Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Apr 24, 2015 – Day 267 – Dealing with Pain

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That torn MCL was pretty good pain, but they had come up with Ibuprofen then. Motrin 400’s were good for that kind of sprain pain. What wasn’t good is waking up. When you are all doped up things are fine. When it wears off you deal with the consequences of doing way more than you should have. Add on to that, I had to hobble a half mile to a heliport from where I tore it. The endorphins cut in.

A while back I crashed my bicycle. After a half hour it took to get up, I hobbled back home leaning on it, again a half mile it seemed. I felt something trickling in my chest. Don’t think about it I figured, just get to a hospital. So I drove the truck a half hour to town. Something was really wrong with my left arm and ribs. I tried to ignore it, hard as that was. After sitting around in emergency a couple hours, they finally looked at me. Punctured lung, dislocated shoulder, broken collarbone, 8 broken ribs. I should have complained more. I was trying to save my breath though. Any F grade medic could tell I was in shock, a life threatening condition, which I also knew. I intentionally ignored it because not ignoring it could kill me. Instead the doctor was in shock by that time. I told her I had to suck it up, princess. They suggested next time, less sucking, more complaining. Well, that was just the beginning. Try pneumonia and hacking out blood loogies with 8 broken ribs and a collarbone. My brother threw up.

The thing I discovered was that pain is all in your head. Even when you are/aren’t hit on the head. I still have the broken crash helmet. Maybe I should have left pieces of it on there to ensure prompt service.

Lyme hasn’t really been painful for me, but it more pisses me off, or used to. You know everything used to work OK but now you instruct and nothing happens. No amount of will makes it go away. Living with juvenile arthritis was easy because I could just will the pain away… sometimes. Waking up was still really bad, but you could meditate it away after a while in a self imposed numb/dumbness. In Canada, they say there is nothing wrong with you because they test for one strain of it that almost nobody has so they get out of paying, and should you complain, even with a well documented threshold of pain that would leave a bear comatose, they will throw you in a psych ward. I just do a mantra reciting the major felonies they commit by doing that, and imagining how much hard jail time they’ll do being the new pretty boys on the cell block.

What should be the penalty for medicating the prosecution out of incompetence or otherwise false pretence? Proving incompetence is a slam dunk in Canada. Imagine how bad it gets when you can prove they did it to the inventor of the world’s first 100% positive Lyme test? All it will take is a lawyer in charge of a major law firm to get Lyme and kaboom. It’s all over for them. I know one, but he’ll never be diagnosed in Canada. They’ll have to burn his charts, which is a minor crime for them after what they’ve already done.

You get well attuned to the symptoms like that Lyme short term memory deficit when Wild Apple Leaf cures the brain fog within the first week. You see it instantly in other people because you’ve been there. They don’t realize that the first thing about being a good liar is keeping your story straight. A Lyme Foghead will quickly contradict themselves when pressed, and sometimes in the same sentence. I know a few Lyme Positive medical professionals now that would explode during any cross examination on the stand. I intend to give them the chance. They can explain to the judge why they should be allowed to ignore a subpoena in criminal and civil proceedings. The cameras will be rolling for more hilarity. Judges don’t like being lied to blatantly. I’ll have to point out to the Judge the witness was hypnotized, by whom, and why. That’s when the bailiff’s shotguns may have to come out. The hipnotizer really won’t like that, and they won’t be far away. Better yet, I’ll just say it’s all too crazy for any sane person.

That would take way too much time and money to set up. A movie script could do it better. Just put a disclaimer that it is all fiction, even though it contains all undeniable facts. They gonna file a lawsuit that it’s too real? “Hey, we’re the Real Most Despicable Shztheads EVAH! and we’ll sue!” For exercising First Amendment Rights? The E-Trade Baby Lindsay Lohan thing? Project away! Having clearly mentally ill soon=to=be-former medical pros outlining the complaint would be interesting. I wonder how many lawyers won’t tell ’em what they are doing to rip off a fat check before it gets slapped into the toilet? What if you can clearly show Canada has the densest infection rate of Lyme Borreliosis in the world when they have denied it for 35 years, and you can show it in 50+ year old tissue samples? Prove it, then lie and inform them it’s fiction. Keep the cameras rolling, because trapping liars in a Liar’s Paradox is high entertainment, and denial isn’t an option. A court ordered 100% Lyme test would be harder to explain away, especially since they may be searching forever in Canada to find a negative anywhere with the test they say doesn’t exist when they themselves grab the ball into their own court, but the higher court has the US Patent for it, and the evidence of them hiding it, sealed.

Every notice that happens a lot these days? The Liar’s Paradox on Live Video? Clinton II? You barely saw that before Dec 21, 2012. They’ll wag the finger, WMD’s, GMO’s, CDC’s, AMA’s, FSU’s, NSA’s, and a cast of three letter shzt, hanging themselves as they circle the hole. Must be Karma

Of course they could always move to declare engineers anybody any “thing” from the future shouldn’t be allowed to testify. It’s the only way out AFAICS in Loonie Land. The fact that it is impossible and they would have to be insane will make it even harder. Oh, Hollywood. What a mess you can make when it gets all too real. “Lyme doesn’t exist here!” Kinda tough when you Yourself were born with it, and are caught hiding it for centuries. Suppose they stole it in the future, but could only go a limited amount of time back once to kill all the people and steal all the money? Imagine the Real inventors are Masters of time, space, inventing bio nanomachines, the delicious art of getting even, and orchestrating the most massive unstoppable train wreck of All time with only the hidden thieves and murderers on board, demonstrated live and in real time doing all the evil deeds like poisoning the food supply? “Any resemblance to real people and/or events is purely coincidental…” Guess who’ll be the first people to try and stop it, only to find out, along with everybody else, they themselves made it impossible? lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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