paper, and that is the takeaway from it; Popular Folklore. Not only Free marketing of your theories, but widespread popular referencing. The Nobel Prize in biology is just a kicker after that. It was also somewhat intuitive because you just know that geese don’t want to be packing shzt around all over the place when they migrate, and extensively. “I think I’ve gotta take a shzt!” “Why don’t you leave one?” queries the goose. And leave it they do! All over the gawdam place. I noticed one poor goose had what I call Surveyor’s Disease… Strong side weakness. It was bringing up the rear of the gaggle. I thought I felt its pain. Everybody abandons you when you fall behind the curve a bit due to a disability. It reminds them of their own mortality or superiority. They think it cannot happen to them because that would be unthinkable. So they don’t.

I donated money in the naivety that if it happened to me, I would be insured against that. I haven’t seen a cent. Where did it all go? A friend who was taking business says they audited all these heart and stroke, and cancer charities. They were largely self serving bureaucracies, mowing all the profits back to just running the ponzi. This would be something extremely promising for them and perhaps a little too promising, doncha think? It would shztcan their meal ticket. Heart, stroke, and cancer would all be cured. They would still phone at suppertime looking for more handouts. We would give it to them. If you found a cure, you wouldn’t get a gawdam cent. It would go to putting a new wing on the psych ward to throw really sick people into when they couldn’t find what was wrong with them like Lyme Disease in Canada. It is a 13 digit fraud that never ends, not including all the cigarette taxes. When they discover that it is an anthelmintic cure for a problem right under their noses, I wonder how much lobbying they will do to bury it like Monsanto telling us it is safe to eat weedkiller because it only affects 91% of the cells in your body? They have bet the whole stack against ever finding a cure and now they lose. Good luck getting them to settle. Douchebags.

It isn’t harvest time for another 6 months. Then we could just put down a drop sheet or a bird net to catch all the falling leaves. This is where they are at in Australia, Southern Africa, and South America now. Apple harvest first, then the leaf harvest. The trouble is mold. You have to dry the leaves or they get moldy. Mine have a little mold on them still;. Maybe the mold is part of the active ingredient, but they work whether they have it or not I found. I tried to make sure they didn’t get any, but a little was inevitable. I just had one that was from the batch that was a little moldy. I’m still kickin’ for now. Maybe this weekend I will look at Chile and see how things are there with the apple harvest. I wanted to visit Ecuador and the UMS Campus there, but now it will be the off season. Everything is backwards in Wild Apple world where mid to late fall is when all the best pickin’ is. Fresh leaves simply tide you over until then. You don’t want to strip the whole tree because you don’t need to. 2 or three leaves a day will do up to as many you can handle herxing wise. We found that I couldn’t force a bad herx because there is a built in bottleneck after two grams a day. Adding cayenne helped push that and got circulation up in the swelling areas where we could tell it was really working hard.

University of Alberta found a cure for cancer a couple years ago. They didn’t want to know because they could not patent it; DCA was too old. This is similar, but so far has only been proven in a human. Let’s just watch what happens. A very clear picture is emerging of what the real problem is. The Media abhors clarity because it makes them look like the dumb azzed artsies that they are. There is another artsie block vote with them, and that is the doctors who took advantage of the easy “A’s”. Get the plunger ready to send them to the promised land, because they are going to need more than just a little plunging help. No plumbing was expected to be needed for a dump this big, built on decades of azz kissing up the respective ladders of Official Progress. No matter how big it is, we can always snake the mother. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Fri, Apr 10, 2015 – Day 253 – Writer’s Block

  1. What the “Cure Cancer” Cult isn’t telling everyone:


    • Yeah. People have no idea it seems that is really what is happening in their almighty Allopathic Medicine world. They keep it that way through obscurity and patent squatting as well.


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