Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Apr 26, 2015 – Day 269 – Who smokes more?

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In my preparation for failure, one funny question came up: Who smokes more? Republicans or Democrats? We know why they asked it. They want the other side to die horribly. Here is the good news. The more you advertise your support of Wild Apple Leaf, the more people who hate your politics will be against it, and they will surely die horrible wretching deaths by intentionally delaying or eliminating their consumption of it. One thing is certain. Not eating Wild Apple Leaf, and having a low amount of bio available cyanide concurrently, is worm friendly.

The two together scare the worms out of you fast. The status quo is chronic illness using the worm biofilm to protect itself from any and all forms of treatment short of cutting it out. Adding foreign bodies like replacement joints and stints accelerates biofilm formation by prompting natural immune response. I noticed smoking produces dramatic results in conjunction with Wild Apple Leaves. Seeds from trees and many other seeds contain cyanide too, like grape seeds, almonds, fruit tree seeds. and even sunflower seeds to a little extent. You don’t have to smoke. Eating seeds should give you enough bio available cyanide to activate the Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic properties. Some Things accelerate it dramatically as well.

The interesting thing here is the weaponization of Wild Apple Leaf, albeit in a left handed fashion. The more people refuse to believe you, the faster and more horribly they will die. It will activate their political lysosomes by default. For the record, I gave up on politics, knowing that no matter who wins, the bureaucracy runs everything anyways. The latest greatest political geniuses in the US just fired all the independent health care insurance providers for one horrifically corrupt incompetent central provider like Canada. Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire. They’re all going to be poisoned by their food supply now anyways this year. The people you elected know it, and they think they will be the only ones left alive for giving their vote. History has told us how that ends every time. Their Ghosts could tell you, but you’re smarter than that… Such intelligent Ghosts you will be. Be smug, because the bureaucracy all dies too.

Anarchy requires anarchists, but they’ll all be dead, poisoned with nothing to eat but full supermarkets of poison, or ample supplies of poison fat to live off of. Do you think because it has an organic sticker on it it’s OK? Consider it might have been until it got in that store. Psychotic Genocidal Maniacs don’t have qualms about misrepresentation of anything, let alone steenking labels. Devolution requires the elimination of vetting, one pair of prying eyeballs at a time. Failing students all become geniuses by eliminating the teachers. They never learned that they comprise less than one one hundredth of a percent of all intelligent life on earth. What is left will be even less. They don’t even know that there are more biotics in each of their intestines than there are presently people on earth. Any less and they are dying, hoisted on their own pitard. A Human Body with its biotics has so much cellular diversity they can’t put their finger on a number between 21,000 and 38,000 for the gene count. They deny the existance of an intelligent designer using the cognitive thought of the intelligent designer. Such conceit always ends badly, intentionally, intelligently, and specifically by crafting their own personal worst nightmares. After all, that Intelligent Designer eavesdropped on all of your evil thoughts and worst fears from the very get go.

Baktun 13 was just another day. It was Dec 21, 2012. It was also my 57th birthday. I think I am the only person who figured it out. Not the day, but what it was all about. From that point forward in time, which some worms can communicate both ways in coincidentally, You will all be Karma’s bitch. Destroyed and missing emails will be miraculously found, that sort of thing. Don’t use email? Even worse. We know you are hiding or afraid of something, and worse yet, the Intelligence knows exactly what it is.

In the Standard Model of Physics, it describes particles, spins/force fields, but it doesn’t describe the cognitive thought processes of the standard model. It doesn’t describe the physics of thought. It exhibits quantum behaviour. It can conceptualize tachyons and the square root of -1, but in a left handed misunderstanding way, utilizing exactly what it cannot conceptualize. We can represent it in only 2-D to trick our minds to think 4-D, like a Klein Bottle.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgThat should be an orthogonal implied intersection to make the misunderstanding more accurate though. You have to accurately know what you don’t know; That is, that intersection does not exist. lol The worm knows that it can just place stuff through that “wall” because it does not exist given exactly the wrong conditions. It’s a Quantum Head Scratcher that makes you wonder about wondering about forcefully moving your fingernails back and forth on your head making you think better or worse as the case may be. It’s a thing that mathematicians know as the Laplace Transform or the integral of sinx over x dx, or e to the i theta, yada yada. Like the Title, it makes perfect nonsense.

QED, thought gotta be Quantum. That gotta be worth a penny and an antipenny, doesn’t it? It’s worth exactly shzt! Now you’ve really got something! Moreover, Heisenberg says we aren’t even sure if YMMV! lol I hoped this clarified wrapping your head around shzt, and was suitably antimurky about being murky. That Klein bottle makes me think about coffee… BRB… <slurp> Ahhh! Weedkiller Lite! Now that the lake has risen, it’s in the water. Morons here made a lawn out of the beach. I digress… The power of the Paradox underlies EVERYTHING! Like the Fiat monetary system, it has as much silver in it as german silver, but you get the drift. It is anything but cheap.

Some people’s kids believe they are more intelligent than that. I think they’ll get the chance to prove it. First question on the test is which came first? Chicken or egg? lol Do these thoughts really exist if they are black and white pixels on a brain made of solid rock? Too late! Your meat already made it so on and so forth…The answer is Yes and No. But How? Take your time… There’s a whole lotta nothin’ (95.4% of the Universe is Dark Matter and Energy) to fill up thinking about it. You could cheat and ask your worms, but they like messin’ with ya. After all, their relatives lived inside dinosaurs. lol

How old this seems now? I understand so much more why chronic lyme was incurable. And still nobody understands what is going on, but they continue to blow all their money going exactly the wrong direction. As soon as they start antibiotics, they become chronic from the worms fighting back. How do I stop that except by smoking out the worms first? You watch their treatments, and know that is exactly what is making them sicker, and now, why it does. They still cling to an ixodes tick vector, but we have seen human arthropod human vectors. All focus is on the spirochete flock while the roundworm farmers continue unfettered, annoyed, and unaffected by any and all treatments.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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