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Tues, Apr 28, 2015 – Day 271 – Global Risk

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Some Think Tanks have looked at it. You would think they would have discovered this one and eliminated it by now, given their budget and alleged brainpower. The Parasite Risk has been enormous, and largely ignored. Moveover, we found it underlies chronic illness which is the Root Cause of Aging. It was easy once we found that they, the Medical Science Community in Canada, were useless from analysis paralysis, and looked at what they should have been doing all along. It turns out Deer had evolved past everybody, rejecting systemic disease risk by their evolution over 35 million years, by eliminating parasites using a few things in their diet. We tried it, and it worked on a sample Homo Erectus Johnny Come Lately too, so far. Modern Medicine spends all their time describing how it doesn’t exist here when in reality this is the most parasite infested disease riddled populace on the planet. Talk about HUGE embarrassment.

More over, it turns out mankind is infested with several kinds of intelligent species. How intelligent? They escaped detection for the history of mankind. They will kill you if you try to kill them or their children. While you may not think that is so bright, what if they don’t even need you to survive? You’re just a convenient bitch, so it turns out. With a little bit of deer food, they can communicate with their actions. John Chapman Appleseed must have also found this out. All of a sudden, Genesis Chapter 3 makes perfect sense. Eve ate a bunch of parasite serpent eggs.

So who put the Bible there? I found out that worms can message backwards through time to their ancient relatives. Pretty crazy stuff once you realize it destroys your entire world view, and explains life’s mysteries like how they built the Pyramids. It isn’t like the latest greatest thing on YouTube. It’s easy once you know how, but it is a question on an engineering test I am making up, so you tell me. I know the answer. It should be easy for a non smoker they say, or so Thursday’s Dilbert implied. I doubt that quitting smoking would help anybody build a Pyramid. We have literally 45 Centuries worth of non smoking dumbazzes that can’t figure it out. You want to take the crown? Be my guest. It would probably be easier to admit defeat and ask a worm. Knowing people, I’ll need a room full of lawyers and a video camera before I can say how. “Oh, we KNEW that!” Bullshzt. Join that 45 century high pyramid of bullshztters over there… I had to devise the test to test for Worm level intelligence. You can’t just ask, “How do we cure Lyme Disease?” anymore. “Oh! We knew THAT!” Maybe we can ask about the First Flying Squirrels. How did that come about? I bet Rocky would like to know.

You get this all the time in engineering. You get hired to do a contract, do the job and come up with a solution that nobody could solve in all history, and then they stiff you on the bill. This time, I did it differently. It turns out the cause of the disease was a smart, potentially immortal, save for barbarian medical hacks, little animal, so I struck a deal with them. “Not only am I going to save all your lives, but I bet I can make all the people that think they are smarter than us kill themselves like they wanted to kill you trying to prove it!” How? “Aikido and Attrition.” Nothing works as spectacular as letting them use their conceit and turning the 6th and 8th commandments on them. Isn’t that a little conceited? Like the worms say, “When in Loam…” Worms have a better shot at a longer life without us. they have simply by chance been dealt the fatal mistake of getting stuck in a person. I can tell they are very old souls, and a lot older than their hosts.

They love space flight, and I think I know why. Once they have achieved escape velocity from the gravity hole that is earth, they are able to use the physical properties in the solar system like magnetism to propel themselves around, and perhaps have even mastered gravity. They are too small to pack a larger brain so they build one on a surface, a biofilm, and they share it using worm weefee. Moreover, consider that they are just a parasite of the worm. If you want to make it to the top in parasite world, select an omnipresent species that doesn’t need oxygen to survive, and can telepath like a nematode. They like hitching rides on rockets. I bet they are already on Spirit and Opportunity on Mars. Sure beats waiting for the next comet impact like a Shoemaker Levy 9. I know the feeling, having done my fair share of waiting for eons at the bus stop. Humans offer comfy transport in Style! lulz

Surveyor_3-Apollo_12They don’t come along very often, but when they do, it’s the only way to go. Simply get under one’s skin, and you’re home free. Jump into some JPL engineer where they get together at conferences to press the flesh all the time, and you’ve hit the Jackpot! More interplanetary rides than you can shake a stick at, albeit one way ticket. Who cares? I get the impression they live for adventure, not so much like me anymore. I’ve had enough adventure for a while.

You may think I am a mean old man. I didn’t plan to be this way, but when you repeatedly get ripped off, you get old, bitter, and treacherous. You become stressed to the point where you are all coiled in wait to choke the livin’ shzt outta some azzhole that desperately deserves it. lulz If you can make it so they choke the livin’ shzt outta themselves, sweet! The biggest disappointment is I didn’t have to build shzt. The morons already built it complete themselves: The Moron Lysosome. I tried to warn everyone. I’ve done my part, but they’re SOOOO Smart with 6,000 years experience under their belt! Hey, they built a Pyramid 4,500 years ago somehow, didn’t they? lulz

But now I have to see if I have created a problem with hydrogen cyanide causing neurological or nerve damage. Smoke contains some hydrogen cyanide, but not enough to cause nerve damage unless you are a doctor. Then smoking causes everything, silly, including getting a mark of 0% in engineering statistics just thinking about it, which is why they avoid engineering like the plague! The reason pot smokers aren’t limping around is that marijuana miraculously counteracts 5 times as much HCN. They’ve spent millions on studies, so why not a few million more? I had it before Wild Apple Leaf, but that doesn’t mean it could not be a side effect we should watch out for. Oddly, I got a little better after writing all that when I went to the coffee machine. It was somehow in my head. That is good news actually.

I also had a couple days pain from where I broke my arm on Dec 6, 1973, working in the Arctic Islands of Canada. It is like a worm was living inside of the knitted broken bone on my right distal radius, and for 41.4 years. Whatever it was wasn’t responsive, but is now. She’s just shy, and a little apprehensive about how to proceed. She hasn’t joined the party all this time. Talk about Wallflower! I’ll be gentle. πŸ˜‰ ’73… meet ’69. He’s a “Hipster” from these parts, from the Right side of town like you, and he’ll get you up to speed.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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