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Sat, Apr 18, 2015 – Day 261 – Dr. Oz

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Never heard of the guy… Until Now!! A bunch of sawbones from Columbia want the university to give the guy the boot. It seems to me that he makes a lot of sense, especially with the whole exploding glyphosate processed food cover up thing. One of the Columbia doctors that want him gone had his licence lifted for 2 years for medicaid fraud. For Doc Oz’s stance on GMO’s alone, he gets the Dr.* TMINAD Bad Housekeeping Seal of Approval! He would probably be suspicious of me, further raising his credentials in my eyes. Hell, *I* am suspicious of me! Difference is, I am actively trying to be a quack precisely because of the petitioners. That way. any acknowledgement is gravy, as well as any ignorance. lulz

“Dear Dr. Miller et al,

As I am sure you understand and appreciate, Columbia is committed to the principle of academic freedom and to upholding faculty members’ freedom of expression for statements they make in public discussion.


Doug Levy
Chief Communications Officer
Columbia University Medical Center ”

Doug bztch slapped ’em back. Good on ‘im. In the nuclear weapons design world, my designs anyways, the butthurt doctors pressed the “Artsie Button,” that detonates a much smaller precision Artsie button pusher targeting weapon attached to the button, *almost* instantly. Suffice to say my lab is a whole lotta artsmen pain waiting to happen. “See? <push push> It’s a Fraud!” Pow! <boxing glove retracts>

Wild Apple Leaves are like that. Eat a bunch. “See? Nothing happened! It gave me a Rash!” Have you ever wondered what came out, where, and why? I sent in the 4 boxtops to get my Artsie add on with my Engineering Ring. True to form, at first the Artsies wanted to renege on the deal.

All the big news parasites are intestinal. Nobody mentions the other half of the surface of your body… The External surface. The parasites hang under that for years we have seen, and as deep as inside joints, muscle, brain, cartilage, neurons, bone, and maybe even marrow. There is your arthritis. You will feel them get disturbed by the anthelmintic effect. That was my experience. The things also became sensitive to magnets once I was eating Apple Leaves, and a simple magnet near the embedded site elicited pain.

This is what things have come to. Given the unbroken track record of failure of Allopathic Medicine in an antibiotic resistant biofilm teeming world, the status quo has shot themselves in the foot blowing everything looking for the next patentable chemical. Now we enter the pathetic stage where detractors abuse what dwindling power they have left. Dr. Oz speaks truth to the powerless. If he wants to talk about Garcinia Cambogia to the flabby masses, why not? I would throw in Pueria Mirifica so the pussy detractors could grow a pair too. lulz Back to the Wild West plot though.

What is extremely worrisome is that doctors would come out so blatantly on the side of Pro GMO. You know artsies aren’t exactly scientifically gifted, but over their cauldrons in med school, did they OD on the fumes and forget the Shikimic Acid/Shikimate Pathway? Are they really unaware of the near lethal chelation effects of the glyphosate residues on manganese in humans too? Are they unaware that Moms Across America found glyphosate levels 600-1000 times the safe level for European Drinking Water in Mothers’ Breast Milk? What sort of dumbazz worm crawled up their azz to make that call? Next they’ll tell us we should cut funding to the Mayo Clinic because they just throw their out of date condiments in the garbage.

The List of Human Parasites on Wiki stands at 76 Known Parasites. I know of at least One more, the John Glenn “Firefly” smart type that is prevalent at Shuswap Lake, BC, attracted by salmon, and at least a few other places. What is clear is that is just what is known, and does not include Swimmer’s Itch, which lived in us at least 4 years, and likely more like 40+. Wild Apple Leaf makes them all skidaddle, or does it? What are the ones it doesn’t address? What are the ones from some hornet stings? They’re big and nasty. What are those Mexican spider ones? They’re mighty tenacious too. There’s at least a Ph.D. or ten lurking there kids. We’re interested in results though. That we have, or more correctly, had, and in spades. If you have a good microscop and some scotch tape, knock yourself out. My party has been over for months though, save for poor lil’ ’88. The Lambo Gal is allergic to bee stings. Her dad, the automotive guy (he has another lambo and a couple H3’s), has a heart condition. I think all these are related to parasites known and unknown that Wild Apple Leaf miraculously cures. There are more classed as Parasitic Diseases, but I would add Lyme Disease as per Dr. Sapi’s and later, my discoveries.

Testing is trying to catch up, but It is a case of so many variants, coinfecting by utilizing the set up biofilm, infecting and obfuscating like syphilis, to test for. Here is Bob Giguere with Richard Longland of the Biofilm YouTube Channel. This is a whole new paradigm for testing… Treat, and  what d’hell shows up? The intelligent ones tell me they’re beat too, and for God’s sake, watch that sweet annie wormwood! That got ’em talkin’! lulz

In related news, A woman visited a psychiatrist and begged: ‘You’ve got to help me, Doctor. My husband thinks he’s a racehorse. He neighs, sleeps on straw and even eats grain!’
‘That surely is a new one,’ responded the psychiatrist, stifling a snicker. ‘Nonetheless, I should be able to help him, but I have to warn you – it’s going to be very costly!’
‘Oh, money isn’t an issue,’ replied the wife. ‘He’s already won two races.’

It’s busy times, for sure. Finally, the relentless drum beat is righting some horrible wrongs. The too thin veneer of credibility of these attackers is finally burying their bully pulpits in more shzt than a mushroom farm explosion, and one they finally touched off in glorious pseudo official style. I knew there was an Artsie Button on it. Just add some Artsies.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

One thought on “Sat, Apr 18, 2015 – Day 261 – Dr. Oz

  1. Lull 🙂 If anyone has doubts that there’a an aggressive Monsanto Mafia, i.e. the “opinion correction department”, you only need to look at the sequence of events after the Dr Oz episode.

    I think these “doctors” are both unaware, and many probably also on the payroll of this monstrosity through various grants or other warm and fuzzy deals.


    an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

    act or work as a shill.

    “Corporate-funded racketeering and mafia operations underlie the biotech and pharmaceutical industries”



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