Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Apr 19, 2015 – Day 262 – The Dr. Oz Pile-on

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The Monsanto Mafia has come out from under the rocks in force. It is a World War of Second Opinions. The Money has obviously won so far since supermarkets are still stocked floor to ceiling with weedkiller laced “food”; The facts haven’t been buried yet, but they were recently in danger of being buried. To tell the truth, I didn’t know until Stephanie Seneff’s presentations were on the biofilm channel, and I didn’t even know I had Lyme disease until about 10 months ago. The symptomatology evidence was overwhelming. Dr. Sapi mentioned filarial nematode farmers, and it finally clicked that these were the little “things” showing up after we ate Wild Apple Leaves. I got ahold of Eva Haughie, ESLDA, and told her she should try some. It turns out that I couldn’t send plant parts across the border, but they can’t stop ideas. I made capsules up but since then my oldest brother became sick with a Classic Lyme episode. My extended family are all too smart and clinging to the superior 20th Century medicine here with at least two getting fatal modifications so far with stints and/or ablations augmented with rat poison. For reasons I am not allowed to say we are several dozen centuries past that. They’ll never figure it out; Why are all the non-smokers dead? Crazy, huh? Let’s just ignore that. Let’s just hope it is a wild apple leaf OR smoking choice, and that the nicotine isn’t an additive cofactor as to why it works so well.

Back to the present day. Bugs and their worms have an unlimited feast of tasty Non Smoker meat and brain, but glyphosate and 2,4-D are their silent killers too, even though they outlive the host and are able to transfer their conscience to a new host and a backup biofilm brain. Throw on a side dish of cartilage. I was about 6’4″ but now I am 6’2″. They munched a couple inches of cartilage is all I can figure over almost 60 years. Lots of tasty cartilage in that spine. Oddly, now I am finally able to stand up straight again. We will see if I can start regenerating Chondroitin Sulfate although Dr. Seneff figures it is doubtful with glyphosate in everything. The Biotech Mafia would say she, along with Dr. Don Huber and Dr. Oz, are 21st Century “quacks,” so real biotech geniuses.

Yes, it’s all nuts. Ironically, nuts are all I can find to eat that MAY not have any glyphosate in them. Nuts and Honey. One girl found she got better eating xylitol instead of sugar. Simply, she eliminated the weedkiller (sugar) from her diet. They use the weedkiller as a drying agent for sugar cane and stevia, so they too are weedkiller laced now. Likewise, it makes sense in a crazy way that meat from farm animals might consume all the glyphosate by proxy. Hopefully some nutrients might make it through because they didn’t get enough weedkiller. Since DeKalb came on the scene in the early 20th century, they have been repetitively caught up in these criminal acts and cover-ups using the same exact MO. Now DBA Monsanto, their head office is in ironically, MO. The Peach Arch in St. Louis is a forecast of their stock price chart, MON.

Even though I feel the best I have felt all my life, I still could get better. Nerves have been cut on my right leg, former strong, side. They ate and/or atrophied almost my entire right glut before I skunked them out, I know that takes a long time to heal. Where one escaping nematode drilled my left optic nerve AFAICT last Christmas, there is still some lingering fuzziness there. Allopathic medicine only served to help them, not me, and made it even worse, setting me back 4 months overnight. They gave me a walker with a smile. Fortunately, they will all be gone soon, witnessing their superior intellect in action. The worms know.  See Paragraph 2. It kind of disqualifies you when you show up dead at the Final Test. If you go the apple leaf route, watch the wormwood and the magnets I noticed. YMMV. It’ll be another 4 months until that wormhole lines up again an’ maybe I’ll up date ya then. lulz

Looking at Chile, there has to be a leaf crop coming up there. Argentina is a big apple producer too, but because Chile is more aligned with the US and EU, they have a larger Organic certified source maybe. This is a whole new crop. People never looked at the leaves. I have some harvest tricks to make it easy. The exchange rate is about $1000 Pesos to the buck… or it was. They look to have a large deer population. Deer don’t say much, but they eavesdrop a lot I suspect. It all depends on how much of those Apple Leaves they are eating. Only the young buck is suspicious of me here. Probably doesn’t like the girls being tight with me. Getting there is a big chore. I do know a family that runs a wine store here from Chile. Perhaps that is one way we can get a line on leaf powder. The raw leaves may be banned from import, but if they’re ground up, its a whole different story. I’m watching the weather in Chillan. Give it a month.

Meanwhile, Did you know the Transpacific trade agreement we have all been dreading was introduced three days ago? It means Monsanto and Cargill can sue you if you won’t eat their weedkiller laced crap, or even want it labelled. That’s how they roll. It doesn’t matter what government. They bought it. You already signed 2,800 pages of healthcare for it too. Trust me. I’m not a doctor. I wonder how long it will be before somebody does a viral video killing dandelions with cereal or worse… sugar water? HFCS probably leave a smokin’ hole. You might wanna dilute that soya sauce too. Don’t wanna tattoo the lawn.

It is to laugh. That is how sad it has all become. We can cure everything from cancer to prostatitis with fruit tree leaves, but then if Dr. Samadi of Fox News is dancing around the fact that antibiotic laced (they patented glyphosate as an antibiotic) food is killing us plain and simple, and can’t come out and say that supermarkets are filled floor to ceiling with it because Monsanto doesn’t want us to know, where are we going? Why not just quintuple the price of it, because it is a hell of a lot deadlier than cigarettes? It’ll kill you this year, and not in a few decades.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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