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Sat, Apr 11, 2015 – Day 254 – The New Talk Draft


I have only 20 minutes to give this talk. They are a tough crowd too. Physicists, chemists, engineers, and hung over from the instrument manufacturer Open Bar party. I added a bit more background because none of them really are involved in this, even though it affects all of them to some extent. How do you break it to someone in under 20 minutes that their life will never be the same, and this is why?

Surveyors Disease

I added sections describing the work of Dr. Alan B. MacDonald, explaining why some Tick thing links to ALL Chronic Disease. I explained why Surveyor’s International Lyme Disease is an extremely tough chronic condition. I expanded my section on selection of Malus Columbia  leaves using a Deer Proxy sample. I got rid of the corny stuff… Most of it anyways. There are 17 slides overall to pan through, including title and end credits. Dr. Seneff’s section explains why even a cure this broad sweeping is not the total picture, and how it all links back to lowly Surveyors. I’ll leave it to them to see how altering biodiversity to make food look good has resulted in the Borrelia Epidemic Explosion. The last slide with the ants will remain up there through the question period. Each link opens to a new tab and it’s under a megabyte in size.

So why even show up? Cool Jape. I still have my old Sun Microsystems laptop bag. It also holds my modest Karaoke collection including all the rare Led Zeppelin’s. lulz Now if I can only get Paul Allen to pick this up…

MyBabiesI heard he plays guitar. Warren Buffett plays Ukulele too. Neither can afford to bend down and grab this. It is hard to sing and play Led Zeppelin at the same time because of the rhythm counterpoints. Robert Plant plays all the songs on guitar, but you just know why he doesn’t do it live.PlantAnyways, I kept it simple, from what I perceive the audience of assembled rocket surgeons will be receptive to. KISS Principle. They want the money shot. $50 Trillion 2006 US is too big of a money shot; I don’t care what kind of rocket surgeon you are, it’s too big. But go figure. That’s what it is. Ain’t any denying it… and that is a conservative estimate. That is $50 million… Times One Million! That is a lot of moonshots, although I suspect the nematodes never left it. They have figured out life support out there, clinging to the ISS windows, let alone everything we left on the moon. They even tasked Apollo 12 just to see what they did to Surveyor 3, and sample their growing biofilm on it. I suspect it left earth with them on it. The little buggers probably have the Moon drilled like swiss cheese by now. lulz They are truly conquerors of worlds when they put their biofilm to it.

Maybe it’s just me. I elevate my cootie pals to a higher level than mere humans and their mortality. If you think you are better, take a step outside the ISS for 5 minutes… Without a space suit! Then we can argue about it, maybe. The fact that you didn’t just go through the wall isn’t cutting much slack with me. lol Like Johnny Appleseed, I looked up the religion of Swedenborg. He was a scientist, and in fact became head of the Swedish department of Mines and Metallurgy. That is also my background… Mining and Metallurgical Engineering. I can only imagine his 17th and 18th century views of what is happening here. It struck a chord with John Chapman in the 18th and 19th centuries. Emanuel Swedenborg was very far ahead of his time in neurology, which would not exist for another century.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Sat, Apr 11, 2015 – Day 254 – The New Talk Draft

  1. Have you thought about recording your presentation? Would love to hear the Q&A after the slideshow. Could get interesting (if they don’t just walk out on you for being too far out..lol :)).


    • They may already do that. i ordered the optional USB stick, and likely a whopper with these guys like 128 GB, with all the papers on it from the whole conference. Failing that, i could also just start my camera running… an old Nikon P90 with great audio actually. Have to see…


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