Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Apr 29, 2015 – Day 272 – Almost 9 Months

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It’s been 9 months since I started eating Wild Apple Leaves, yet occasionally there is a straggler like Miss ’73. She sounds like a Beauty Queen when I put it that way. She seems very mature and demure anyways, and quite silent and easy going. She has been trapped in knitted bone from a break 41 and a half years ago. These late nematodes liked the mushed tissues when they entered, I guess. It was a very painful break with a lot of torn ligaments in an area with a lot of nerves I remember. I was accidentally run over by a tundra buggy in the dark at the time.

I might have picked her up a couple months earlier down in Alberta, or perhaps she was in a bug on our equipment in camp. It had just been flown in  couple days before with the line crew. I had been there a month helping with the surveying already. We were obviously looking for oil and gas for Panarctic like everybody else was at the time. Those little Arctic Foxes had been eating our cables and shorting them out. We had just tried to coat them with turpentine to stop them, but it didn’t work, and it was while we were leap frogging the test plug to narrow down the break where they chewed through the line again. We were all getting a little tired because this was the 15.5 th hour of our shift when this happened, and it was -35 with a stiff wind. She might have been in the dynamite boxes too because I had been loading holes all down that line the day before. At any rate we joined forces under tough circumstances, and she has been with me ever since.

I really don’t like thinking much about that break. Better forgotten for sure. It took a day before I finally got out to medical attention in Calgary. A couple days later they had to take off the cast and re-break it. It never had been set and wasn’t lined up they figured. The fact that I can still feel it even a little after all this time should just about sum up how nasty it was. I felt bad to let the crew down, but it was the million dollar wound out of a pretty tough situation. A couple months later I was back into a similarly tough one still sporting the cast, but working around it. We were working towards getting college tuition after high school.

Even though I can use Zen now to ignore pain more, this one was a little different… Almost a sickening pain. The weird thing is I can’t erase that memory, and after I had all but forgotten it, since it is exactly where she was in there. I suspect the young ones like the heat an injury generates, and this one generated a lot. I remember my arm swelled up like a sausage there. I can still see where it pushed out my radial artery and you can see it beating to this day. I can feel where ’88 was in that torn MCL still a bit, but this is stronger. You may notice that too after Wild Apple Leaf treatment towards the older injuries where you may have stragglers because they were trapped. The good news is they know how to dissolve themselves out somehow. I can feel the weird shooting pain from back in the day on the top of my elbow still now too, but fleetingly thank goodness.

What I find interesting is that a year ago if you held a gun to my head I couldn’t have remembered any of that. There is a lot more too but It is vivid like yesterday of Fall ’73 and Winter ’74. Apple leaves really polish up your memory good or bad. It is still all there, and even more than a half century ago for me. Serious injuries leave waypoints on your mind. Someone should seriously look at this for treating Alzheimer’s or age related dementia. Whatever they have now likely doesn’t work at all like every other thing they try to foist on a poor unsuspecting public.

I suspect the crap they threw my brother on led to his troubles a month or so ago. The incurious fraudulent bastards still do not have a clue he is from a chronic congenital Lyme family, and the poor guy is autistic, so in short a guinea pig they can destroy with no consequence. They already sterilized him by accident/sheer barbaric incompetence and my own mother turned down the cash settlement because she worked for the government health care agency that badly fzcked up and did it. People wonder why I don’t exactly hold them in the highest esteem. Worse yet, I have a sister carrying their water too, mocking GMO’s and Lyme Disease both after she gave it to her husband, son, and granddaughter. In an ultimate cruel move, somebody made her his primary care giver. She toes the incurious incompetence line, unable to comprehend a single page of written material out of Lyme fog, gleefully singing the praises of these internationally legendary fzck up fraud artists.

In a bizarre way, he is probably luckier than others up against such an unbelievably corrupted system about to collapse under the weight of an exposed demonstrated preventable exploded epidemic, entirely on their intentionally blinded watch, that they are ill prepared for, combined with demonstrable incompetence amounting to 13+ digits worth of lawsuit liabilities. Even more maddening is that I alone have a massive portion of the cure for the chronic condition that has evaded them while they’re too preoccupied with their criminal cover up. I’ll just keep hammering away at it until that spike finally breeches their ugly scaly surface and drives straight through the heart of the massively evil, spasmodically lurching, putrid festering beast as it goes through its death rattles. Maybe I should tell them how I REALLY feel instead. Do you get the sense maybe I’m holding back a tad too much? lol Lyme sufferers all would. They just have to know they are 100% positive, and we have the Wild Apple Leaf test so they finally see how badly Canada botched it, knowing they have done absolutely nothing but lie about it.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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